The Word was the source of life, and this life brought light to humanity. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out. John 1 : 4 - 5


Our Ministers

We pray for those You have put here as ministers to this congregation, Lord. We thank You for their obedience to Your call to serve here, and we are grateful for the faithfulness and diligence that they apply to all that they do. We pray for Your blessing upon them and their families, and thank You for your encouragement as they sit before You, praying and seeking Your will and way for the work they do and the messages that they prepare. Thank You for the loving care they give to all who come seeking the wisdom You have given them, and the help that they are ready to give to people in need. Bless Your faithful men and women, who serve You in this church. Thank You, Lord!


Lord, we meet together week by week, in this congregation and this church. We pray, for Your hand of blessings, and provision upon all the activities that take place here. We welcome folk, who come to worship You and to hear the message that has been prepared. Thank You for each person who has sought You here, and has offered their service in Your name, for whatever task You require. Bless our church and people, Lord, we pray!

Church Leaders

We are grateful Lord, for the men and women who offer their services to assist in the running of many activities in the church. They are willing to stand up and give of time and effort to help others grow in their faith. Bless those who lead as Sunday School teachers, or Bible Study leaders, in Home groups, or Men’s gatherings, or Women’s meetings. Lord, there are many activities that take place here, and we thank You for each one willing to serve You as a leader, helping others grow in their knowledge and faithfulness in following You. Thank You, Lord!

South Africa

God, bless South Africa, and her people, we pray. May those who have been appointed to lead in National or Local government be faithful and diligent in the work they do. We pray for honest, upright men and women, who have the knowledge and the will to serve You with honour. Be with them all as they meet to discuss and make decisions that will affect all our people. God, bless South Africa and her people!

The Needy

Bless Your people Lord, who faced difficulty at this time, due to health problems or other issues. We pray for Your touch of loving care and compassion upon those we name before You now, asking that Your healing power restore them once more.


Monday 13th May               John 4: 1 - 14

Thirst!   On a hot summer’s day we long for a glass of cold water to quench our thirst. We realize that we need water to sustain life. Jesus comes to us and tells us that He is the life-giving water that we need. We cannot survive without that life-giving water. He is what we need above all else. It is not just our physical thirst that is quenched and satisfies us, but knowing Jesus and accepting Him into our lives satisfies our spiritual thirst. As we accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour and begin to rely on Him in every way He shows us a new way of living that gives us satisfaction. The Presence of the Lord and the infilling presence of the Holy Spirit help us to grow closer to our God, and we change and become who God intends us to be. Love is born in our hearts and we rejoice in the touch of God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in our lives. Our thirst is quenched and our lives are richly blessed. We grow in our relationship with God through the life-giving water of Christ Himself.

Tuesday 14th May                 Psalm 93: 1 - 5

Worship the King!O worship the King, all glorious above; O gratefully sing His power and His love. These words resonate in our hearts as we come before our Lord and our God. He rules in heaven. The earth is His footstool. We come to worship and praise Him as God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth. All things were made by Him. Praise His Holy Name. He set the earth in place. He created man and woman in His own image, giving them power over all the earth. He sent His only Son to earth to live amongst us, to teach and instruct us in holy living. His example is the one we follow, to draw near to our God and worship Him eternally. Praise and honour rises in our hearts and we come humbly into His presence. “God Almighty we love You, we honour You, and we worship You. May You reign forever. Praise, glory, honour and majesty belong to You, our Lord and our God. Hallelujah!”

Wednesday 15th May          Galatians 2: 15 - 21

Put right with God!No one can be put right with God on their own. We can try holy living, doing the best that we can to please God, but we fail dismally at every turn. There is only one way that we can come into right standing before God, and that is not of our own behaviour. We need to have faith in the Son of God – Jesus Christ. We need to have turned from the past and look forward to a life dedicated to following Him in every way. We cannot win by living as the law requires. We need to serve Jesus as our Lord. He welcomes us to His side through loving kindness. He wants to come and live in our hearts and that we accept Him and desire to change to be like Him in every way. Live by faith in the Son of God and you will be in right standing before the God of All. Through God’s Grace we accept Jesus as our Lord and are put right with God through His love and our faith and trust in Him and His Son!

Thursday 16th May             Galatians 4: 14

Received with Grace!   There is only one place that we can go where we are assured of total acceptance just as we are. We are not expected to change at all and be like others. As ourselves, just as God made us, we are accepted by Jesus. His love does not depend on us changing in any way. We are accepted into His loving care. Do we realize what an honour this is? The Son of God accepts us and loves us unconditionally. When we come to this realization something changes in us. We find security in the love of Jesus. Here is someone we can trust with our lives. He will never let us down. He loves us to the uttermost. This is the pure love of God Himself, shown through Jesus, His Son. Jesus is our Lord and Saviour, the true righteousness of God, calling out to us to come and be His own. Answer His call and accept Jesus as your loving Lord!

Friday 17th May             1 Thessalonians 5: 12 - 28

Love as God requires!There are many instructions in the Bible on how to conduct ourselves. We are told to have the greatest respect for those who teach and guide us in the Christian life. Further instructions tell us not to be idle or to encourage the timid and to help the weak and be patient with everyone. We must ensure that no one pays back wrong with wrong. Remember at all times to aim to do good to all people. If we live like this God will bless us and encourage us in our life’s growth as followers of our Lord. The Holy Spirit comes to encourage and inspire us. May God fill you with His peace and make You holy in body, soul and spirit. Be faithful at all times – true to our Lord and Saviour who called us out of the darkness of sin into His glorious, Holy Light. Praise the Lord O my soul, and forget not all His benefits. Praise Him, now and always.

Saturday 18th May              John 3: 16

God’s Love! Can we imagine how great God’s love is? We can manage to love our family and a few friends, but stop short of unconditional love for folk who have hurt us, or who live a life that we don’t approve of. Our hearts swell with pride and love over our children and grandchildren – but what about the refugees fleeting in open boats across the seas – seeking safety? Can we reach out to them too? We can feel God’s love in our hearts and hopefully appreciate it and love Him too, but our circle of love is small when we consider His love for the world. God gave His Son to die for us all, yet we turn from that knowledge for it is too deep for us to grasp. Pray and ask God to extend the love in our hearts to be able to love unconditionally and show love by generosity towards all people we meet. Let there be love in our hearts, just like God’s love!

Sunday 19th May                

Praise the Lord, O my soul! Let all that is within me, praise His Holy Name! We come Lord, with praise and thankfulness in our hearts. You have brought us safely through this last week, comforting us in our times of trial and watching over us and protecting us from all harm. We thank You Lord that You have gone before us and prepared the way for us to meet with other Christians, to worship together and to share in life’s celebrations. We praise and thank You for Your protection, and for the blessing of Your Holy Spirit who guided us and helped us in all our living. We praise You Lord, and thank You that as we met together to worship You and to hear the message You wanted us to hear that we could feel Your loving presence and Your Word encouraging us in every way. We praise You Lord, and thank You that You watch over us and care for us day by day. We worship and honour You, God Almighty, blessed Jesus, Lord and Saviour, and Holy Spirit who guides us in our living. Praise and Bless You O God. Hallelujah!

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