Colin's Wise Wednesday - 5th December 2018

Another Wednesday another opportunity to share with you. This week has been a real battle to get moving with my devotion. I started in one direction got lost on the way and ended on a different theme altogether. So I decided to start again the next day. While in limbo I came across this poem in Max Lucado’s book “Anxious For Nothing”  which I thought was very appropriate for my situation of getting anxious about this devotion. I hope that you will also find meaning in it.

Today I will live today.

Yesterday has passed.

Tomorrow is not yet.

I’m left with today.

So, today, I will live for today.

Relive yesterday? No.

I will learn from it.

I will seek mercy for it.

I will take joy in it.

But I won’t live in it.

The sun has set on yesterday.

The sun has yet to rise on tomorrow.

Worry about the future?

To what gain?

It deserves a glance, nothing more.

I can’t change tomorrow until tomorrow.

Today, I will live today.

I will face today’s challengers with today’s strength.

I will dance today’s waltz with today’s music.

I will celebrate today’s opportunities with today’s hope.


Let us pray: Please God when things are not going according to plan help me not to throw up my hands in despair but rather help me to put my hands together in praise and ask for your guidance. Please God help me to internalize the words of this poem and let my actions reflect the words. Lord help me today to laugh, listen, learn and love, and tomorrow if it comes, please may I do it all again.  Amen

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