Colin's Wise Wednesday - 16th October 2019

Beep beep beep our Whatsapp group is abuzz with news of another intruder in our so called fortress of a boomed off area. Peace has been shattered, in the area and on our cell phones. Everyone has something to say on how to solve the problem. The most “common” advice is to change the Guards. It is their fault they must be more vigilant, must have eyes in the back of their heads. These are the same Guards that have been doing a great job for years with very little recognition but boy let something go wrong!  The same with our Committee - doing a great job for years but now all of a sudden they need all this advice.

This made me think of our God. When things are running smoothly in our lives God is given very little recognition but let things go wrong then God gets all the “beeps”…… “Why did God let this happen? (I really don’t believe He does) Why me? Aren’t we like the residents of our suburb? When things run smoothly in our lives we let down our guard/God and let temptation in all its guises back into our lives. We don’t lock the doors, we leave the windows open and don’t set the alarm. We don’t do our “quiet” time, read the bible or go to Church. We are then surprised that our peace has been shattered. Whose fault is it? The Guards or God or us for being lulled into a false sense of security?

God hasn’t promised to rid our lives of affliction and difficulties. He does however offer to give us the grace needed to suffer well. We want relief but often relief comes not in the removal of the affliction but in the strengthening of our faith. Often these trials test, prove, and strengthen our faith. In times of ease, if you are like me, we wonder how real and robust our faith really is.  To suffer well doesn’t mean you don’t show any feelings and muscle your way through the situation. It means that through the suffering you trust God, praise Him, look to Him and point others to Him.

When the world strips away our comfort and confidence in temporary things we are given the opportunity to see very clearly where our ultimate dependency lies. Do we want to be confident in God’s purpose for our life? Then we must discover this in times of difficulty.

Let’s pray: Almighty God I want to become more like Jesus.  When I’m going through trials and temptations help me to remember that you will never leave nor forsake me. Please help me to still point people to you when I go through difficult times. In Jesus name we pray with so much love and so much thanksgiving. Amen.

God bless and take care ~ Colin & Lyn

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