Let us give thanks to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the merciful Father, the God from whom all help comes.   2 Corinthians 1: 3


Our Ministers

We give You thanks and praise, O Lord Most High. We come before You to worship and honour You, for You are our Lord and our God and we desire none other. Guide us by Your Holy will and way, and help us to keep on the path You have set before us. We thank You Lord, for the men and women You have chosen to work in full time service, and ask for Your hand of guidance and protection as they go out in Your Name to bring the Good News to all people. Lord, bless and undertake for these folk in full time service for You.


Thank You Lord, for this place of worship, where we gather together in You Name, to hear Your message preached and to share with others who believe as we do. Bless this church and all the activities, Lord, as we hear Your Word preached, and share with others who have faith and belief in Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. Thank You for this place where we can gather together in Your Name, and bring You honour through our worship and love.

Church Leaders

Thank You, Lord, for the men and women who step forward to serve where there is a need. You call them to help others grow in faith and trust in Your Almighty love and kindness. As they serve You Lord, may they help others to draw closer to You and to read and study the words of the Bible. Many are called to lead, Lord, and You guide them to their place of service. Thank You for each leader amongst us.

South Africa

Lord, this week the people of South Africa go to the polls to elect a new Government. We pray for each one to make the right selection of an upright honest person to be appointed to a position of authority. There are many different people and parties Lord. Please guide us in our choice of person to elect. May South Africa be known as a Christian country where those elected stand with integrity and honesty to serve the people of our land. God guide us in our thinking and our choices, we pray.

The Needy

There are many folk who are in need this day, O Lord. They are facing illness, hospitalisation, or bed rest. We name our loved ones before You now, praying for their well-being, and restoration to full health. Hear our prayers Lord, on behalf of those we know and love. Heal those we name before You now! Thank You for Your Grace and Favour, Lord!!

Called Home to the Lord  Tommy Malone


Current Needs Chantelle, Les, Elsie Bath,

In Hospital   David,

Those in need of long-term prayers

Tracy Elliott, Sharon Draper,Dustin Smith, Anthony Zeiss, Brian Row, Margaret Esterhuizen, Claire Shepherd, Pat Powell, Andries Kok, Zenella & Ronny Janika, Denise Pins, Dave Bollmann, Bernard, Dillon, Monique, Jade v Zyl, Rowena Kerr, Joshua, Hennie, Justin de Jager, Gladys Hoyi, Mrs Shadrack, Shelagh Benson, Adrian & Joy Maytham, Trudy, Kathy Hartley, Coenie Fourie, Pat Botha, Kobus Erasmus, Daphne Burns, Shawn Walker, Ronnie Russell, Claire, Johan Hulshoff, Pauline Bosman, Edinah, Roy & Cecilia Landsdown, Harold Brooks, Matthew Huddy, Justin de Jager, Giselle Hurn,

Not so well Virginia Petersen, Alison Garden, Oriel Meyer, May Fraser, Our Ministers, Jill Foster,Hilda Reignders, Linda, Lynette Carter, Malcolm Benson, Ray, Sam, Marie, Elnie Visagie, Alec,

Elderly, not so well   Ruth Cooke,Rowley Hide, Liz vd Boon, Daphne Henderson, Stan Moulton, Olive Hill, Darryl Blake, Marie Fourie,Brian Quirk, Maureen Lotter, Vince & Gloria Cook, Tommy Malone, Owen Thomas, Christo Kruger,

Other Needs   Murray fam., Mark Quirk, Steve & Bianca Boyd & family,

Prison Ministry  South Africans in foreign prisons,

Graham, Christopher, Tyron, Wayne, Leticia

Those who minister to people in prison.

 Thanks & praise to God

 Monday 6th May               Ephesians 2: 17 - 18

Christ came!   Where would we be if Christ had not come to earth on our behalf? We would be walking in ignorance of God’s love for us. By coming to earth Christ enabled us to get to know God Almighty and to grow to know His will for our lives. It is the most important act of love that God has done. He sent Christ to us to show us that all of humanity can come into the presence of God Almighty, our blessed Father God! Jesus came to preach the Word of Peace on earth and good will to all men! Jesus came to bring peace to all people, those in Israel and also those beyond their boundaries. Jesus Christ came as the Peace of the world to tell mankind of God’s loving care for all. Turn to God today, accept His love and His Son Jesus. Christ came to save your soul and mind. Praise our loving God – now and always.

