Colin's Wise Wednesday - 23rd October 2019

Rain, beautiful rain.

Have you ever entered the Kruger National Park at Crocodile Bridge and left at Orpen Gate?  We did this trip about 6 weeks ago and we had the added blessing of it raining all the way, a soft gentle soaking rain, the type of rain that the ground and vegetation was yearning for.  Two days prior to this trip we had gone into the Park, it was like a dust bowl, dust everywhere, but today rain everywhere.

To appreciate this sight we stopped in the middle of nowhere and just watched as the gentle rain fell on the parched ground and in some areas formed puddles for the birds to drink from.   Even the tortoises were coming to the puddles on the road to have a drink.  The ground, that had waited all winter for a day like this could not absorb all the water.  The road ahead had been cleaned of all the dust and the trees were now being reflected in the wet mirror-like roads.  A special sighting and I just sat there praising God for His amazing creation, His amazing grace.

The next morning (still raining) sitting in bed doing our quiet time overlooking the bush at Ingwelala I saw a Brown Hooded parrot gently pecking at the leaves of the Jackalberry. I was fascinated and then realized what he was up to, he was gathering the raindrops from the leaves.

Both these scenarios made me think of God’s grace. We sometimes go through the winters of our lives just waiting for God’s grace, when it does come do we stop and thank God? The ground had more than it could absorb in one day, God’s grace is more than sufficient for us. The Brown Hooded Parrot received God’s grace one drop at a time and that was sufficient for his needs.

God knows our every need but He still wants us to go to Him in prayer.  God’s grace, His undeserved love, is waiting for us, just ask. How much Grace do we need today? God knows and God’s grace is sufficient.  

Let’s pray: God my Father thank You soooo much for Your gift of grace. Not a day passes that I don’t need more of Your unending supply of grace. Please God remind me of Your goodness over and over so that I may live in the fullness of Your grace. In Jesus name I pray with so much love and so much thanksgiving. Amen .

God bless and take care ~ Colin & Lyn

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