For God’s Kingdom is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of the righteousness, peace and joy which the Holy Spirit gives.   Romans 14: 17


Our Ministers

Father God, we ask You to protect and help the one who ministers amongst this community. May Your hand guide and bless him and teach him Your will and way for his life as well as for the people that he leads. You have called and appointed him as the leader of this church, and we pray for his well-being, as well as for wisdom in the choices he makes regarding the running of this church. Bless and guide him Lord, and his family too, as he seeks to serve You to the best of his ability. Continue to teach him Your will and way for his own life and for the people of this church.


We ask for Your blessing and guidance for our church and for all the members here, Lord. You have established us in this place, and we gather together to meet before You – to worship You, to sing praise, and to hear the message that has been prepared under Your guidance. May we serve You Lord God, and teach others of Your great love for all people. We rejoice to be able to gather as Your people, and to hear Your Word preached and taught to us. Thank You for this place of worship, Lord!

Church Leaders

Lord, you appoint men and women to be leaders in the church. You give them responsibilities to carry out, that support the church structure. They are necessary to support the leader Lord, for one person cannot carry the responsibility for smooth running of the church by himself. Thank You for all those who give unstinting support to the minister. They are truly Your disciples, willing to do whatever is required to support the church and its leaders.

South Africa

God, bless South Africa, we pray. Guide the leaders of our land to be open, honest and trustworthy in all that they do to ensure smooth running of our land. We pray for the elections that are before us, that we might be guided by You to the choice of the right person to stand in Government. You know what we require Lord, for a strong and honest government. May Your hand of help be upon the people You appoint, Lord. Guide our people Lord, in all the far corners of our country, to see Your will and way for South Africa.


Monday 4th March               Jonah 3: 1

Proclaim God’s message!Jonah was told by God to tell the people of Nineveh that God was displeased with their wickedness. But Jonah ran away from God. Again God told Jonah to go to Nineveh and proclaim the message He had given. This time Jonah obeyed the Lord and walked through the city proclaiming the message God had given. Our lives are often like Jonah’s, though not so dramatic. We hear God’s instructions but ignore them. It may be that we didn’t understand clearly. Again God speaks to our heart with instructions on what to do for Him. Do we hear what God is saying? Do we listen intently and obey? God has tasks for each one. We need to listen to our Lord and be ready to obey. It may be a small task or one that will impact many. Weneed to do what God requires. Proclaim God’s message!

Tuesday 5th March               Hebrews 4: 8 - 13

The Word of God!Nothing can be hidden from God. Our lives are laid open before Him, from the time of our birth to the last day when we close our eyes forever. His Word is alive and active and judges the thoughts and desires of our hearts. As we come to Him seeking His will and way for our lives we approach Him with awe and wonder, for He is in control of all things everywhere. We come before Him seeking His will and His plans for our lives. As we hear from Him He appoints some task to us which will give us focus for the rest of our lives. As we work faithfully at that task it will bring honour to God and give Him joy in our fulfilling our duty. We all have to give account to God for our activities here on earth. May they bring Him pleasure. God is in all, through all, over all. He is with us to guide our footsteps each new day. Work with the Lord and bring honour to Him!

Wednesday 6th March          Psalm 51: 1 - 19

Be merciful, Lord!Reading the words of this Psalm brings to mind so many of the things that we do that are not in line with what God requires of us. We recognize our faults and often go for days without coming before the Lord and confessing and seeking His forgiveness. We put our heads in the sand and hide ourselves forgetting that God knows all things and sees all things. We cannot escape from our actions. All we can do is acknowledge them before God and seek His forgiveness and restoration. Life is not easy and it can be that we fall into temptation. Ask God to create a pure heart in us, one that will follow Him and obey His will and way for our lives. God is kind and merciful and will restore us to Himself. Come to the Lord all who are sorrowful, seeking redemption for our behaviour. God is infinitely kind, caring, and merciful and will restore us to His side. Thank You Lord, for loving us!

Thursday 7th March             Zechariah 2: 13

Be still!   Our greatest gift to our Lord and our God is to seek His presence. We are called to “Be still, for the presence of the Lord is in this Holy Place!” We come with humble hearts O Lord, for we love You and come to worship You. In the stillness we pray that You will hear the prayers of our hearts – prayers of adoration and praise – prayers to lift You higher and to raise Your Name before men. You are Lord of all. Come in Your Glory to be with us this day. Thank You Lord, for calling us, for this time is the time we gather to worship and honour You and to hear Your word of wisdom and knowledge that has been prepared for us. We rejoice to be here with Your people and to pray and adore You. Thank You for this time of stillness when Your presence touches us in the deepest recesses of our hearts. We honour You, O Lord our God, and give You thanks and praise for life!

Friday 8th March             John 17: 5

The Glory of the Lord!We will never know the Glory of the Lord this side of heaven. We know that God’s Glory shines in heaven and the angels pronounced Jesus’ birth with Glory in their hearts. Jesus lived in Glory before He came to earth and He rose to Glory once more. We can only experience God’s Glory in some small way and will only know the fullness of His Glory when we go to join Him at the end of our earthly life. Yet as we seek God in deep longing prayer He touches us with His Glory and encompasses us with the fragrance of His presence. We come to Him with longing hearts, for His touch of love upon our lives. We long to see His Glory and He reveals Himself to our yearning hearts. We praise God for His Glorious Presence that reaches out to us in our seeking and our praying. We encounter the Glory of the Lord through our faithful prayers. Thanks be to God!

Saturday 9th March              1 Peter 2: 18 - 25

Follow Christ’s example!Throughout the Bible we have examples of Jesus’ behaviour in some of the most trying times. He was always kind, generous and committed no sin. He did not answer back when insulted and when He suffered He did not threaten. When He was tortured He did not cower like a thief. He stood tall – for He had nothing to be ashamed of. We need to look at our own behaviour, are we even-tempered, kind and caring? God changes us to be like His Son. Pray that we may be like Jesus in thought, word and deed. Be as Christ to all you meet, never allowing words that harm or threaten to pass your lips. Give honour to our Lord by our good behaviour. Such a way of living will please God. Thank You Lord, for the example of Christ and the ability to change to be like Him through the love He has for us and our love for Him!

Sunday 10th March                

We praise You, O Lord our God! We come before You with hands held high to worship You and to bring You honour. You are our Lord and our God and we want no other. Blessed is the Lord God Almighty and His beloved Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. We praise You Lord God and thank You for the blessing of the Holy Spirit upon Your children. We move forward in Your care, knowing that Your will for our lives is for the very best You can give. We honour You Lord, and thank You for Your abundant loving care, guiding us and helping us day by day, to walk on the path that leads to Eternity. We thank You for calling us to be Your own, and for the way You Teach and instruct us day by day. May we honour You and lift You high through our faithfulness in Your service. Teach us day by day O Lord. We praise You, bless You and love You. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Hallelujah!

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