Colin's Wise Wednesday - 13th February 2019

Welcome back to another Wednesday of sharing.  Talking about sharing how do you feel about sharing your faith and how do you go about it? Are you like me who finds it is much easier sharing with family, fellow Church goers or Church groups like FATHERS and cell groups?  But what about sharing at work or on the sports field or even with strangers? My devotion recently reflected on a businessman who was to present to a University how he became successful in business. He drew up his list but felt he’d left out the most important factor… seeking God’s guidance. His quandary was how to include it to make the point relevant and to make an impact?  Also how would it go down at a University?  Then he remembered a training course he’d been on when the most senior and well respected Lecturer said as his closing statement “Every day you will face challenges and difficult situations bigger than you….be sure you take time to pray”.  He repeated this in his presentation.

At Makro, where I spent most of my working life, I was blessed with the opportunity of opening our store with a prayer every morning. Before the customers came in we invited God in. Working in a Store we had many challenges but we took time to pray and what a difference it made.  It gave the staff a platform to share their faith with one another and with me. That was a big turning point in my life,  all of a sudden I had 300 pairs of eyes looking at me as “being a man of God” and I realized the responsibility and the accountability that comes with that.  I could not share my faith at work without changing some of my ways and though I often fell flat on my face (and still do!!) I know that God is a God of Grace.   On the many days that I faced challenges and difficult situations ….more often than not I took time to pray..  

Sharing faith? Highly recommended! You will face challenges….be sure you take time to pray.   

Let’s pray: God our Father I thank You for those who openly share their walk with You. Please God help us to build up courage to do the same not only with likeminded people but with all those you put in our path. In Jesus name. Amen.

~ Colin & Lyn

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