And the secret is that Christ is in you, which means that you will share in the glory of God.   Colossians 1 : 27


Our Ministers

We pray for Your blessing for those who work in full time ministry Lord. Watch over them, keep them safe and inspire them when they seek Your Word for the people they lead. Bless them in their daily ministry to the members of their congregation, when they meet with those in need to bring comfort and counsel. Be close Lord, in the management of their time, guiding them in the decisions that have to be made. Lord, we pray for Your blessing for our minister and his family too. Thank You, Lord!


Thank You Lord for establishing Your church in this place, and encouraging men and women to join in our celebrations and worship. You have blessed us Lord, with Your help and guidance in all the activities that take place here. Bless those who are in charge in various areas of service, encouraging others to join in whatever is offered. Thank You for the worship, preaching, Bible Study and other activities.

Church Leaders

You have given us faithful men and women to lead various areas of study in the church. Also Lord, we thank You for the men and women who lead small groups, or lead where You have appointed them to be. Bless all that they do in Your name, Lord, encouraging others to join in and serve as best they can. Bless all that Is done in Your name, O Lord.

South Africa

We bring our land and people before You now, praying for Your help and guidance in every life. We ask for rain for those areas where drought has taken grip, that the crops may grow and the farmers able to gather them in once more. We pray too for our Government that they will rule with fairness and honesty, following Your guidance and help as they seek Your will for the issues that confront us. Bless us Lord, and draw us closer to Your loving heart, seeking Your will and way for our lives as Your own people. Bless us, Lord, we pray!

The Needy

We come before You Lord, naming those we know and love who are facing difficult issues in their lives. We pray for help and healing where health issues are concerned, but most of all for Your loving care for all the people of this land.


Monday 4th November               Psalm 59: 1 - 7

God – our protector!Throughout life we face many problems and difficulties. Some are easy to deal with – others are harder to bear. But as long as we have breath we can praise and thank the Lord for His loving kindness and constant protection. We mustn’t be foolish and put ourselves deliberately in harm’s way, but be observant and careful about who we mix with and what course of events we follow. Keep yourself pure for the Lord. Don’t mix with those who live lives that do not bring God any honour. They do not heed the Word of the Lord. He gives clear instruction for living. Follow God’s way and you will not fall into temptation. God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in times of trouble. Trust in the Lord, our Saviour, Defender and Protector of our faith. God is our refuge, fly to Him so He may cover you with His protective wings.

Tuesday 5th November                 Psalm 94: 1 - 23

Comfort!In the midst of trials and tribulation we cry out to the Lord and He comes and comforts us. If we have to face sadness because of some mishap to a loved one, we can take it to the Lord and ask for His peace and He gives it willingly. Life is often not easy and we become worried and stressed. But if we turn to the Lord He hears our cry for help and comes and touches us with His loving kindness and His peace. The presence of our Lord brings comfort and release from all kinds of trials. He is the Comforter. He teaches us a new way, one of trust in His abiding love. God knows us so well, for He made us. He watches over us and sees how we cope with trials and difficulties. He encourages us but is ever near when we turn to Him for help, comfort and peace. God is the God of all comfort. Flee to His welcoming, comforting arms in times of trial!

Wednesday 6th November         Psalm 143: 1 - 12

God is my Helper!So often we go through the days battling because of something that has brought distress into our lives. We seem stuck in time! We can’t move forward and dwell day by day on the problems that confront us. Yet this dead-end need not be so. As we come before our Lord, telling Him all about the problem we face, His presence calms us. He speaks to our soul, asking us to trust in His abiding love and place our problems in His hands. As we do so, we find peace flooding through us bringing calmness and rational thinking back to us. God’s presence brings structure to our racing thoughts. He calms our souls and enables us to face our distress. As we hand it over to our Lord we find that God replaces our distress with His peace. He is our Helper. He knows what is needed and is always waiting for us to turn to Him in our time of need. Praise God – a very present help in time of trouble.

Thursday 7th November             Psalm 142: 1 - 7

God is our Helper!When the concerns of life get too much to bear I turn to the Lord. I cry out to Him for His help and His loving touch. I need Him in this moment. “O Lord, where are You? I rely on You. I trust in Your loving care, Your help and guidance in every moment of my life. you made me, Lord! You know me better than I know myself. Protect me Lord, form anxiety and concern. I place myself in Your hand in every moment. You are in control. I live by Your will. Strengthen my faith and trust in You, Lord. I yield my weakness into Your capable hands, I need do nothing, for You are in control of every moment of my life. O Lord my God, restore me to stability and trust in You. Let me put myself totally in Your care. I can do nothing on my own, but You can do all things. My life is in Your hands, O Lord. I praise You, for You are a goodand loving Father!

Friday 8th November         Hebrews 6: 16

God’s Throne!  In our prayers we seldom think of approaching God’s Throne. Mostly we offer our prayers to Jesus, God’s Son, but there is a place in our prayers to approach the Throne of God. There Grace, Mercy and Love is to be found. There is the Lord of All, Father Almighty, Creator and Ruler of all things, who will hear our prayers of confession and supplication. There, at the foot of the Throne we will find our beloved Father welcoming us, and telling us to draw closer to Him and share our heart’s desire with Him. Our Father reaches out to us, welcoming us to sit at His feet, to feel His loving touch upon our shoulder and His loving words of welcome to us. Here, at God’s feet we find our place of safety, of joy, of adoration, and our hearts fill with praise. God, our Father, welcomes us into His presence, urging us to tell Him of our needs, and to rest in His presence. Approach God’s Throne with joy, you are welcome!

Saturday 9th November              Ephesians 4: 21 - 24

A new being!   When we come to know Jesus as our Lord and Saviour we cannot remain as we were. We begin to change, to take on the nature and the love of the Lord we worship. We are taught to get rid of the old and take on the new. The old was ruled by the wants of the world, the must haves, the extravagance, the money and the power. The new is a nature of love, caring, giving, and faithfulness to the One True God. Our hearts and minds must be made completely new. We must grow in purity of thought, word and speech, as well as our behaviour being totally above reproach. We have a role model to follow. Jesus Christ is that model. He was pure, true and holy in every way, and he wants us to grow in His likeness. Turn away from worldly desires and set your heart on the things above, the things of God. Give thanks and praise to God and His Son for the desire in our heart to change and become like our Lord and Saviour!

Sunday 10th November                

Blessed Lord, we come before You now, to worship and honour Your Holy Name. You have called us Your own and daily teach us to grow in knowledge of Your loving kindness, and Your desire that we live according to Your will and way. We come seeking Your guidance Lord, for the issues that we have, which are part of our everyday living. Help us to seek You through all that we have to face, and to remain strong in our faith and trust in Your Almighty grace and love. Speak to our hearts Lord, of Your will and way for our lives, and help us to faithfully serve You through prayer, worship and service each day. We are Your own, Lord, and desire to please You through our living. Guide and help us each day, Lord. Blessed is Your name, O Lord Most High. We worship and praise You, now and forever more! Amen

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