The Word was the source of life, and this life brought light to humanity. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out.   John 1 : 4 - 5


Our Ministers

Lord we bring before You the one who ministers in this congregation. We pray for Your hand of help and guidance to always be with him, and that You protect him at all times. Teach him Lord, day by day, according to Your will, and may he hear from You regarding the message you want him to bring to Your people. Bless him in all the day to day activities required to maintain Your church in this place, and inspire him by Your Spirit as he seeks you through prayer andmeditation. Bless our minister and his family, Lord, we pray!


Thank You Lord, for this place where we gather together to worship and honour You. You have established us, and have gathered men, women and children together, to hear Your Word, to study and learn about You, and to grow in knowledge and desire to serve You where You have placed us. May this church grow and flourish, helping the community, reaching out to the poor and needy, and providing study groups where people can come to learn more about Your greatness and Your love.

Church Leaders

Lord, You realize that the work of Your minister is more than one person could handle, and thus You raise up others to be leaders and to take some of the load required to maintain the running of the church. We thank You for each one who has stepped forward and offered their services wherever it is needed. Thank You for those who lead Bible Study, Sunday School, Women’s meetings, Men’s gatherings, Prayer Meetings, Office organization or such. They are the back-bone of the church Lord, and a delight in Your eyes.

South Africa

Lord, we lift our land, South Africa, and her people to You now. We pray for the leaders of our land, that they may be honest and reliable in their service. We pray too for the political parties, for honest performance and a true desire for the best for our country. We thank you for the abundant rain that has fallen in so many parts of the land, but there are still areas where drought prevails, and we pray for rain to fall there too. We pray for discernment, as the time comes for us to choose to vote for elections. Help us to make the right choice of candidate to be elected to the government of our land. God, bless South Africa, guard our people, and may we be a land and people that honour You above all, we pray!


Monday 25th February               Isaiah 51 : 12 - 16

Don’t forget the Lord!Some days we get so caught up in the busyness of life that we never think of God at all. Sunday comes and we go off the church, sing hymns, and listen to the message, but have no deep thought of our Lord. God is saddened by our behaviour. He desires a good and strong relationship with us – each one of His children. Today, let us stop what we are doing and look around and realize that all we have is from the storehouse in Heaven, through the Grace of our Lord and our God. Take time to be quiet and come before God, offering yourself to Him, as His own! God loves you so much He responds with His loving touch. Connect with God. Spend time in prayer before Him. Bring yourself and your love to offer to Him. Worship God Almighty, Jesus, our Lord, and the Holy Spirit. Re-establish your relationship with Him. Draw close once more and don’t forget the Lord!

Thursday 28th February             Jeremiah 35 : 1 - 19

Obey the Lord’s instructions!In this passage it speaks of a tribe that followed the Lord’s instructions to the letter. They kept themselves pure by obeying God’s laws. God honoured them for their faithfulness to Him. In this age there are very few groups of people who live like this in honour of God Almighty. Yet God sent Jesus to show people how to live faithful lives, and those who have dedicated their lives to the Son of God are honourable in living as God has instructed them. To follow Jesus is a privilege and faithfulness to Him brings pleasure to God Almighty. Be a true follower of Jesus Christ, He has set the example for us. Ask God to instruct you in your living as His own. Be faithful in all things, serving the Lord and spreading the Word of God to many. Let God guide your ways as you live in faithful obedience to Him. Bless the Lord O my soul!

Friday 1st March             John 17 : 3

To know God!This is a serious question. “Do you know God? Do you know Him as your Father who loves you eternally? Do you know Him as Creator of all – Lord of heaven and earth? Do you know Him as your Lord and Saviour, as Jesus Christ, God’s only Son? Do you know that God loves you – intensely, wonderfully, longing for an intimate relationship with you? Do you know that God has given you life, with love, joy, peace, contentment and grace? Do you know that He has given you friends and family and neighbours to enjoy relationships and to live life to the fullest? God gives so much and wants to give yet more. All we need to do is acknowledge Him as Lord of our lives, love Him and follow His will and way for us. To know God is to love Him! Rejoice that He has called you His own. He loves you and leads you ever onward in His loving care. Blessed is the Lord God Almighty and Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, and the Holy Spirit! Our Triune God!

Saturday 2nd March              Luke 15 : 17 - 20

Come to your senses!The young lad who squandered all his inheritance on loose living and finally fell on hard times, found himself in great difficulty. He had wanted a life of experiences and found that his inheritance soon ran out. When he was down and out, with no money or food or prospects, he finally came to his senses, realizing that at home there was all that he needed. It is so easy to live a life of extravagance, but all too soon there comes a time of reckoning. There is only one place and person we can turn to. Turn to God, come back to the place He has prepared for you. Loose living brings no joy. But, life in God’s care, helped and guided by His great love, brings contentment. If you are in a wrong place, turn back to your Father’s arms and be gathered into the place of safety and promise. Come to your senses and come back to the God who loves you!

Sunday 3rd March                

Lord, we come before You with hearts full of praise. You are High and Holy, and we worship and honour You. Blessed is Your name, O Lord. We worship and honour You, and raise our uplifted hands to You. We see Your Glory, Lord, and are filled with awe and wonder at the Majesty of Your Being. We cannot gaze upon Your face, but we know Your presence and Your loving touch and that stirs us to worship. Blessed Lord, Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit, we offer ourselves anew to You this day. Receive our prayers and our praise, O Lord, and may we be pleasing to You. You are our High and Holy God, and there is no other we would worship. You call us to be dedicated to You alone, and to have no other gods before You. We praise You, we honour You, we adore You, and seek to live as You desire. Blessed is the Name of our Lord and our God. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Hallelujah!

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