May God’s grace be with all those who love our Lord Jesus Christ with undying love.

Ephesians 6 : 24


Our Ministers

Thank You Lord, for those You have called into full time ministry. You have trained them and equipped them with the ability to teach Your Word, bringing Your truth to the folk in their community. Bless and guide them each day, Lord, and may they share Your love with all people. You help them to share Your message, Lord, bringing hope into lives where before there was none. Bless the work they do and their families too, Lord, as they study and prepare Yourmessage to bring to the members of this congregation.


Thank You for our church, Lord, and all the people that join together, week by week, to hear Your message and to share the Good News with one another. You have established us as a congregation that worships together and studies Your Word. Bless us Lord, as we share love with one another, and seek to live, supporting one another in life’s trials. Bless us Lord, as part of the united Church of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

Church Leaders

Thank You Lord, for the men and women who have stepped forward to serve You in a leadership positions. They are willing to take responsibility to help others grow in knowledge through Bible Study and Teaching. Lord, these folk give us such a good example, and help us in our faith walk. Bless each one, and may they be guided by You in their study and work in Your Name. Thank You for our leaders!

South Africa

Lord, we pray for Your hand of help and guidance for all the people in charge of our land. May they have the knowledge and wisdom required to lead in some way in National or Local government. Help them in the instruction of others that they may lead with honour and dignity. We pray for diligence and honesty in all that they do in leading our land. God bless South Africa and all her people, we pray.


Monday 18th February               John 11 : 25 - 26

Resurrection!Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life. Those who believe in Me will live, even though they die;” This promise brings hope to us when we face serious illness, whether for self or for a loved one. We can believe Jesus when He tells us that we will live, through His promise. Death is not the end. We have been promised Eternal Life with our Lord after our time on earth comes to an end. For all who believe that Jesus is the Son of God, our Lord and Saviour, His promise is true. No matter what we face, whether serious illness, or tragic accident, we can hold on to this truth and promise and that brings us hope. Trust in His promise. Don’t let your faith falter. Believe in the truth that Jesus has told us. Faith and trust in Jesus will carry us through our darkest hours. Believe and give thanks for this wonderful promise of Eternal life at the end of our earthly life.

Tuesday 19th February               Isaiah 11 : 1 - 9

God brings peace!God intended that the coming of His Son would bring peace to the world. He tells us that through the royal line of David a king would come. The Spirit of God will be upon Him and give Him wisdom and knowledge. He will know God’s will and honour Him. He will be a righteous judge and will defend the rights of the poor and helpless. He will rule His people with justice and integrity. There will be peace all across the land and the lion and the lamb will eat together. God promises that there will be nothing harmful or evil, and we will have knowledge of the Lord – to the fullest extent. God fulfilled this promise to the world. His Son, Jesus, came in peace to bring love and joy and peace to all mankind. He came to fulfil God’s promise and the world was changed through His presence and His message of love to all. We give thanks and praise to God Almighty for His Son!

Wednesday 20th February          John 13 : 12 - 15

Jesus – our example!We can do nothing better than to emulate our Lord, Jesus Christ. Throughout His years of ministry He showed us how to behave towards people; how to reach out to the poor and needy; how to grow in faith and trust in God Almighty. Everything that Jesus did had purpose. We need to find the purpose that God has for our lives and go forth in confidence that He leads us, just as He led Jesus. The most telling of His examples was the washing of His disciple’s feet. It was to teach us to be humble in all things, never thinking that we are better than any other. We truly are servants to all people. Never judge them, or think of self as better than any other. Do as Christ did; serve God and man with the same dedication. This is the loyalty that God requires from us. Serve Him with gladness. Give thanks for the perfect example of Christ, our Lord and Saviour!

Thursday 21st February             Jude 3 & 20

Keep the faith!   There are so many distractions in life that tempt us from the side of God. We need to keep the faith by reading God’s word; by praying regularly and by studying God’s instructions for living. We should gather together on a regular basis, to encourage one another in our faith walk. We should help one another when we see them straying from the path of holiness. All the things that tempt us tempts others just as much. If God encourages us in difficult times we should also encourage others. We must build one another up through loving support and kind speech. Fight for your faith. Do not allow the temptations of the world take you away from the side of the Lord. He is praying constantly for us not to fall away. He comes to strengthen us in our fight against evil and encourages us with His loving presence. Keep faith and trust in God Almighty and our Lord Jesus Christ. Our faith is more valuable than rubies!

Friday 22nd February             Psalm 139 : 1 - 18

God cares!This wonderful Psalm tells us in so many ways how deeply God cares for us. He knows us from the moment of our conception and watches how we grow throughout our lives. He has put our nature in us and that place within our hearts that is dedicated to Him alone. This God space is where we converse with Him and hear His response to our questions and our prayers. There is no place we can go where God is not already there. His love for us and the millions of people He has created is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow. He rejoices when we seek Him and blesses us with many blessings. He is pained when we have to face difficulty and or issues where we can be hurt. He want us to be whole, healthy and believe in His great love at all times. Praise God, our beloved Father and Lord, who cares for us and guides us each day in His perfect way. There is no one like our God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

Saturday 23rd February              Jeremiah 15 : 16

Listen to the Lord!Jeremiah was blessed to hear the Lord speaking and giving instructions. He conversed with God and listened to every word. We, too, speak to God and can hear His words to us. As we sit quietly before Him with His Word open before us, we get the impression to look at a certain verse. If we turn to that verse we will find that God has a message for us through the words spoken or written many years ago. There is great meaning in the verse or passage that we read. God’s Words to us bring joy and happiness. They also bring instructions, or will start a train of thought that brings knowledge to us. God wants to interact with us and constantly will speak to us through His Word. Seek the Lord! There is a message for you from Him. Listen to His voice and His words of wisdom, Praise God who blesses all who seek His presence and His Word!

Sunday 24th February                

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! We thank You Lord, for Your loving kindness to us, Your children. You have created us in Your own image and watch over us each day. You guide us along paths of righteousness and grant us lives of hope. Your grace is ever with us, and You teach and instruct us in Your will and way for our lives. We worship You Almighty God and thank You for giving us Your dear Son, Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. You called us to be His own, and to learn from Him of Your will for our lives. Your grace and mercy are ever with us Lord, and we live each day bringing honour to You. Blessed is Your Name, O Lord. Thank You for Your guidance and help in our living, ensuring that we stay on the path You have set out before us, to enable us so that one day we will be with You in paradise. Praise God from whom all blessings flow, praise Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We worship You blessed Lord. Hallelieuia! Amen

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