19 July 2017 : Another day in the Life of a Game Ranger.



My last morning drive with my guests at Geiger's Camp, and I decided to head south in the hope of getting some good general game that had been lacking in the north. We passed kudu, impala and some nice birds on the trip south, but in the cold, it took us some time! We had scratched around in the north but only found tracks for Shongile female leopard, with no luck in finding her. Whilst passing another herd of impala at a road junction, Difference told me to stop and go back, he had seen something. That something soon turned out to be Mondzweni male leopard stalking the same herd of impalas. He disappeared from view and we waited as the impala herd milled around but they eventually spotted him, sounded the alarm and ran off. The leopard then got up and walked off and we followed, but he headed into some thick bush, so we left him and carried on with the drive, eventually finding our wildebeest, impala, a couple of zebra herds, a giraffe herd, waterbuck, and then several more giraffes were passed as we made our back to the lodge. The only other sighting of note was a rhino this morning.

In the afternoon, I spent it with my new set of guests and enjoyed the small things to begin with; hornbills, steenbuck, nyala and then a relaxed herd of elephants and some elephant bulls near the airstrip. Further to that, we spent time at Argyle Dam with the hippos, crocodiles and waterbuck before finding a spot to have a drink. After dark we made our way back towards the lodge, but sadly didnt have any luck. It was a quiet way to end the day, but still a pleasant afternoon.


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