25 July 2017 : Another day in the Life of a Game Ranger.

gr hyena head


Tuesday morning was a cloudy one, but that kept it a bit warmer as I headed out on a short bush walk with my guests from Geiger’s Camp – as we set off, we could hear the impalas alarm calling just inside Ingwelala, and then heard the characteristic call of a leopard roaring to announce its present, but her calls were moving away from us, so there was no leopard encounters on the walk; we did however enjoy the smaller aspects of the bush looking at tracks and signs, some trees, spiders (very uncooperative!) and also had a sighting of a breeding herd of elephants, but as they were feeding in a thicket, we couldn’t get a great visual of all of them.  It was still a lovely way to spend the morning, but I was sad to hear what we missed out on!  The pack of wild dogs from the Kruger were found on our airstrip and killed a duiker and a steenbuck near Giraffe’s Nest before heading back towards the den site.  Nthombi female leopard was also found resting near the den site.  Madzinyo male leopard was also found with a kudu kill in the south.

I rejoined drives in the afternoon with my guests that had done a few previous safaris, and had been shown some pretty impressive sightings; they were very easy going, but I knew that the animals had to pick up their game to deliver for us!  We began with elephants in front of the lodge and they moved towards the Sohebele riverbed where they fed in the thickets.  We carried on with decent general game – impala, kudu, waterbuck, hippos, crocodiles, more elephants and giraffe before arriving at the hyena den site where I was hoping to see the new babies. 

There were two mothers out and four cubs, and eventually the little newbie popped its head out; we only saw one, but it was really great to see such a tiny cub again!  Nearby, some zebras and impalas grazed past us.  Another leopard with a kill had been found not too far from us, so we moved in that direction expecting it to be Ntima or Tshwukunyana, but unbeknown to me, it appeared to have been a slightly skittish individual that had moved off when the second vehicle approached.  We waited and Henry tried after dark, but there was no joy.  We did also pass more giraffe and impalas along the way to the leopard, but after drinks, it was a quiet trip back to the lodge – only after dropping the guests off did we see a hyena and a porcupine!   

Lets see if the animals behave tomorrow 🙂


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