But the time is coming and is already here, when by the power of God’s Spirit people will worship the Father as He really is, offering Him the true worship that He wants.

John 4: 23.


Our Ministers

Lord, we ask for a blessing for all those who minister for You in our churches. Bless them as they prepare Your message to bring to Your people, helping them as they study Your Word and pray for what You want Your people to hear. Bless them Lord in all their daily duties, helping people to grow in their faith and trust in Your abiding love. You have entrusted much to them Lord, may Your helping hand be with them each day as they seek to serve You to the best of their ability. Thank You for our ministers, Lord!L


Lord You gather us together for love, support and learning, and encourage us to worship You from this place that is a place where people can gather to worship You and learn from the teachings to grow in their faith and trust in You. Bless all the activities that take place here, and we thank You for the folk, who step forward to serve You with the abilities You have blessed them with. May we be a welcoming church, eager for others to join in and grow in their knowledge of Your love, Father God, and Your dear Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Church Leaders

Thank You for each man and woman who has offered their service in the church. You have called them to lead in a particular area of service, and we pray that the work they do may be fruitful for You. Bless all who lead in Sunday School, Bible Study and home groups, as well as those who serve as leaders in the church. Thank You for those who serve You so faithfully, helping others grow in their faith walk.

South Africa

God, bless our land, South Africa, and all her people. We look to You Lord, for the future of our land. We pray for those in leadership and government, both National and Local that they may serve with integrity, honesty and faithfulness. We need Your help and guidance Lord, to enable our country to go forward in Your loving care. God, bless our people, of every nation, race and gender, that they may serve You to the best of their ability, seeking Your will and way for the people of this land. God, bless South Africa and all her people and businesses as well. Guide us in Your perfect way, dear Lord.

The Needy

Lord, we bring those in need to You this day, praying that Your hand of help and healing will rest upon each one, and restore them to full health. Many are facing difficult times, and need Your hand of blessing upon all they have to face.


Monday 15th July               Jeremiah 23: 23

God is everywhere!   There is nowhere we can go where God is not! He is everywhere in heaven and on earth! If we go to the furthest place on the planet He is there waiting for us. If we go to the deepest depths of the ocean He will be there to meet with us. In the quiet of our room, when we seek His presence, He comes to comfort us. God reveals Himself to us whenever we turn and seek Him. No matter if we try to get away from God and shut Him out of our lives, it cannot be, for God our Creator, our Father, is always with us. He will find us even if we flee to the furthest place on earth. Look up at the night sky, see the stars and the planets, for they are held in the hand of God. We can draw comfort in the fact of God’s closeness in our darkest hour, and rejoice in His presence always with us. Praise God, our Lord, our Creator and our Saviour, always with us!

Tuesday 16th July                 Titus 2: 7

Be a good example!As a Christian we are expected to be a good example for others. We follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, Son of God Almighty, and strive to live a pure and holy life as He did. People who do not yet believe in Jesus as God’s Son look critically at those who profess to follow Him. We need to bring honour to our Lord by behaving in honourable ways. We need to be kind, loving, caring and always truthful in what we say or do. We are representing Jesus to the world and let us not let Him down. Be the example that others desire to be like. Be truthful, generous and genuinely interested in helping others to get to know Jesus! By constant good behaviour and genuine love for all people we are living as God wants us to. We bring honour to our Lord by the way we live. Let us strive to be the best example of Christian love we can. Give thanks and praise to Jesus, our example of God’s Love!

Wednesday 17th July          Matthew 5: 6

Do what God requires!When we first met Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, our greatest desire became to get to know Him, to grow to be like Him, and to do the work He has given us to do. As we work day by day, faithfully serving God to the best of our ability, He fills us with satisfaction and joy. In fact this Bible verse says, “Blessed are those whose greatest desire is to do what God requires; God will satisfy them fully!’ As we work day by day faithfully following our Lord, growing more deeply in love with Him, and doing the task He has set us to do we know deep and lasting satisfaction. We rejoice in the blessings that God has given us. A deep contentment in life and the relationship with God, His Son, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. We walk close to the Lord and are satisfied with whatever He puts across our path. We serve Him with joy. Give thanks to the God of all, our Father and our Lord!

Thursday 18th July             Philippians 2: 19a

The Lord’s will!At times we come before the Lord with a clear purpose! We come seeking His will for our lives. On our own we sometimes mess up and don’t do what we ought to do. Yet God does not leave us alone to sit in the squalor of our own making. As we come earnestly before Him He is generous, kind and loving, and makes His will known to us. We are called to be like Jesus, our Lord, to be kind and caring to all people, and to faithfully do what God has told us to do. God knows the end from the beginning and understands that we don’t always grasp what He requires of us. If you have received an instruction from the Lord, do not delay, do not falter, but get on doing it to His glory. Listen to the Lord. His plans for our lives are perfect. Follow His will and carry on till you are told it is finished. Trust the Lord in all your living!

Friday 19th July             Isaiah 54 : 2 - 10

God will save!God knows exactly what you have gone through and comes to give you the assurance of His presence, His touch of love and His comfort. As we read from this chapter, God speaks to our hearts and to the issues we are facing. He gives us the assurance that this issue will not last forever, it will pass and you will forget your unhappiness. God replaces sadness with joy and you will experience His deep love for you. His word and His presence bring assurance of His constant love which He will show us forever. God touches our hearts with healing balm and our souls are restored. We know that He is faithful and true and will not leave us alone to face difficult issues. God is with us and His promise is true for all time and all circumstances. Rejoice in His loving care and His restoration of peace and happiness. Give thanks for His saving grace. God is great! God is good! God is Love!

Saturday 20th July              Habakkuk 2: 4

Be faithful to God!Faithfulness is highly prized by God. He rewards the faithful ones with His loving presence and helps them in their living. When God calls us He wants a loving relationship with us, one that grows deeper and more caring every day. God desires that we come seeking Him, not just for what He can do for us, but to get to know Him and to seek His will and way for our lives. God knows what we need and readily supplies it. We know the joy of a loving Father, who cares for us in many different ways. He knows our nature, for He is the one who made us who we are. God rejoices when we reach our full potential in His loving care and give Him honour for His touch and guidance in our lives. God is all important to us and as we faithfully serve Him, so He faithfully cares for us. Our lives belong to God Almighty, His Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord, and the Holy Spirit. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Sunday 21st July                

Lord, we come to bless and praise Your Holy name. You are our Lord and our God and we desire no other. Guide and help us in this life that we may faithfully serve You, doing whatever we can to be faithful to You in thought, word and deed. May we raise Your Name high, O Lord, and praise You for the work that You do in our lives. You bless us so abundantly Lord, and we thank You that we can gather together to praise Your Holy name, and to sing hymns and choruses to worship and honour You. Be with us throughout this week, O Lord, and help us to help others with loving kindness. We belong to You, O Lord, and desire to live more fully as Your own. Speak to our hearts Lord, and guide us on right paths, so that our life walk may always be on the Road of Holiness – the way to Eternity with You at the end of our lives here. We praise and bless You O Lord, and worship Your holy Name. We love You, Lord! Hallelujah!

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