Tuesday 7th May                 Philippians 4: 6 - 7

Needs, or wants? This advice from our Lord is for us to come to Him with our needs – not just our wants! There is a difference, though many think that they mean the same. Asking God to help and heal our sick loved one is very different from asking Him to enable us to become wealthy overnight. Think on your prayers – are they from a selfish wanting heart, or from a great need that only God can fulfil? As we come before God do we come with a thankful heart, appreciating His great love for all people? Do we come with love in our hearts for someone in need and desire God’s loving, healing touch for their lives? We need to come to our God in humble submission, seeking His will in every instance. Our God is a God of Love and will not withhold His blessings in the area of our need. Give thanks for God’s grace, mercy, love and peace – so readily given!

Wednesday 8th May          Psalm 81: 8 – 16 (13)

Listen to God! How often have you longed to hear from God? Do you feel that your prayers don’t reach Him? Do you spend time reading God’s Word but yet don’t feel His presence? God is ready to speak to all His children, those who love Him and seek to serve Him. Come before our Lord with a prayerful attitude, quieting all other thoughts. In the silence say to Him, “I am listening, Lord, for Thee! What hast Thou to say to me?” and sit in an attitude of silence. If you have an impression of a Bible verse, accept that God is reaching out to you. Take up that Word and find that passage, and ask God to reveal His heart as you read. You may find that reading brings other thoughts into your mind. Accept that God is seeking you and waiting to impart some message to you. Make this listening a habit. Seek the Lord, for He will be found. Listen to God. He wants to tell you His desires for your heart. Thank You Lord for speaking.

Thursday 9th May             Ephesians 2: 10

We belong to God!God is our Creator God! He has made us what we are and has given gifts to us in honour of Him. He has appointed tasks to us and as we go about His business He is glorified by our faithfulness. We give thanks to Him for caring for us, for guiding us, for blessing us and teaching us how to work to honour Him. He has placed love in our hearts, not only in response to His love for us but He enables us to love one another as He does. God’s plans are perfect in every way and as we seek Him and His help and guidance in that task we bring honour to His name. In union with His Son, Jesus, we are able to go about teaching others of His great love and are encouraged to live lives that bring Him honour in every way. Truly we are blessed to be called sons and daughters of our most High God. We worship and honour Him through our faithful obedience to His will and way for our lives. Praise God Always!

Friday 10th May             Psalm 141: 3

Guard your words!It is so easy to speak out words that harm and hurt someone, without thinking of what we are about to say. A hurtful word, a sarcastic thought, a rebuke done in a malicious way goes against everything that God requires from our behaviour. We need to be conscious of our thoughts, words and deeds. Are they kind? Are they helpful? Do they build up, or break down? As a child of God and a follower of Jesus Christ this should not be the way we behave. We must count the cost of our words. Hateful, spiteful words affect our soul. We must follow Jesus’ example of being thoughtful, kind and caring – always wanting the very best for all who we are in contact with. If we do our whole demeanour, character and way becomes like Jesus’ way! This is what God wants us to be like – thoughtful, kind and caring always. Thank God for the example of Jesus and His love!

Saturday 11th May             Proverbs 17: 22

Be cheerful!The words written in Proverbs are often wise and bring knowledge to us. This verse tells us that “Being cheerful keeps you healthy!” As we contemplate this saying we observe the truth in people we meet and interact with. Cheerful people often display good health. Even the occasional setback does not diminish their good attitude. Those folk who are gloomy – always finding something to complain about are often presenting a negative attitude to the folk around. Day by day as we begin by spending time in the Presence of God we are encouraged to be positive in our daily life. God blesses us in every way. Let us give thanks to Him for the multiple blessings He gives. Be cheerful and thankful always.

Sunday 12th May                

Lord, we thank and praise You for Your watchful care over us. You guide us by Your will day by day, and as we seek to serve You aright, You help us to know what You require. May we serve You with honest intention, desiring to bring the Good News to others through our way of living. We would honour You, O Lord, by our faithfulness and upright behaviour. Bless us each day Lord, as we go about our business being on good terms with all people, and readily speaking of the love of Your dear Son, Jesus Christ. We belong to You O Lord, and thank You for Your help and guidance each day. May we serve You with honour, for we belong to You, called by Your name, to be servants of God Almighty, and to bring the Good News to all we meet and interact with. Bless us Lord, as Your own dear children, that as we gather in Your Name, we mighty know Your loving presence with us. Praise the Lord, O my soul. Praise His Holy name. Blessed are we who are called Christian, for we serve the Son of God, Lord Jesus Christ. Hallelujah!

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