Colin's Wise Wednesday - 14th November 2018

Another Wednesday is upon us and after last week’s soul searching I thought that I would talk about our helper, our advocate the Holy Spirit.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 7th November 2018

Colin asks some searching questions of himself this Wednesday.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 31st October 2018

This Wednesday I am going to share a few thoughts on Grace. I have being struggling for some time to come to grips with the meaning of grace that will resonate within me and would love to share some of the readings and my own experience that have helped me along the way. Please bear in mind that I am no theological wizard I’m just an old sinner sharing my Christian walk. Sharing my walk is something I always wanted to do and with the encouragement of Nicole and Lyn, God’s prompting and the readers “likes” (thanks sooooo much) I am doing just that.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 24th October 2018

Another Wednesday another day to share with you what is happening in my life and hope and pray that you can relate to it.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 17th October 2018

Do you remember last week I mentioned we were in the bush and while I was writing our devotion the rest of family and our close friends from the UK were playing card monopoly? Later one of our friends Claire who left South Africa about 19 years ago wrote a poem while sitting on the patio in the bush.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 10th October 2018

I am truly blessed, another Wednesday is upon us and I am once again writing this devotion from the bush. You will notice the inspiration of the bush coming through in what I am sharing. As I write the family are around the table on the patio playing Monopoly Deal, a card version of the “old monopoly” and laughing away the afternoon before we start our sundowners drive and then gaze at the night sky with stars that shine like diamonds.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 3rd October 2018

Here we go again, must be Wednesday, but this time our message is in the words of a song “Need” by Richard Pratt from CrossRoad and features on their new album called “There’s a Light”. A special thank you to both Richard Pratt and Luke Powell who have given me the go ahead to use this song for our devotion. Luke also gave me a link to a discussion that he and Richard had concerning the background under which this song was written, very interesting:

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 26th September 2018

Oh boy does this wheel move fast, time for our Wednesday get-together for some thoughts on a very topical issue. Let me start off with a statement:  I want my life back!

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 19th September 2018

I hope that God will reach you through another Wednesday devotion. Hope that you follow rugby so that you can relate to the first part of our devotion:

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 12th September 2018

It’s Wednesday so that means that another week has come and gone, so here I am with some more words of wisdom (I hope!!!!!!)

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 5th September 2018

I have been reading a book called ‘A Warriors Faith’ written by Robert Vera, a story of a Navy Seal Ryan, who’s wounds during combat in Iraq left him blind. Part of the story tells us how his friend discovered Ryan was a Christian. This is the part I will share with you today, it touched me and hope that it will do the same to you.

Colin’s Wise Wednesday – 29th August 2018

It is amazing as one looks through devotions how relevant the posts still are in current situations.  Many of the Bible stories could have been written for today's situations.  

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 22nd August 2018

Saturday nights are our favorite radio nights. From 22H00 until midnight on 702 they have a program ‘Jukebox’ featuring hits from the 1950s and 1960s. On Saturday night they played our wedding song of 47 years ago ‘Love is a beautiful song’ by Dave Mills. Wow what awesome memories came flooding  back.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 15th August 2018

When I sat down on this cold Saturday morning after our FATHERS meeting where we are going through a Life Apps series by Andy Stanley and Jeff Henderson, I intended doing a summary for our FATHERS group on The Encouraging App. Once again God changed my mind and said maybe our Wednesday readers might also be interested in what we heard and discussed this morning.  So here we are and I hope and pray that God will talk to us all through this sharing:

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 8th August 2018

Is It Wednesday? Yes, then it must be time again for me to share what’s on my mind with you:

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 1st August 2018

It’s Wednesday here we go again.
A sombre message today, one that is close to my heart. Once again what I had thought of sharing with you changed this morning. Please bear with me. After snuggling back into a warm bed this morning after making Lyn a cup of tea (for a change!) Just Jinger’s song  “What He Means” (If there grace in this world) was playing on the radio. As I lay there “as snug as a bug in a rug” listening to the words of the song my thoughts went out to what I had planned for today. It was to deliver food parcels, together with Mike, to the squatter camps in Tembisa.  Food parcels that are sponsored by Hillside and packed by committed congregants. In 2011 there were nearly 500 000 people in Tembisa … and now?  How many of those people have electricity to make a cup of tea, how many of those 500 000 have got beds to snuggle into?  Our food parcels give 1440 meals … a small percentage of those who are hungry.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 25th July 2018

This morning when contemplating what God wanted me to share I decided that I would pour a cup of coffee and go and sit in the lounge, in the sun, and listen to some praise songs to get my mind in order. While getting in the right frame of mind all MY other ideas faded and God’s idea, of just sharing some extracts of the first 3 songs  I was listening to, came through.  I pray that you will feel God’s presence as you read His message below.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 18th July 2018

Wow these Wednesdays come around faster and faster as God leads me to share with you.

Colin's Wise Wednesday - 11th July 2018

Polo’s eyes seem to reflect the  joy in his heart as he runs to collect a ball that I have thrown.  Chad captures this special moment as we take our neighbors dog for a run in the open fields.

Colin's Wise Wednesday -4th July 2018

It’s Wednesday! Here we go again. We will start off differently this week with an appropriate Bible verse for our devotion: