15 June 2017 : Another day in the Life of a Game Ranger.

gr-cubs-exploringGod's creation in the wild.
By Chad Cocking

13 June 2017
I headed out for my last morning drive in a couple of days on Tuesday, for a shorter drive for my guests, and was hoping that it would hold something special, especially as they had been tempted to sleep in...what I can tell you is that i would have been very unhappy if I had slept in and heard that I had missed out on what was on offer this morning!

The morning began watching the moon set in the west and the sunrise over Argyle Dam in the east. It was then shared that tracks for the Western Pride with the cubs had crossed from Ingwelala into our concession, and I immediately headed over to go and assist with the tracking, but first checked up on some nearby alarm calling impalas in case it was for the lions – we found nothing but a lone elephant bull in the distance and decided to rather head off towards where the lion tracks were heading, and was soon informed that the lions had been found, but no information was given as to whether or not the cubs were there? After leaving some nearby giraffes, we moved around to the lions and pulled in not knowing what to expect, and were rewarded to find the cubs in the middle of the pride! There were sadly only two cubs present, which likely means that the third one has died – a tough part of nature, but a reality none-the-less. Regardless go that, we got to spend an enjoyable time in the company of the lions that looked as though they had eaten something small last night based on the blood on their faces; sadly an impala doesn't go very far amongst nine adult lions! Carrying on with drive, we spent time with a herd of elephants before making our way back to the camp after a short, but sweet drive!

In the afternoon, the lions were still around, as was the old male leopard that Johannes had again seen between drives; in the evening though, when Angie checked up on him, he had killed himself a large female impala and managed to hoist it up a nearby marula tree before it was too late and lost to the hyenas. Lets hope that he stays calm and confident for the next couple of days to provide us with some good viewing.
I will be back with blogs on Thursday.



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