Colin's Wise Wednesday - 1st May 2019

How can you and I become part of the Easter story? This is the question that I’ve asking myself since the events of Easter Sunday.  We didn’t see the sun rise on Easter Sunday at Umhlanga - the sky was heavy laden with the threat of a pending storm, a devastating storm that would cause death and destruction. The good news is that the Son did rise to give us hope in the midst of the storms of life.

The couple on the road to Emmaus became part of the Easter Story - they had an encounter with the living, risen Jesus. Did they recognize Him? No not at first but they felt a warmth inside and didn’t want to let Him go. They urged Him strongly to “Stay with us”. When we are feeling down, when poor health is overtaking us, when we are mourning the loss of a loved one,  not knowing which way to turn, let’s do what the couple did and strongly urge Jesus to  “stay with us”.  Although they were mourning the ‘loss’ of Jesus they didn’t recognize Him in their pain.  We often don’t but don’t let that stop us from urging Jesus to stay.

What other message can we take from the Emmaus journey? The couple could have kept their encounter with Jesus to themselves. But they chose to get up immediately, turned round and headed back to Jerusalem to spread the good news. They wanted to share that warm feeling with the other disciples.  

How are we going to become part of the Easter story?  Are we going to turn away from our evil ways and head back to Jerusalem, back to the cross?   Are we going to spread that warm feeling of the risen Christ that Easter brings or will we do nothing and let God’s sacrifice on the cross be in vain?  It is our choice.  Remember one good choice for eternity offsets a thousand bad ones on earth.

Let’s pray: Please Lord as we look back over the Easter period let it give us new hope for the future. Help us to be like You Jesus and turn what was a symbol of tragedy into a symbol of triumph. Amen.

God bless ~ Lyn & Colin


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