Colin's Wise Wednesday - 6th November 2019

Will there be enough? How often do you ask that question? I know Lyn, my wife, always asks that question when we have friends over for dinner. When we were newlyweds and bought our first house, we had to borrow money and get a bond….would we have enough money? When we had our 3rd boy I had a strange feeling…would I have enough love for all of them and Lyn? Later on in life the question arose again would we have enough money to send the boys for tertiary education and the BIG question would we have enough money when that retirement date came.

It seemed that through every phase of life the same question keeps on cropping up…Will there ever be enough? I found that no matter how much we earned, how much we save or how much we put into insurance and life annuities the question still haunted us is…will it be enough. Now in my retirement years have I got a different question?? No it’s the same but all depends on when Jesus calls me home if we have enough or not. Jesus knows and His timing is perfect.

At Gethsemane Jesus knew what it was like to feel fear and anxiety. Yet He taught His disciples, “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” This does not mean danger is not real or that provisions are not sometimes depleted. What Jesus promises is that we will find a way to deal with today, and God will guide us through the new chapter of tomorrow.

Let’s Pray: Please God walk with me in faith through this day confident that You will provide for my true needs, and that tomorrow you will renew my strength to cope with what is in store for me. Help me to cling to Your promise: My Grace IS enough for you. In Jesus name I pray, with so much love and so much thanksgiving.  Amen.

God Bless and please take care ~ Lyn & Colin

PS: Inspired by my Daily Devotion Reading.

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