Colin's Wise Wednesday - 6th February 2019

Another Wednesday, another devotion.   What does your happiness depend on?   Does your happiness depend on the car you drive, where you stay, what size house you live in, what you wear?  If the answer is yes to any of these questions you have entered into the rat race called materialism.  Can you win this race? No because there will always be a newer better car on the market;  there will always be a better suburb, a better house to move into. This race is unwinnable you are just setting yourself up for more anxiety. You will feel good when you have a lot and awful when you don’t. The cycle is predictable. In each case joy comes, then diminishes.

Paul in his writings in the New Testament advises a different healthier strategy to happiness. Paul learnt to be content with the storms in his life. What did Paul have besides jail cells, handcuffs and beatings? He could so easily have focused on the storms, but he chose to focus on the positive things in his life. He had the promise of eternal life, he had the love of God, forgiveness of sin and the surety of salvation. I love the way Max Lucado puts it: “He had Christ, and Christ was enough. What he had in Christ was far greater than what he didn’t have in life”.  All Paul seemed to want was more of Christ and as a result he was content and found all the happiness that his heart desired.

Can you and I find the same Christ based happiness?  Christ based contentment?  Can we truly say that nothing no nothing can separate us from the love of God?  Do we let sickness take our happiness? I have been battling with health issues for some time.  I have tried hard not to let them take my joy by recalling God’s promise that healing will come whether on this side of the grave or the other and I know that HE will never leave me to face my problems alone.  Can disappointment take our happiness? I wish that I could honestly say NO, but it often does even though I keep on reminding myself that my plan may fail but maybe my plan was not God’s plan for me and His plan will work out.

Max Lucado asks us to underline this sentence:  What you have in Christ is greater than anything you don’t have in life.  Can our challenge be to personalize and remember this declaration?

Let us pray: Almighty God You speak to storms and calm the waters please speak to the storms in our lives and calm our anxiety. Please calm the chaos within us. You told your disciples to fear not, please say the same to us. We are weary from our worry and battered by the storms and fires of life. Please God reduce our anxiety and increase our courage, increase our happiness. Help us to worry less and have more and more faith and more and more of You in our lives. Help us to realize that what we have in You is far, far greater than anything we don’t have in life. In Jesus name we pray with so much love and so much thanksgiving. Amen

God Bless and please take care. ~Colin & Lyn

References to Max Lucado’s book “Anxious about Nothing”.

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