Colin's Wise Wednesday - 24th July 2019

“Once upon a time”…do you remember fairy tales started off with these words? My story is not a fairy tale but it was a long time ago when my legs were a lot stronger and I used to do a lot of running (I know Colin you have told us that often recently!!!!). At that time I tried to combine my love for running with my love for the boys. We used to go on what we called a “run ride”. Dad did the running and the boys rode on their bicycles. It worked out well for my training in that on level ground it was easy for the boys and easy for Dad. We knew that we were together but did not rely on each other. When the up hills came the dynamics changed. The pace slowed down. The boys needed help, it was then that they felt a push. My hand was pressed against the small of their back. They needed help and Dad was there for them, “just relax Dad is here to help you, we are nearly at the top”.

Isn’t that what our Christian walk is all about? It’s like a run ride. When things are going well we freewheel through life. We do not rely on God but we are still together. When the tough times come, the up hills in our life, that is when we feel the push. We feel God’s hand pressing against the small of our back and hear a voice saying “It will be OK, Your Father is with you”.

Let’s pray: Father my faith is challenged each and every day. Please help me meet that challenge and hear Your voice and feel Your guiding hand. Please God help me grow stronger in my love for You. In Jesus name we pray. Amen

God Bless ~ Lyn & Colin

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