Colin's Wise Wednesday - 26th September 2018

Oh boy does this wheel move fast, time for our Wednesday get-together for some thoughts on a very topical issue. Let me start off with a statement:  I want my life back!

I hate to admit it but my cellphone has become way too important in my life.  At every opportunity my cellphone makes a guest appearance. I am only involved with WhatsApp and 4 Facebook friends, can’t imagine what it would be like with more friends on Facebook as well as Twitter and Instagram. “Normal” life would be impossible.

Lyn often asks “are you busy with your cellphone again”, in defense I usually retort “are you on your computer again?”. That is unfair on my part because lots of Lyn’s time on the computer is for our mutual benefit, but I won’t admit it.  My son Chad also commented the other day that I am worse than a teenager on my phone. Irritated I would leave the lounge and go and carry on in the peace and quiet in the bathroom. I hate to admit that I also found that I was becoming obsessed by how many likes I would get to my latest status update…my record is?????  I’ve also realized that first thing in the morning I reach for my phone instead of reaching out to God with praise for another day and the last thing at night… “let’s have a final cellphone check” instead of reflecting  all my blessings for the day.

I had to do something about it. A week ago I decided enough is enough and that I should have more time to do the important things in life. I now only check social media twice a day. Is it easy? NO but it feels wonderful, what a relief!  I now feel free but wondered if I am doing the right thing. No more immediate response to messages?  If you think about it most messages can wait a while.  On Sunday the Minister Ron mentioned that social media was taking over our lives and especially family time where we don’t listen to each other properly. That was a prompt to me that my decision was right. I need to listen more intently to family and to God without cell phone interruptions. In my humble opinion social media has a part to play in modern society but it should be kept in check.

Let’s pray:  Dear Father, anything and everything can take Your place, even social media. Forgive me Lord for letting it take up so much of my time and then trying to squeeze in Our precious time together between cellphone beeps.  Please help me to take my life back so that We can spend more and more time together. Amen.

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