Colin's Wise Wednesday - 20th March 2019

Is that the alarm already? No it’s not an electronic alarm because here in the bush it's a harsh “kwali, KWALI, Kwali” of the Natal Francolin (now called the Spur Fowl) that wakes me up. What’s worse is when he makes a raucous, to put it mildly, cackling sound when he becomes alarmed. I think that is the sound I heard. I breathe deeply and sigh, time to get up I can sleep another time.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 13th March 2019

The day after I posted last week’s devotion about lent and what we would be giving up or taking on to get closer to God I came across this quote during our cell group Lent Bible Study;  The Final Weeks:

Colin's Wise "Ash" Wednesday - 6th March 2019

Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, begins the start of Lent. A period that we use to get closer to God, a period to renew our reliance on God. The tradition is that you give up or take on something. I do not give up coffee, or chocolate or red wine, I give up scratching my itchy skin (which is as result of my meds).  “So how will that help you get closer to God.. Colin” I hear you ask. I make a pledge that every time I feel the urge to scratch instead of scratching I think of God. It really works and wow I think of God often during Lent!   Scratching how bad can that be? I have tried everything to stop, have even been to a hypnotist for treatment but I can only control it during Lent. It may be unconventional but God uses all means to draw us closer to Him.

Colin’s Wise Wednesday – 27th February 2019

When I started out on our devotion on Monday I had it all planned in my mind. Then I heard my phone “beep”,  I normally ignore it if I’m busy but for some reason I looked at the message. It was a very dear friend of ours. Her 9 year old granddaughter had been declared clear from cancer on the 6th June 2018 after 10 weeks of intensive treatment. Lots of praising God and thanksgiving prayers. Her message this morning was “Georgia’s tumour is back”. I had no words for her yesterday, I was devastated and I am still battling today as I dedicate this devotion to Georgia and her family.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 13th February 2019

Welcome back to another Wednesday of sharing.  Talking about sharing how do you feel about sharing your faith and how do you go about it? Are you like me who finds it is much easier sharing with family, fellow Church goers or Church groups like FATHERS and cell groups?  But what about sharing at work or on the sports field or even with strangers? My devotion recently reflected on a businessman who was to present to a University how he became successful in business. He drew up his list but felt he’d left out the most important factor… seeking God’s guidance. His quandary was how to include it to make the point relevant and to make an impact?  Also how would it go down at a University?  Then he remembered a training course he’d been on when the most senior and well respected Lecturer said as his closing statement “Every day you will face challenges and difficult situations bigger than you….be sure you take time to pray”.  He repeated this in his presentation.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 6th February 2019

Another Wednesday, another devotion.   What does your happiness depend on?   Does your happiness depend on the car you drive, where you stay, what size house you live in, what you wear?  If the answer is yes to any of these questions you have entered into the rat race called materialism.  Can you win this race? No because there will always be a newer better car on the market;  there will always be a better suburb, a better house to move into. This race is unwinnable you are just setting yourself up for more anxiety. You will feel good when you have a lot and awful when you don’t. The cycle is predictable. In each case joy comes, then diminishes.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 30th January 2019

What a friend we have in Jesus.  That sounds awesome but how do we go about it and foster a relationship with Jesus?  How do we form friendships here on earth? I found that we need to spend time together; we need to be constantly aware of the other’s needs; we need to be trusting, open and honest; we need to show appreciation, resolve any misunderstandings and choose compassion over cynicism.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 23rd January 2019

i there, Wednesday is here again as we meet in God’s presence. I pray that God will reach you as we share together.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 2nd January 2019

When thinking about what I should share for the first devotion of the year my thoughts were along the line of reflection. I already had the pictures lined up in my mind but then a message on my cell phone prompted me to go in another direction.  The message I got was “Too much storage is slowing down the system”.   All my WhatsApp messages, pictures, videos and emails that I seldom refer to were taking up most of the space.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 26th December 2018

A Wednesday with a difference…. the Wednesday after Christmas.  The magical Christmas joy which is displayed by so many of us should be a reminder of the Christmas spirit of love, joy and peace as we celebrate the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ. At this time of the year this spirit is evident in so many places.  We witnessed it on Sunday night as thousands of people of all ages, race and from all walks of life shared Christmas Carols at Mandela Square in Sandton.  The joy was palpable.  Wouldn’t it be great if we carried this Christmas spirit with us throughout the year?.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 18th December 2018

Last week I was brave enough (or crazy enough) to take 4 teenagers with me to our place in the bush. They needed to de-stress after the exams and Lyn preferred to have some ‘Me time’ so she stayed at home.  

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 14th December 2018

Only one Wednesday after this before Christmas so I would like to share some of my Christmas thoughts with you.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 5th December 2018

Another Wednesday another opportunity to share with you. This week has been a real battle to get moving with my devotion. I started in one direction got lost on the way and ended on a different theme altogether. So I decided to start again the next day. While in limbo I came across this poem in Max Lucado’s book “Anxious For Nothing”  which I thought was very appropriate for my situation of getting anxious about this devotion. I hope that you will also find meaning in it.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 28th November 2018

Another week has come and gone and here we are together again to share a few minutes together in God’s presence.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 20th November 2018

Here I am sitting in bed, at Wyndford Farm, (away again???) about to start my quiet time.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 14th November 2018

Another Wednesday is upon us and after last week’s soul searching I thought that I would talk about our helper, our advocate the Holy Spirit.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 7th November 2018

Colin asks some searching questions of himself this Wednesday.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 31st October 2018

This Wednesday I am going to share a few thoughts on Grace. I have being struggling for some time to come to grips with the meaning of grace that will resonate within me and would love to share some of the readings and my own experience that have helped me along the way. Please bear in mind that I am no theological wizard I’m just an old sinner sharing my Christian walk. Sharing my walk is something I always wanted to do and with the encouragement of Nicole and Lyn, God’s prompting and the readers “likes” (thanks sooooo much) I am doing just that.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 24th October 2018

Another Wednesday another day to share with you what is happening in my life and hope and pray that you can relate to it.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 17th October 2018

Do you remember last week I mentioned we were in the bush and while I was writing our devotion the rest of family and our close friends from the UK were playing card monopoly? Later one of our friends Claire who left South Africa about 19 years ago wrote a poem while sitting on the patio in the bush.