And the secret is that Christ is in you, which means that you will share in the glory of God. So we preach Christ to everyone. Colossians 1: 27 - 28


Our Ministers

We bring our ministers to You O Lord, asking for Your blessing and guidance for the duties they perform. Watch over their busyness and the many responsibilities that they have. Ensure that they have sufficient time to spend in prayer and seeking Your presence, Your will and way for their lives. Bless them with the ability to bring Your message to the people of this church with loving care. Thank You for each one who brings Your Word to others.


Thank You for our church – the buildings, the leaders and the members. Lord, you have brought us all together to be Your church in this place. May we always have open doors and a warm welcome for the folk who attend our services. We thank You for the Word that is preached here week by week, as well as the events that take place during the week to ensure a place where people can gather together in Your Name.

Church Leaders

Thank You for all our leaders Lord. They have been willing to take up a position that You have called them to, and we pray for Your help and guidance for each one who is willing to help others grow in their faith through the service that they provide. There are many positions that require good leadership, and encourage others to offer themselves to serve where You have called them to. Bless them in the work that they have taken responsibility for.

South Africa

God, bless our land and all her people. We are a multi- faceted group of people, taking part in supporting our country through the various activities that take place. Bless those in Government, both National and Local, and help them to perform their duties with integrity and hard work. Bless us Lord, as we live as Your own, spreading word of Your Loving Kindness and care for all people. Take care of our farming community Lord, who supply the people of our land with supplies. Bless all our citizens Lord, we pray!

The Needy

There are many in need this day, O Lord. As we name our loved ones before You, we ask for Your touch of help and healing for those in need. God, bless all those who are facing illness or other difficulties. We pray this in Jesus’ Name.


Monday 14th October               Jeremiah 29: 19

Listen to the message Do we listen and hear the message that God wants us to hear? Do we take note of the Good News when it is preached? We need to pay full attention for God may be speaking to our hearts this day. God is always eager to speak to His children, but so often we are busy with our own wants and needs that we don’t hear God. Make sure you are ready to receive the message. Jesus came to earth to save the world – but only a small number of people believed Him. God wants us to hear His message of love. He speaks to our hearts but we are deaf to His voice. Spend time before God in prayer, seeking His message to us. God will not give up on you. He speaks regularly – wanting you to know you are loved by Him – for that is why He sent Jesus. He is the message – Listen to Him!!

Tuesday 15th October                 1 Thessalonians 2: 4

Speak as God directs!We, as people who believe in and follow Christ, live as God requires. When we speak of Christ and His love we are guided by God Himself, who gives us the thoughts and then the words to say. God has judged us worthy of bringing the Good News to others. This is an honour and we must hold this to the highest standard. If you are called to speak God’s Word you have been entrusted with a holy task. Do the proper preparation. Read God’s Word and spend time in study and prayer, waiting upon God for His instructions. Listen intently and go and tell the world about our Lord Jesus Christ. Don’t be fearful, for God will give you the words to say – words that have deep meaning that will impact the hearts of the listeners. This is a worthy task. God trusts that you will carry out His instructions. Go forward boldly and speak as God wants you to!

Wednesday 16th October          Obadiah 1 - 21

Serve the Lord!Although there are many cares in the world God is still in control. He will not allow more than we can handle. He sees all the wickedness of nations – where killing of unborn children is the way of life. He sees the enmity of those who follow other gods and how they want to destroy whole nations. He sees the suffering of the poor and needy and how the rich countries of the world ignore their need. Man turns against man. This is not how God wants His Creation to live. God is love – He created us in love and He sustains us in love – yet there is still so much hatred and evil in the world. We need to fall to our knees in repentance for the things we do against the will of God. Surely He will hear our cries and come and save us! Trust in the Lord. He is God Almighty and forever He will reign. Give thanks for the loving care of His Creation. Praise God for all His blessings!

Thursday 17th October             Psalm 119: 41 - 56

Obey the Lord!If you love the Lord you will find delight in obeying His teaching, His commands and His instructions. God calls us to obey Him. No matter what He tells us to do we must obey. Though we often do not understand why He has instructed us in this regard we must be obedient. His call is above reproach. He knows the consequences if we don’t obey. He instructs us because He knows it will benefit us in some way. He sent the 10 commandments to put rules in place for our protection. He teaches us from His Word. He gives us instructions for our living so that we can live joyful lives in a good relationship with our Father God. Everything that God asks us to do is for our well-being. God protects us and our obedience to Him keeps us safe in His loving care. Obedience to the Lord brings happiness. Submit to the Lord, it will bring joy!                                                                                

Friday 18th October         Acts 14: 21 - 28 7

Leaders!  In every church there are appointed leaders, who assist the minister in the running of the church. They are faithful men and women, chosen by God to support and help in various tasks. These folk are chosen by God for a specific purpose and they are able to lead the church in prayer and in ministry. Without these leaders to assist the minister the load would be too much. There is a great deal to do to lead the church and as Moses was advised to appoint men to help him in leadership, so it is helpful to do the same for the local church. Those who are called to be leaders are appointed by God Himself, and given gifts and talents that build up the church. We thank God for every person who has willingly stepped forward in answer to His call. We trust the Lord for the right men and women to be called to be leaders.

Saturday 19th October              John 17: 15 – 21

Dedicated to the Lord!   The prime desire of Christ’s heart is that we be dedicated to God, our Father, our Creator and our Lord. Jesus prays that we may be dedicated to our Father by means of truth – the truth of the Word of God. Our dedication is the building of a close relationship with God, our Triune Lord, one that will support, care and guide us in the true way all our lives. We are urged to be one in Christ, together with God our Father and the blessed Holy Spirit. Christ will keep us safe in our relationship and enable us to grow in knowledge and understanding of God’s grace, mercy and love. Jesus wants us to be One with Him, even as He is One with the Father. Through our relationship we are able to bring the message of hope to the people of the world, encouraging them to be dedicated in every way to our Lord and or God!

Sunday 20th October                

Father God we give You thanks and praise for the blessing of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. You have called us to follow Him and to live as He has shown us. May we be faithful in thought word and deed, serving with a joyful heart all that You lay on our hearts. Help us to go out each day and be warm, kind and caring towards all who we meet. You have taught us about love. May we follow Jesus example of loving all manner of people, not backing away from sharing the Good News with everyone. We belong to You, O Lord, and seek You in our prayers to learn what You require of us. May we serve with loving hearts, and an eagerness to tell others about You. Bless us, Lord we pray, as we serve You each day. You are our Lord and Saviour, we worship and honour You. Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits!

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