Colin's Wise Wednesday - 14th December 2018

Only one Wednesday after this before Christmas so I would like to share some of my Christmas thoughts with you.

What presents are you expecting this Christmas? I’m sure if you have kids or grandkids they are already “hinting” what they want for Christmas. I once asked my grandkids if they go to a birthday party do they get gifts? “Of course not Gramps”.  My next question was, is the person always there that is having the party? “Don’t be silly Gramps of course they are there”.  But at Christmas Jesus birth is celebrated differently.

Have you started your Christmas preparations?  Lyn has bought the gammon, her specialty, we know where we are going and who we will be spending Christmas with. We put up our Christmastree today with all the decorations and lights, what a relief the lights are actually working for a change!

I recall a few years back we were overseas for Christmas. Wow the houses looked awesome with lights and nativity scenes for all to see. I couldn’t wait to go to Church on Christmas Eve with all this enthusiasm. On Christmas Eve there were 15 odd people including the helpers and on Christmas morning, even fewer people.   The Christmas lights are up, the decorations displayed, meals are being planned, guest lists confirmed…let the celebrations begin. On the outside we are ready. What about internally?

Have we invited Jesus to our celebrations? What better gift to receive on Christmas day than the present of Jesus presence.  Why not add gifts this Christmas that we cannot wrap or put under the tree. Gifts that Jesus has already given us and would love us to share and not to keep to ourselves. The gifts of love, hope, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, self-control and more tolerance.

Let’s pray: Heavenly Father please help us to hear Your knocking as You standing at the door this Christmas. Help us to respond and invite You in to Your celebrations. Please God be part of our preparations for Your Christmas festivities.  Help us to prepare a place in our hearts for You so that when we open the door of our heart there will be room for You in theinn, in the inner most part of our heart mind and souls. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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