For the gospel reveals how God puts people right with Himself : it is through faith from beginning to end.

Romans 1 : 17


Our Ministers

Lord, watch over and care for all those who You have called into full time ministry. They have taken on the responsibility of caring for the people of the congregation where they serve, and bring Your Word to them, encouraging them to grow in their faith and trust in Your Almighty Grace and Love. Take care of all their needs Lord, watching over their lives day by day, as they meet, care for and counsel those who come to them in need. Encourage them Lord, in reading and study of Your Word, and enable them to bring Your message to the people they serve in this community.


Lord, we pray for Your blessing upon the church that has been established in this place. May it always be a place where people gather in Your Name, to hear Your Word and to pray and share in their faith walk. Thank You for the church that has been established here, and may each person who comes to the services meet You in a very real way. We are all like-minded Lord, desiring to share Your love for people with each other. Bless this church and people, Lord, we pray!

Church Leaders

Lord, You have called men and women to take leadership roles in various areas of the church life. We thank You for their willingness to study and help others grow in their faith. Thank You for the Sunday School teachers, the Youth leaders, those who lead Bible Study or lead Home groups. Bless also the ones who hold positions of authority and help in teaching and encouraging folk to grow in their faith and trust in God Almighty. Bless those who work in administration and help the church and office run effectively.

South Africa

We pray, dear Lord, for our land and people of South Africa. There is much that is not right Lord, especially the crime and violence that is happening. Protect us Lord, and help the police to catch the perpetrators of crime and violence. You have given us a beautiful land, and we praise and thank You for the good that prevails here. Bless those in authority who work hard to maintain peace for all our people. Bless our farmers too Lord, that they may produce the harvest that is required to sustain our people with the food that is needed. Bless the poor and needy, and may we work together to build up all people across our land. God, bless us, we pray!

The Needy

Father God, bless and help those who are facing illness or other difficulty this day. Many are facing hospitalisation due to some procedure that needs to be done, or illness that needs to be managed. We pray for a return to good health. God, bless and help all those in need today, thank You!


Monday 22nd July               2 Thessalonians 1: 11

Complete your work of faith!   It is our earnest desire to be worthy of the task God has given us to do. He has entrusted us and prepared us to work for Him. As we seek to serve Him with honour He fills us with power, enabling us to complete the work of faith that He has entrusted to us. It is great joy to be called by God and given a task to do for Him. He gives us the ability to work steadily at that task till He tells us that it is finished. God also grows us in faithfulness and trust as we work steadily at the task He has given us to do. It is by His power that we are able to move forward in our appointed task. It is by His constant loving guidance that our task is new every morning. He fills us with joy as we go forward in obedience to His call. We work faithfully day by day, dedicating all to His Glory. Praise and blessing to our God who has entrusted us with this task for His Glory!

Tuesday 23rd July                 Matthew 5: 14 - 16

You are light!Have you ever thought that to some people you are the only Jesus they have ever met? Do you shine for the Lord? Does His lamp of love shine on all the people you interact with? Can others see that there is a difference about you, one that truly cares for them and their welfare? Jesus has captured your heart and everywhere you go you represent His love. Be an example to all people. Be kind, caring and helpful at all times. Do all you can to help someone in need, giving them the support they need. Be constant in your kindness and caring, an attitude that reflects Christ’s own. You are a light to the world, just like Jesus. God sees your life style and helpful attitude and rejoices. Give thanks to God for His loving kindness manifest in your heart towards all people. Praise His Name!

Wednesday 24th July         John 13: 12 - 17

Are you an example?Jesus gives us all the example to follow. It is not just about washing His disciples feet but about His attitude of servanthood. He was willing to serve in every way possible. He went about doing good and helping, and healing those who came to Him. The lessons He taught are lessons we need to take deep into our soul. We are not born to lord it over others, but to be gentle and respectful to all people, never feeling that anyone is less important than we are. Everyone is of value to our Lord. Often they have qualities that we know nothing about, but our lack of knowledge and understanding of them does not mean that we treat them harshly or condescendingly. We must strive to be like Jesus – gentle in our speech and approach, and loving, kind and caring to everyone we interact with. Be like Jesus, an example that we want to emulate. Thanks be to our Lord and our God!!

Thursday 25th July             Psalm 94: 12

Instructions!  God is the greatest teacher of all. He has all-knowledge and wants to impart it to our hearts and minds. He doesn’t mind if we stumble and are slow to learn, for He has infinite patience. He teaches us at our level, gradually increasing our knowledge and ability to apply what we have learnt. When we get stuck with an issue we can turn to the One who knows all things. He knows how to grow plants from seeds. He knows just how long it takes for an apple tree to mature and produce fruit. He knows so much more than we can imagine, but He is willing to share His knowledge with us. He has given us inquiring minds and He rejoices when we carry on till our problem is solved. Praise God that He gives us support every day of our lives. His instructions are a delight to the inquiring mind. Praise the Lord, O my soul. My heart and mind is set on Thee!

Friday 26th July           1 Thessalonians 4; 15

God teaches us!If we are doing a certain task, we cannot claim that it is our own thought that brought it into being. The beginning comes as inspiration from our Lord and our God. If we desire to serve Him, He will give us a task to do and will teach and instruct us on that task from beginning to end! The task you take on will fit your personality and ability, and if you constantly ask God to show you what He requires He will do so! This is His way of spreading the message of His love and His care for each person born. Heed the Lord’s calling! It may be to be a secretary, or a speaker at a church meeting; or to be pianist for the church you attend, or leading a Sunday School class. No matter what you are called to do, do it with a cheerful heart and with love and gratitude to our Lord God for choosing you, teaching and instructing you as you promote His love to many others!!!

Saturday 27th July              Habakkuk 2: 3 - 4

Write down the message!As we come before our Lord day by day He always has a message for us. The word He brings may be personal, or for the wider church! No matter who it is for, get into the habit of writing down the Bible verse and the message that God gives you. As you do this faithfully day after day you will be amazed at how your faith grows, as well as your knowledge of His Word! All this helps you grow and mature in the faith. The message may be personal – when you are facing decisions or problems - or general, and for the wider community. God is involved with us all. He will use you as His spokesman if you faithfully seek Him each day for His word, His wisdom and His loving message. Your relationship with the God of all Creation will grow to be cherished through your daily meetings and your writing down the message He brings to you and your community.

Sunday 28th July                

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Praise Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Lord, we come to praise You and worship before You. You are our Lord and our God and not one day can go past without Your loving hand caring for us. We may face problems, but through our trust and faith in You we are protected and come through difficult time by Your grace and love. Bless the Lord, O my soul! Bless God, the Father, Jesus, the Son and the Holy Spirit, blessed Triune God, who cares for the world so generously and carefully. Without You Lord, we would not survive. You watch over us and guide our footsteps. We honour and praise Your Holy name, and rejoice that You have called us to be Your own. As we gather together we sing songs of praise and adoration, of thankfulness and trust in Your amazing loving kindness. Truly Lord, we offer our hearts to You in praise and love. Blessed is the Lord our God, Jesus our Saviour, and the Spirit of God Almighty. Be near, O Lord. Hallelujah!


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