May God’s grace be with all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with undying love. Ephesians 6 : 24


Our Ministers

We thank You Lord, for those who are ministers of Your Word, and who work so diligently to bring that Word to the people of their congregation. Thank You for the time spent in prayer and study as they wait for inspiration from You regarding the message to bring to the members of the congregation that they lead. May Your hand of guidance and help be with them as they desire to draw folk closer to learn about You and Your Word. Bless all who lead Your people into a deepening relationship with You, O Lord, our God!


Lord, bless the church where we gather together in Your Name, to hear Your Word brought to us. We pray for every member of the congregation that they may grow in their relationship with You, through the teachings that take place here. Bless all the activities that there are, and the people that offer their time to help others in their faith walk. Thank You for the studies that are offered, where we can learn more about Your Word, and the way that You desire us to live. We are Your own Lord, and gather together in Your Name!

Church Leaders

Thank You for everyone who offers their services in the church environment, Lord. They are willing to take responsibility for teaching and assisting others to grow in their faith. Thank You for the many activities that take place and the people who give time and effort to draw others into a closer relationship with You. Bless all our leaders, Lord, we pray for their well-being and deepening faith walk.

South Africa

God, bless our land and people, we pray. There are many diverse people groups, with different languages and culture. We pray for all Lord, that they may have happy and contented lives, living as You intend, with faith and trust in Your abiding grace and love. Bless those who run the offices of parliament, discussing and applying the rules and laws of the land. Bless all our people Lord, and keep us safe from harm. We rejoice over Your loving care for all people!

The Needy

We ask for Your blessing and help for all who are in need this day. Many are facing illness, or difficulty, and we pray for Your hand of help and guidance to be with them. We name our loved ones before You now, praying for Your touch of Grace and Love. Thank You, Lord!


Monday 12th August               1 John 2: 3 - 6

In union with Christ!   If we say we live in union with God we should live as Christ did. We know Him, our Lord and Saviour, and should obey God, our Father, in the same way Jesus did. He honoured God in every way and spent time before Him each day before sunrise. He came to God with the problems He had to face and prayed until the answer came. Jesus encourages us to live in obedience to God Almighty – to worship and praise Him and to do as He requires us to. We must love our brothers and sisters in Christ and do nothing that will cause someone else to sin. We must seek our Lord each day, desiring His will and way for our lives, and go out in obedience to His instructions. We are challenged to love all manner of people – the bad as well as the good – seeking to draw them to meet our Lord and Saviour. We are called to witness for Christ’s loving kindness and Godly disposition. Praise the Lord O my soul – praise Him forever more!

Tuesday 13th August                 John 17: 17

Dedication!What does it mean to be dedicated? Jesus ask God, our Father, to dedicate us to Himself by means of the truth. Do we understand just what it is that Jesus wants for us? Dedication is not a part-time decision. We need to be whole-hearted in our desires to follow Jesus. We need to be faithful in thought, word and deed as well as hearing what He wants us to do, then we must go out and do it. We need to live by the truth that God places in our hearts, the truth that Jesus Christ is the Son of God Almighty and is faithful to His calling to draw us all into a closer relationship with God, our Father. Dedication means unswerving loyalty to our Lord, to live honourable lives directed by God Himself, study the Word of God and find out the truth He wants you to know. Praise God for revealing Himself to our seeking hearts!

Wednesday 14th August          Jeremiah 24 : 4 - 7

Desire to know the Lord!God stirs in our heart with a desire to see Him, to know Him, to sit in His presence and hear His wise counsel. This desire draws us to our Lord, and in His presence we encounter His great love for us and His wisdom and His eagerness to be our God. We are overwhelmed by His grace, mercy and loving kindness that envelopes our seeking hearts. He tells us that He desires that we know Him as Lord, that we will be His people and that we will return to Him with all our hearts. Our focus is on our Lord and our God. He watches over us with love, desiring that we return to Him. Listen to His instructions and live together as His people. Our desire to know the Lord as our God is matched by His desire for us to return to be His people once more. Praise the Lord, O my soul! Let us come back to the place of worship. God is waiting there for us – eager to gather us close to Himself once more!

Thursday 15th August             1 Peter 3: 2

Pure and Reverent Conduct!When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour change begins to happen. The closer we walk with Him and desire to know Him, His character and His behaviour, the more we fall in love with Him and desire to live as God requires. Those habits that were negative begin to disappear and be replaced with a positive and gentle nature. We read God’s Word and study the portions about Christ’s behaviour. As we compare our nature to His we are convicted about the manner we live. This needs to change. We must be kind and caring towards all people. Our conduct must be pure and reverent, treating all people well. God gives us a heart of loving kindness and we can reach out in love to all manner of people. Our conduct must give credence to our Lord Jesus Christ. Bring honour to the Name of the Lord through our pure love and reverent behaviour!


Friday 16th August           Zephaniah 2: 3

Turn to the Lord!The nations of the world are called to turn from their wicked ways and come back to the Lord. We are called to humble ourselves and obey the Lord in all He requires. We cannot ignore the God of all. He created this land, and watches over it at all times. Humble yourselves, people of South Africa. Turn from following other gods and come back to walking on righteous paths. Give up your arguing and fighting and learn to live in peace and harmony with one another, as God requires. Learn what the Lord requires of you and follow Him each day. We plead with the Lord for the saving of our land and people. We humble ourselves before Him, offering ourselves in service to Him. Do as the Lord instructs. Follow His will and way and He will bless our land and people. God is just and does not judge unfairly. Follow the Lord of all and be at peace with all men. Turn to the Lord and live as He directs.

Saturday 17th August              Matthew 15: 1 - 9

Follow God’s Teaching!Everything that Jesus taught was to bring the people into a close relationship with God Almighty. But many did not follow God’s rules but by interpreting those to their own advantage made them human rules. They heard and knew the laws of God but did not follow them as God required, but put their own interpretation on them. God sent Jesus to teach the world how to live a holy life, honouring God through holy actions. But man kept on wanting to do things their own way, and went against Christ’s teaching. Jesus knew what they were thinking and how they turned all that He taught into accusations and used them against Him. People do not readily give up their interpretation of laws. They read into them what suits their own desires, not seeking or seeing the truths that were being taught. Listen to the teachings of Jesus, they are the truths to live by!

Sunday 18th August                

Thank You Lord for Your loving care for us. You have guided and helped us over the past week, and now draw us into a new day in Your care. We thank You that You have kept us safe and been near as we faced issues that have concerned us. You loving touch and guiding presence has assured us that we are loved by You and we thank You for Your help in all that we need to do. Bless us Lord, with Your love, so that we may be able to love others as they face difficult situations. We rely on You, and thank You for leading us day by day according to Your perfect will. We praise and worship You, O Lord, and rejoice to know Your help in our daily living. May we honour You in all that we do, fully aware that You help us day by day to serve You with honour and love. Bless us Lord, as Your own. We worship and honour You, Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Praise Your blessed Name!

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