Plan carefully what you do, and whatever you do will turn out right. Proverbs 4: 26


Our Ministers

Thank You, Lord, for those who have responded to Your call to serve You in full time ministry. You have chosen them, and in response they have studied so as to be knowledgeable about Your Word, and to be able to teach and instruct the members of this church. We thank You for their diligence, faithfulness and leadership qualities. Bless those whom You have called and who work so diligently to speak and teach those You have given into their care. Bless those who minister so faithfully Lord, and thank You for the long hours of study and preparation.


You have given us this place, Lord, dedicated to You and used for Your people to gather together to hear Your Word, and to share in worship and teaching. Bless this place, O Lord, and may each one who gathers here know Your loving presence, blessing and helping them to grow in their relationship with You and with one another. We thank You Lord that You have called Your people here to learn through the message, and to share in worship and honour to Your Name. Bless this place and all who gather here, Lord!

Church Leaders

Lord, You have called men and women to take responsibility in various tasks within the church structure. We thank You for their leadership qualities and their willingness to take on various tasks within the church. Bless those who teach the young people about our Lord, and those who gather the teenagers together for Bible Study. Also we thank You for the various activities that take place and the people who attend, desiring to grow in their knowledge of You and also in their relationship with You, O Lord. Bless all our leaders, we pray!

South Africa

We thank You for our land, South Africa, and the ability to worship and follow You in freedom. You have blessed us Lord, and all across South Africa churches are in place where people can gather to worship You and hear Your Word preached. God, bless South Africa, especially those in Government structures that they may be honest and diligent in the work they do for our land. We pray for our people, for the freedom that we have and for all who work so diligently. Where there is tension and trouble Lord, we pray for Your intervention and Your touch upon the lives who are affected in some way by those events. God, bless our land and people, we pray. Thank You for Your Grace and Mercy, Lord!

The Needy

Bless those who are in need this day, O Lord. Many are facing illness, or major difficulties, and we pray that Your touch will bring courage to their hearts, enabling them to endure through difficult times. God, bless those in need, we pray, as we name them now before You!


Monday 17th June               James 2: 14 - 17

Faith and actions!   Does your faith drive you to action? Do you encourage others in their faith walk? It is no use being a silent Christian who is never involved in the ministry of the Church. We are called to show our faith by acting in a positive way. We should encourage one another in our faith. Are you a solitary Christian or do you get involved in the activities of the Church? If there is an outreach to the poor and needy, do you get involved? Do you help others by fetching and carrying them to church meetings? Do you give generously when there is a call to help someone in need? Christianity is love in action. Let your faith show you how to help others in their time of need. Reach out and let God show you where you can be of help. Let your faith be active, in Jesus’ Name. Faith, without action, is dead!

Tuesday 18th June                 2 Corinthians 4: 16 - 18

Where is our focus?Is our focus on the things of the earth, or on what God has in store for us in heaven? The things of the earth are temporary, here today and gone tomorrow, but the things in Heaven are promised for all Eternity. This promise encourages us, that though this earthly body will fail, our heavenly body will be forever. Our life on earth is temporary. We came from God and one day we will return to Him, to be with Him forever. Our spirit grows stronger, renewed by the Holy Spirit day by day. Eternity waits for us. Live your life today in expectation of tomorrow in the presence of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Now we see Him dimly, then we will see Him face to face, to be with Him forever. Build up your relationship with our Lord and Saviour and you will be assured of a place with Him in the heavenly Realm, forever and ever. Praise God for His plans for our future in heaven.

Wednesday 19th June          Isaiah 33: 3

Call to the Lord!When we come seeking the Lord’s presence He is to be found! He promises us, “Call to Me and I will answer you!” What do you require of the Lord? Do you desire to draw close to Him, to know His loving touch; to hear His voice and His words of wisdom? Do you want to come into His presence to worship Him; to join with the angels with prayers of adoration and praise? Do you long for His loving touch upon your life and His hand guiding your day by day? God is eager for us to come seeking Him. He is waiting for us to come in our quiet time, seeking His Word to us. God waits for us to come. He calls out to us, “Turn from your busyness and come and sit within My presence. Come and learn about My loving kindness and My desire for your well-being. Come and seek Me often. I am waiting for you. I am your Lord and your God. Come!!”

Thursday 20th June             Daniel 7: 14

Jesus - foretold!The vision that was given to Daniel foretold the One who would live forever. The One who would have authority, honour and power over people of all nations. The One who would be worshipped and followed by everyone – all over the world. We know this person to be Jesus Christ, Son of God, our Lord and Saviour, who would live for all Eternity. This took place many, many years before our Lord came to earth as our Saviour. No matter where in time we live God is always there. His plans were laid at the beginning of time. How fortunate we are in this modern age that our Lord Jesus has already lived and died for our sakes. We believe the truths that have been revealed through the prophecies, mysteries and visions. Jesus Christ is alive today in the hearts of all believers. Give thanks to God for His Son!

Friday 21st June             Matthew 5: 14 - 16

Let your light shine!One who loves the Lord deeply shines amongst others. There is something wonderful about them. They exude loving kindness and a gentleness that touches others in a positive way. Jesus shone with purity and love and the more closely we follow Him, the more we shine for Him. If our hearts are full of love we are able to reach out to all people, welcoming them in gentleness and truth. We have love for the unlovely, a gentle answer to a harsh retort, and support wherever it is needed. Love is a positive emotion in our lives and we want to be as loving and kind to people as much as Christ was. Give honour to God, our Father, Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, and to the Holy Spirit. Live each day as God guides. He has placed love in your heart – a light that shines in honour of Him. Praise the Lord, O my soul!

Saturday 2 nd June              Isaiah 54: 1 - 10

God’s love is forever sure!God’s love is constant and true. He calls to us, each one, to draw near to Him and to know, feel, and understand the depth of His love. He calls us His children, and He loves with an everlasting love. His love for us is deep and personal. He knows us through and through and never turns away from us. In His loving presence we are safe and secure. His presence surrounds us and protects us. He guides us along safe paths and shelters us from the storms that would shake us. He provides for us in every way – physical, emotional, and spiritual – gifts that only He can provide. God’s presence is with us day and night. Turn to Him now in your time of need. He will comfort you and provide for you. Trust in the Lord our God. He is faithful and true, and His love is forever sure. Give thanks to our loving Lord!

Sunday 23rd June                

We come seeking Your presence Lord, and Your help and guidance each day. You call us to come and pray, Lord, and we gladly seek You now. You call us, Lord, and we rejoice in Your touch of loving kindness. Your instructions help us to grow to know You and to serve You in the ways You call us to. Speak to our hearts, O Lord, guiding us along paths of righteousness, for Your sake. Help us build relationships with other Christians and enable us to teach and instruct others about You in loving ways. You call us to live honest, upright lives, and Your instructions help us to stay on that path. Blessed is Your name, O Lord, and we rejoice in Your loving care and instructions to us. Thank You for calling us to be Your own, and helping us in our study and prayer to remain faithful to You in every way. We worship and honour You, O Lord, and thank You that You have called us to be Your own. Blessed is the Lord our God, and His Son, our Lord and Saviour. Blessed too is the Holy Spirit of God, who fills our hearts with love and guides us in the ways God requires us to live. Praise the Lord, O my soul! Hallelujah!

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