Colin's Wise Wednesday - 15th May 2019

Sitting back home in the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg looking at my son’s pictures of his life in the Limpopo bush, a life of game ranging and photography, I’m once again struck by how amazing God’s creation is. I think back on all those sunrises and sunsets, those electric storms in the bush that set the plains alight as they illuminate the sky.  The sound of the distant rumbles as the thunder drones on and on. The flowers that appear from nowhere soon after the first rains transform the countryside into something spectacular. The cosmos that are now in full bloom. The mushrooms that appear out of elephant dung after the rain are so amazing.  Can you feel God’s presence in all of these “things”?  This morning, as I looked out the window, I once again had the white browed robin hopping around seeking the early worm to remind me of God’s presence. 

I think we sometimes  forget God’s  incredible creation when we spend so much time watching TV or on our mobile devices doing whatever.  We forget about heartbeats and love, nature and all its wonders and awe-inspiring phenomena like lightning and thunder, a new born baby, the Easter story.  Is the current generation too distracted by technology,  cell phones, video games, texts, whatsapp, snap chat, twitter and iPods singing in their ears to hear or see God’s creation, to feel His presence?

Lets pray: Our Father Who art in heaven, Your love is unique, a love that will never run out, a love that is so amazing so divine. I pray that some day we will all discover for ourselves Your presence deep within us and that Your creation will be a constant reminder that you are with us in every situation that we face, and as in nature  you can use any situation to glorify Your name. God of all creation we are in awe of You. Amen  

God Bless ~ Colin & Lyn 

NB:  You can come and meet Chad, see some more of his stunning photography and hear the tales he has to go with them tomorrow evening, 16th May, 6:30 for 7pm at Nobel Primary School, Modderfontein. Tickets R 100 each and includes refreshments. Bookings / enquiries:


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