Colin's Wise Wednesday - 7th November 2018

Colin asks some searching questions of himself this Wednesday.

Thou shall not steal. This does not apply to me I would never steal. Never!!!!!!. Are you sure Colin?

This Wednesday I invite you to share my story of “stealing” and see if you can relate to any of these occurrences.   Theft of employers’ time. Get to work late but still have time for our early morning cup of coffee. Lunch hour becomes an hour and a bit. Since the smoking ban smokers have the additional benefit of smoke breaks which often become extended smoke breaks. Let’s go further … what about private use of the internet, private telephone calls and not to mention making one or two private photo copies. Not only using company time but company assets and supplies for our own use.  Whether we like it or not this is theft. Colin do you steal?

At the beginning of the year Faith for Daily Living had a devotion about this subject and the one point they made that I had never considered being theft was leaving debts unpaid. To quote them: “thus robbing the person owed of the use of money to which he is morally entitled”. Due to the current economical conditions long outstanding debts are part of the norm but the Bible condemns it. In Romans 13:8 Paul says “Owe no one anything, except to love each other”. If we really loved our neighbor would we delay paying him? This is a difficult one that hurts a lot. In this same devotion they mentioned that it is also a theft to steal a reputation, destroying someone’s credibility by malicious gossip. Colin do you steal?

So do you think I’m right in my opinion that I never steal?  If you have not decided already let’s see if this story makes up your mind. We have had our townhouse on the market for 8 months. We did not want to rent it again because we’ve had enough of tenants and broken promises and wanted “out”. No income for 8 months. We had an offer 2 weeks ago which was way below the market and municipal valuations.  I consider this low offer a “sin” in that they were cashing in on someone else’s predicament. The buyer most probably called it opportunistic, being in the right place at the right time. I was telling Lyn and her friend what I thought about this and that I did not think it was right. Lyn tapped me on the hand in the middle of my releasing the frustration and I said to her “please wait I feel strongly about this”. She let me finish, then she reminded me, when we bought our current place, I did exactly the same thing!  I gave the seller a ridiculous cash offer so much so that I had to convince the agent to take it to the seller. I knew that the seller had already bought another place and was desperate for the sale. He agreed to our offer!  I hate the saying “what goes around comes around”, but here it is.  I’m sorry that Lyn let me finish my story. My quandary is, is it a form of stealing/is it right using opportunities to gain an advantage for oneself without considering the cost to others?  

Let’s Pray:  Forgive me when I steal Almighty God. Forgive me for being so arrogant to think that this commandment was superfluous and that stealing was never part of my regular practice. Thanks for opening my eyes and please God “lead me not into temptation but deliver me from evil”.  Amen.


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