Jesus said to them again, “Peace be with you. As the Father sent Me, so I send you. Then He breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” John 20 : 21


Our Ministers

Lord, we pray for those who lead the church, that they may be blessed by   You and inspired by Your Spirit as they prepare the Word to bring to Your people in this place. Help them in all the duties of the position they hold, as leader of this church and minister to Your people. Bless and care for them, and guide them as they come before You seeking the Word to bring to Your people in this place.


We thank You, Lord that we can gather together in Your name, to sing songs of worship and praise and to offer our prayers to You. As we listen to the message that has been prepared we pray for Your insight and revealing of Your will and way for us all. Bless us as Your church here, gathered together as Your people. We worship and honour You, O Lord our God, and desire to be guided and led by Your will and way for our lives.

Church Leaders

Lord, You call us all to belong to You, but there are some whom You have called to be leaders amongst us. We pray for the leaders You have chosen, that they may hear from You regarding the duties You desire them to do. Bless them as they study and read and prepare the Word to bring to us as we gather together in Your Name. Be near those You have called to lead Your people to draw closer to Your side.

South Africa

We pray for our land South Africa and all her people. Lord there are many areas where drought has taken hold and land is parched and animals are starving. We pray for rain dear Lord, especially for the farming areas of our land, where cattle and crops are suffering. May You hand of blessing be upon our people, Lord, and the rain that is so desperately needed to fall upon those areas that are so dry. Hear our prayer for our land, South Africa, Lord, we pray!

The Needy

May Your hand of help, healing and blessing rest upon t hose we bring before You now, O Lord. Many are in such need, whether health or other issues. Bless, help and heal these we name before You, O Lord our God. Thank You!


Monday 21st October               Psalm 6: 1 - 10

I am weary!   I come to the Lord in my misery. I am weak and weary – from too much busyness – too much trial and too heavy a burden. I look to You, O Lord, for support and strength. You have always said that You are a very present help in times of trouble! I cry out to You, O Lord, help me this day. Strengthen me to be able to face all that is required. I rely on You Lord, will You help me, please! I wait for the Lord, for in His care my trust and ability is returned. My strength revives and I can go forward once more. Time spent in the presence of the Lord, worshipping Him and seeking His great wisdom bring peace to my soul. I rest – I rise and go forth into the day with the Lord by my side. I am the Lord’s. He guides me, teaches me and strengthens me for His great purpose. Praise the Lord, O my soul. He is with me now and forever more!

Tuesday 22nd October                 Psalm 115: 1 - 18

Worship the Lord!God Almighty is the only god we worship. He made heaven and earth, the sun, moon and stars, and then He made s. he created us in love – to know love and to be love, just as He is love. We can trust our God for He is faithful and true. He protects us and blesses us! He knows us each by name, and rejoices when we are faithful to Him. We live each day in His loving care. He directs our ways, encouraging us as we honour Him, and helps us as we trust Him. We come and seek Him day by day, to worship Him, to pray to Him and seek His will for our loves. We pray to Him and see k His will for our lives. We bring our prayers to Him as well as our petitions. He never disappoints us. He waits for our coming. We bow before Him. We sing songs of praise and adoration. We trust in his abiding love and thank Him for caring for us. Blessed is the Lord God Almighty. Praise Him.

Wednesday 23rd October           Psalm 23: 1 - 6

The Lord is my Shepherd!In the presence of the Lord I have all that I need. He enables me to find the nourishment I require and clear, cool water for refreshment. He strengthens me when I grow tired, and enables me to carry on in His loving care. He sets my feet upon the path ensuring my safety at all times. In the midst of the night He watches over me ensuring my safety – the darkness does not frighten me, for He is near, ever watchful and awake. The Lord protects me on all sides, ensuring that danger cannot get near. He is strong and able to protect me in all situations. My Lord honours me by preparing the finest meal and welcomes me as an honoured guest. His presence and love surround me every minute of my life and He will gather me and take me to His home at the end of my life. His goodness and love are my salvation. Praise the Lord, my soul, my loving shepherd!

Thursday 24th October             Genesis 16: 1 - 15

The God who sees us!We know the story of Hagar, who ran away from her mistress and met God in the desert. She called Him “The God who sees!” This is truth! God sees all that is happening in His Creation. When we are in the midst of distress and cry out to God, seeking Him desperately, we often cry, “Lord, where are You? I can’t see You!” in our distress we hear God say, “But UI can see you! Rest! Be comforted! All is well!” the knowledge that God can see me in the midst of my distress brings comfort. He is always near. No matter where we are, whatever we are facing, “God sees!” we can trust that God is in control. We are never out of His loving care. He sees us every minute of every day, whether waking or sleeping, praying, or worshipping. God sees us and us to know it. We are safe in the loving care of our Lord and our God. Praise God, now and always!                                                        

Friday 25th October         Jeremiah 2: 11 - 13

Follow the One True God!   Jeremiah spoke of the people turning from following God Almighty to worshipping other gods. God was horrified by this happening. He had taken care of His people, Israel, yet they turned away to gods who could do nothing for them. Today we see people following false gods. They worship money, power, or possessions. They give lip service to God, but actually serve the world. This hurts the heart of God. He is willing to give all to those who faithfully follow Him, but they choose to follow earthly powers and turn away from Him. The lifestyle of many isworship of things – motor cars, homes, clothes, wealth. Yet God calls to mankind, “Come to Me and I will give you all you can ever need!” Follow the Lord God Almighty and His Son Jesus Christ. In this way you will find contentment and joy!

Saturday 26th October              Ecclesiastes 2: 26

All is from God!   There is nothing that we do that we can take with us when we leave this world. God has given us life and encourages us to live fully and lovingly, working hard, but also enjoying the pleasures He gives. He gives us wisdom, knowledge and happiness as we seek to serve Him. Yet so often we worry over little things that we cannot control. Nothing that we gain in life can go with us beyond the grave. Our reward for a life lived in honour of God and His Son Jesus is a continuation of the relationship we have built here on earth. Do we honour God? Do we worship Him and rejoice in serving Him with gladness? This shall surely be with us as we leave this earth. We shall meet our Lord and our God and rejoice in their loving kindness. God blesses us while we live and continues to do so in Eternity. All is from God and is restored to Him at the end of our lives.

Sunday 27th October                

Blessed God Almighty, we come to worship and praise You, we fall to our knees before You, O Lord, coming to worship and honour You in every aspect of our lives. You have given us life, and guide us each day to live as Your own. We thank You that You have called us to follow You and to obey Your commandments. Help us to be faithful in thought, word and deed at all times. We belong to You, and desire to bring pleasure to You throughout faithfulness and adoration of You, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Guide us, guard us, teach and instruct us day by day O Lord, so we may follow Your will and bring joy to Your Father heart. We belong to You, O Lord. Praise to our Lord and our God, now and always. Hallelujah!

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