God keeps His promise, and He will not allow you to be tested beyond your power to remain firm.

1 Corinthians 10 : 13


Our Ministers

We give You praise and thanks Lord, for the one You have sent here to minister to this congregation. Thank You for the loving kindness that is shown to all people, and for the study and preparation that is given to ensure that God’s message is brought to His people. Bless and keep him and his family safe in Your care Lord, guiding him along the path of service that You have set before him. Teach him Your will and way for the people of this congregation Lord that they may learn and grow in this loving community.


Bless this place Lord, where we gather together to worship and honour You. You have brought us together to share Your loving kindness with others and to encourage them in their life walk as one of Your own. Bless and guide each member of this church Lord, that we might be able to encourage others on our journey. Build Your church Lord, as a place where we share together of the faith we have in Jesus as our Lord and Saviour.

Church Leaders

Thank You Lord for the faithful men and women who stand as leaders in the church. You have given them the ability and gifts to carry out the responsibilities that have been placed in their care. Bless each leader Lord, and help them as they care for the members of this congregation. May they be a blessing to the members of this church Lord, as they serve in the positions You have called them to. Bless them as they seek Your leading for the work You have given them to do.

South Africa

Bless our land and people, Lord, we pray. You have called us to be faithful to You in thought, word and deed, and we pray that we may honour the faith You have placed in us. Bless those who are leaders in our land that they may serve well and ensure that the rules and laws are followed properly. Watch over our land Lord, and protect the farmers from assault and harm. Bless those in government, Lord, and teach them Your will and way for our land and people.

The Needy

There are many who are in need this day, dear Lord. We pray for Your help and healing of those we name before You now, who are in various difficulties or ill-health. Bless and help Your dear ones, Lord, we pray!

 Monday 2th June               Galatians 6: 7 - 10

Do what God requires!   God is very practical in the instructions He gives to us. He knows all about us, our feelings and emotions; our maturity or otherwise, our willingness to listen and obey His instructions and also our own selfish wants and desires. God wants the best for usand a life of good deeds. Do we heed God’s desires for our lives? He sent Jesus as the perfect example to follow. As we accept Jesus’ love so He comes into our lives and begins to change our wilfulness into willingness. Our faithfulness to our Lord is the beginning of change. Our lives become more like His. We heed God’s call to live holy lives and faithfully serve him. We should do good to everyone, especially those who belong to the Christian family. Live the life God has planned for you, a loving, caring, serving life, fully dedicated to God and His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. God will be pleased if we do so. Bless His Holy Name!!

Tuesday 25th June                2 Corinthians 10: 14 - 18

God sets limits!No matter what task God has appointed us to do there are certain limits and barriers. We cannot go and preach to the world, for we would spread ourselves too thin and be ineffective in our preaching. God has set the place, the time and the people that He wants us to reach. Many begin their ministry in the local church and after a time feel equipped enough to move into other areas. God knows our abilities and tests us and tries us till He is sure that we will be able to manage and manage well. Then He sends us out into new areas to bring the Good News to those who have not yet heard of our Lord. We can take pride in what we are doing for our God. He chose us, He equips us and He sends us where we can do our best. God is wise in settings limits for us. In His care we can do our best work. Give thanks and praise to our loving Lord!

Wednesday 26th June          John 17 : 23

God loves us!There is a measure that we can use for God’s love for His Son, Jesus. It is complete, fully and utterly all that God is. God is love and His love is fully ours through Jesus, His Son. We are born in love and live each day in love. God’s love surrounds us and protects us and the gift of his Son Jesus shows us the extent of His love. God was prepared for His Son to die for love of His created beings – every man, woman and child on earth. God could not do more than this, the Ultimate Gift of the life of His Son, Jesus, so that we can be restored into a right relationship with Himself. God gave His utmost for my soul and yours. His love is complete and perfect through Jesus. His love is more than we deserve, a free gift from the Lord of all. Give thanks to God Almighty for the love that fills us so completely!

Thursday 27th June             Ephesians 2: 17 - 18

The Word of the Lord!Jesus came to the world to bring the Good News to all mankind. He came first to the Jewish nation of Israel, but very soon His message was being brought to other people and countries. Today the Word of our Lord has gone far and wide and there are faithful followers of Jesus in every country in the world. The Word of the Lord cannot be silenced. For those who have learned of Jesus’ great love for all mankind cannot keep silent. Each of us is a Jesus follower, an Evangelist for our Lord. We may only speak to our friends and family but we cannot keep silent about Jesus, the Son of God Almighty. Jesus, the Word, is spoken of far and wide. We all spread the Word, for we speak to family and friends. We do not hide our faith in God’s Son. Give thanks to God Almighty that He gives us the eagerness to speak of Jesus to others. Praise God!

Friday 28th June             Colossians 2: 12 - 14

Alive in Christ!Before we knew Christ and gave ourselves fully into His loving hands we were dead in sin. We didn’t know any other way of living. But God in His loving kindness revealed His Son Jesus to us and brought us to life in Him. He forgave all our sins by nailing them to the Cross. The gift of His life redeemed us. Life in Christ is glorious. Now we know the extent of God’s love for us. His love for His created beings is so great that He gave us the means of achieving eternal life. Our acceptance of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour has made a world of difference to our future. We are now assured that we are acceptable to God Almighty and will be with Him in Eternity. This is the gift that Jesus has brought to us by sacrificing His life for us. Blessed is our Lord and Saviour. We praise and glorify His Holy name. He has given us Eternal Life.

Saturday 29th June              Psalm 95 : 1 - 7

God is Mighty! God, our God, is over all. His creation stretches from Eternity to Eternity. He is in control of everything! He created the Universe for His pleasure, the earth, mankind and animals for His joy. God rules over all! We revere and honour God Almighty and give Him the place above all else. We worship Him and acknowledge Him as Lord of all. No matter what man does or says, or doesn’t believe, the truth is that God exists and we live and move and have our being in Him. Rejoice in the knowledge that God is Love and has called us to be in a loving relationship with Him. Come before the God of all in reverence and love. Praise His Holy Name. Lift Him up for the world to see. God is God of all, to be honoured, revered and respected. We worship our Almighty God. Praise His Holy Name, now and forever more. Hallelieuia!

Sunday 30th June                

Bless us with Your presence and loving touch dear Lord. We come to worship and honour You, and to linger in Your presence, longing for Your closeness and Your Word to help and guide us. We praise and bless You O Lord our God, and thank You for caring for us each and every day of our lives. So often we are unaware of Your guiding hand upon what we do, but as we think how we have escaped injury or harm over the years we realize that it is only Your Loving Care that has kept us safe. We praise You blessed Lord God, beloved Jesus and Holy Spirit, for caring for us in every circumstance, to ensure that we fulfil our lives in Your care as You have planned. Blessed Lord, we worship and honour You. May Your name be lifted high O Lord. You are our Father, loving and caring for us moment by moment. Thank You for all that You do to ensure that we stay safe in Your care. Praise and worship God Almighty, Father of All and our Lord Jesus, Son of God, Saviour and Lord! Hallelujah!

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