Colin's Wise Wednesday - 18th December 2018

Last week I was brave enough (or crazy enough) to take 4 teenagers with me to our place in the bush. They needed to de-stress after the exams and Lyn preferred to have some ‘Me time’ so she stayed at home.  

When setting out on an evening drive in our open game viewing vehicle the clouds were looking rather threatening. Did we take anything to protect us from the storm? NO after all it had not rained much in this part of the bush for a long time.

It was dark, our spotlight only lighting up a portion of the bush as we searched for the illusive lion and leopard. Ten minutes into our drive we could see the bolts of lightning flashing through the distant sky.  The lightning was getting closer and the sky was lit up by an electrical storm of note.   This was a sight to behold in the bush. Trees and bushes were illuminated and the road ahead made clear. Then the heavens opened and the rain started to “bucket” down stinging us we made our way to shelter in a nearby boma. The ground was soaking the rain up like a sponge and although we were wet on the outside we were glowing on the inside from what we had experienced. 

When Jesus came into this world at Christmas time he came into world experiencing a storm of chaos.  He came as a light in the dark. His coming opened the gate of heaven. Opened our vision to hope beyond this life. Our “spot” light has been replaced with a heavenly glow.  The glow of eternal life in the presence of Jesus.

My wish for all of us this Christmas is that we will feel that heavenly glow anew in our lives and that we will be a light to all those that God places in our path, a light that will illuminate Jesus. Let’s not be like the Innkeeper who missed the opportunity to find a place for Jesus.

As Jesus speaks to us this Christmas through scriptures, sunsets and sunrises, the kindness of friends, Christmas carols and Christmas sermons invite Him in. His answer is recorded in Rev 3:2 NCV  "Here I am.......I will come in and eat with you, and you will eat with me"

Let’s pray: Please Jesus take up permanent residence in our lives this Christmas and please stay not just for a day but forever and ever Amen.  

I wish you all a Blessed Christmas.

Until next Wednesday, take care and God Bless.

~ Colin

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