Colin's Wise Wednesday - 3rd April 2019

The sun is about to set in the bush. We drive around in search of the best advantage point to see what promises to be an awesome spectacle with a few clouds on the horizon that normally add to the scene. We arrive just in time. I reach for the camera, the focus icon blinks red the camera won’t focus, the zoom goes in and out. I get exasperated. I put the camera down and then realize what I am really missing. There in front of me is a horizon full of the various shades of red and gold, a cloud with a silver lining, a stillness that amplifies the beauty that fills my vision. This is for me alone and it’s only for right now. I try etch these details in my memory bank. One cannot adequately describe the beauty of an African sunset.

This once again made me think how often I reach for my camera or video trying to capture a portion of the moment instead of enjoying the entire moment now and not capturing it to enjoy later. That later sometimes never comes.

Sitting here a week later writing this devotion I realize that I am closest to God during the calmness of sunset so why spoil the moment with getting frustrated trying to get the perfect sunset picture that will never happen,  God’s creation is far too vast to be confined in photos.

Let us pray: Our Father , from the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, Your is to be praised. Thank You so much for your creation that You have given us stewardship over. Sorry that we so often fall far short of Your expectations of caring for the environment in the way we should. Help us to be more aware of ways where we can assist in helping save the environment for future generations. In Jesus name we pray with so much love and so much thanksgiving.  Amen

God bless ~ Colin & Lyn

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