Colin's Wise Wednesday - 17th October 2018

Do you remember last week I mentioned we were in the bush and while I was writing our devotion the rest of family and our close friends from the UK were playing card monopoly? Later one of our friends Claire who left South Africa about 19 years ago wrote a poem while sitting on the patio in the bush.

The poem which captures her thoughts made me realize once again what a beautiful country God created for us and how often I take it for granted.  It was great seeing our country through "positive" eyes.

Enjoy the poem, enjoy the bush through the eyes of Claire:

Time to thank my lucky stars

Perhaps as aligned as they can be

Sights and sounds are all galore 

Spending time in my home country

Time in the bush can never be beaten

Animals noisy, quiet, big and small 

Humbly reminds us to love all we have

Even if I have never grown up to be tall!

We’ve seen birds braver than superheroes

Mischievous monkeys that never change

Elephants around every corner nearly

And 8 leopard sightings is quite frankly insane!

We hot pursued wild dogs at speed

And were blessed with a wonderful sighting

Just so fabulous to see such a large big pack and their pups

With them and hyena nearly fighting! 

Warthogs – the natural lawnmowers

Hyenas and their powerful call

Even porcupines and honey badgers

And nothing quite like hearing a lion’s roar!

The night sky I can never describe

Well enough to give it the justice required

So to be able to experience it here

Is one of life’s greatest and luckiest desires

The rush of the world gets us all caught up

And we often forget what we shouldn’t

Thus so grateful for this time here right now

to help us all reset our buttons

Although you would bottle these times if you could

To keep them for the times when you need

It is God’s intention to just soak it in now

And come back to them in your dreams

Let's pray; God of all creation "when I consider all the works Your hands have made, I see the stars and hear the mighty thunder then sings my soul my Saviour  God to Thee how great Thou art how great Thou art ". Thank You for Your awesome creation. Amen.

'Til next Wednesday .... Colin

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