Colin's Wise Wednesday - 13th November 2019

Does God really exist?
As I sit in bed listening to the news, before we do our quiet time, I see the huge tree opposite us swaying in the wind. I often liken it to my Christian walk. I cannot see God but I can feel the effects of His presence. I often wondered how I could put this in “eloquent” words. A few months ago I came across a devotion that illustrated it beautifully.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 6th November 2019

Will there be enough? How often do you ask that question? I know Lyn, my wife, always asks that question when we have friends over for dinner. When we were newlyweds and bought our first house, we had to borrow money and get a bond….would we have enough money? When we had our 3rd boy I had a strange feeling…would I have enough love for all of them and Lyn? Later on in life the question arose again would we have enough money to send the boys for tertiary education and the BIG question would we have enough money when that retirement date came.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 30th October 2019

I Can Only Imagine (song written by Brat Millard); Millard found comfort in the thought and began to write it on anything he could find. Once Millard started writing the song, he estimated that it took him only about ten minutes to write the lyrics.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 23rd October 2019

Rain, beautiful rain.
Have you ever entered the Kruger National Park at Crocodile Bridge and left at Orpen Gate?  We did this trip about 6 weeks ago and we had the added blessing of it raining all the way, a soft gentle soaking rain, the type of rain that the ground and vegetation was yearning for.  Two days prior to this trip we had gone into the Park, it was like a dust bowl, dust everywhere, but today rain everywhere.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 16th October 2019

Beep beep beep our Whatsapp group is abuzz with news of another intruder in our so called fortress of a boomed off area. Peace has been shattered, in the area and on our cell phones. Everyone has something to say on how to solve the problem. The most “common” advice is to change the Guards. It is their fault they must be more vigilant, must have eyes in the back of their heads. These are the same Guards that have been doing a great job for years with very little recognition but boy let something go wrong!  The same with our Committee - doing a great job for years but now all of a sudden they need all this advice.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 2nd October 2019

“The Lord was with Joseph”. Joseph was excommunicated by his brothers, to put it mildly, and ended up in Egypt sold as a slave. He had nothing but the clothes on his back and the call of God on his heart. Within a short while he was running the house of one the most powerful people in Egypt. How did he do it, how did this turnaround come about? In Genesis it tells us “The Lord was with Joseph, and he was a successful man” (v.2) “His master saw that the Lord was with him” (v.30) . God then blessed all that the “master” had “The blessing of the Lord was on all he had.” (v.5)

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 25th September 2019

“I love you…. No I love you more; I love you more than you will ever know…. I love you more”. These are whatsapp messages between my granddaughter and me. No matter what superlative I use to express my love for her, her response is “I love you more”.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 11th September 2019

Coincidence or God ‘incidence’? On the way to take a good friend of ours to have a cataract operation last week the car in front of us had the registration Godsway… (talk about a burning bush moment).The lead up  to his operation was indeed Godsway but that’s not the story I want to tell you now, will leave that for another day. This incident reminded me of a devotion that I read last week that I want to share with you.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 4th September 2019

Spring is in the air. That line reminds me of that “old” song “Love is in the air”. Well spring and love are in the air as we celebrate our 48th wedding anniversary today the 4th September. I thank God that Lyn has put up with me for all these years.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 28th August 2019

Colin’s saying it in a song this week …
Lyn and I are always on the “lookout” for something relevant to say in our weekly devotion. This message came unexpectedly while listening to LM radio. For our younger readers LM radio was “THE” radio station in the sixties and seventies. For Lyn and I it still is.  They played “Can we get to that”  which I hadn’t heard for ages and the message hit home anew striking a cord deep within. I think the lines that made me cringe the most were “Well we can get to church on Sunday and sing about brotherly love, but can we roll up our sleeves and start the work that must be done?”

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 21st August 2019

What?? The parable of the pear tree!!! Have you seen or heard of this parable in the bible?  No, it is not in the Bible, it is a parable written by Kimberly C. Starr about enjoying your season in life. Click on the link or just read it:

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 14th August 2019

Daily dying and living!!!!!! What’s that all about Colin? In 1 Peter 2:24 it says “He Himself bore sins in His body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness”. We know Jesus died for our sins but don’t you think His death is also intended to lead us in our own daily dying to sin and living to righteousness, living in the image of Christ? The only One without sin suffered and died so we sinners could be justified. Shouldn’t His death encourage us to try as best we can, with God’s help, to live a Christ inspired life?

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 7th August 2019

“Wow you were fantastic, how did you manage that?” Do we keep the glory or do we pass it on?

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 31st July 2019

“I won’t last a day without you”
Does this opening line ring a bell with you?  While thinking of what to say this week I heard the Carpenters song of long ago with the title, “I won’t last a day without you”.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 24th July 2019

“Once upon a time”…do you remember fairy tales started off with these words? My story is not a fairy tale but it was a long time ago when my legs were a lot stronger and I used to do a lot of running (I know Colin you have told us that often recently!!!!). At that time I tried to combine my love for running with my love for the boys. We used to go on what we called a “run ride”. Dad did the running and the boys rode on their bicycles. It worked out well for my training in that on level ground it was easy for the boys and easy for Dad. We knew that we were together but did not rely on each other. When the up hills came the dynamics changed. The pace slowed down. The boys needed help, it was then that they felt a push. My hand was pressed against the small of their back. They needed help and Dad was there for them, “just relax Dad is here to help you, we are nearly at the top”.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 10th July 2019

I hear two voices. One positive the other negative. How do I react to them? Is my response the same? Do I hear God’s voice/message in both? Let me tell you my story.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 3rd July 2019

Thanks Ron and Cam’ for your choice of songs on Sunday which gave me the idea for this devotion. Wow I have enjoyed putting it together. The one was the hymn “Breathe on Me Breath of God” that Ron preached on and “Draw me Close to You” was a chorus that Cam’ had chosen. On “playing” around with the titles one can easily intersperse the title of the hymn and the chorus and they fit perfectly (please try it).

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 26th June 2019

Thud! Lyn looks up from the dressing table to see what has hit the glass sliding door in our bedroom. Nothing - that’s strange. On investigating, looking through the door she sees a dove lying on the ground, jerking as if taking its last breath.  She calls me and I can tell from her voice that she is concerned and upset. I said that I couldn’t do anything.  I didn’t want to admit that I was “scared” to go and have a look. One seems so helpless in circumstances like this and my “copout” was that human presence just heightens the birds stress.  So I left it.  About an hour later I asked Lyn what she had done with the “body”. She said nothing but the “body” was gone.  The dove must have been dazed, came around and flew off. The dove had no idea why we had placed the sliding door where we did, he could not have seen it as his journey came to an abrupt halt. The glass door did its job by keeping the dove from following a path into the house, into a maze of rooms where there would be little chance of finding his way out.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 19th June 2019

Good morning!!!! Is it a good morning?  Are you a morning person? Don’t you find it changes over the years? During my running “career” early mornings were the norm.. The body and the mind got used to it and when visiting the bush those early morning drives were the ultimate. Much to the family’s displeasure morning drives were a must and they were too scared to lie-in in case Dad came back with all the “stories” of what he had seen. Some were just stories with the truth being told over breakfast.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 12th June 2019

Is seeking God only for the lost?  I had never given this question much thought but after reading the book “Note To Self” I realized that seeking God is for all of us, lost and found. Our entire life should be seen as seeking God. This is not necessary seeking for something that we do not know about or do not have already. God has already found us. Seeking God is a continual journey towards a closer relationship with Him.