My prayer is that our fellowship with you as believers will bring about a deeper understanding of every blessing which we have in our life in union with Christ.

Philemon v6


Our Ministers

Lord, we come to You asking that You bless our minister and guide him according to Your will. You have chosen him for this great task, Lord, to care for the people in this community, and to teach them the Word that You want them to know. Bless all that he does in Your Name, O Lord, bringing love and comfort to those in need and helping folk to grow in their relationship with you through Bible Study and prayer. Bless the message that he brings to us, Lord, and inspire him through the touch of Your Holy Spirit upon his life. Thank You for him and his family, Lord!


You have brought this community together Lord, to be one people, under Your leading. Bless each person Lord, who belongs to this church, and may all know the comfort of Your touch in and through the worship and ministry that takes place. May Your love be shown, through each person, Lord, encouraging others to join in the activities that take place. Bless us as we gather as Your people, in this place. We come together to seek You, Lord, and to know Your guiding hand, upon all that we do in Your Name!

Church Leaders

We thank You for each person who has accepted a position of leadership amongst this community. There are many activities and ministries that require strong and committed leaders, and we thank You for the men and women guided by You to step forward in service in answer to Your call. Bless each one, Lord, and may they know Your leading as they seek Your will through prayer and meditation. Bless these people who are leading in our church. Thank You, Lord!

South Africa

We thank You blessed Lord, for taking care of us in this land. You have provided for us in every way, causing rain to fall upon the fields preparing the way for planting crops. You take care of people on the roads, enabling them to travel safely. You watch over the children and care for them as they grow up. You provide doctors and nurses who can help the sick and needy, and put the infrastructure in place in hospitals. Lord, You provide for us in so many ways, and we thank You for Your loving, watchful care for all the people across our land. God, bless South Africa, we pray!

The Needy

Lord, we pray for those who are in need this day. There are many who face serious illness, or other difficulties. May Your touch of guidance and help be with each one we name before You now. Bless Your people, Lord, we pray!

Monday 11th February                John 1 : 1 - 5

Life!   God Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth brought life into being through His Son, Jesus Christ. All things were made by Him, bringing light into all living beings. Nothing was made without Him. We, who believe in Jesus as the Son of God, are blessed to know His loving kindness. As we follow Him and study and apply His teaching to our lives, we grow to be like Him in all His loving ways. Jesus, called, “The Light of the World”, brought light into our lives and banished the darkness of evil and sin. His selfless giving of His life for our sakes is the price He paid to save us from sin and eternal damnation. He, who was without sin, took all of mankind’s evil and sin and nailed it to the Cross on which He died. Now, we who believe in Him are safe for all Eternity, At the end of our earthly lives we will join Him in Heaven forever. Blessed is the Lord, He who saves us and gives us life eternal.

Tuesday  12th February               2 Peter 1 : 3 - 15

God’s call!  Let us always keep God’s call before our eyes. His calling is for us to live as His own, doing His will and following the way He chooses for us. We need to be sure of His call and His instructions of how to live faithfully as His own, serving His purposes and plans. We do not always have a complete revelation of what His plans for our lives are, but, step by step, they are shown to us. Do as God requires, willing to wait for His instructions. Then go forward and serve Him with joy in your heart. Make sure you are in tune with our Lord, ready to obey whenever He calls us to some task or other. Our lives are constantly changing, but the Lord’s call for us is for faithfulness to His cause. Do as God instructs, to the best of your ability. God rejoices in the life of His faithful servants. Keep His call in the forefront of your mind and rejoice in His choice of task for you. It is yours!

Wednesday 13th February           Ephesians 5 : 15 - 17 

What does God want?  We cannot go on blindly day by day, following our own agenda and doing whatever comes into our minds. This is not how God want us to live. He has a plan and purpose for every person ever born. Try and find out what the Lord wants you to do. Be intentional about seeking the Lord, spending time in His presence, talking to Him and listening for His instructions. He has something specific for you. Wait upon Him till it becomes clear what He is calling you to do for Him. Once you have clarity of purpose, begin as you mean to carry on. It may not seem to be a large, important work, but it is important to God and is right just for you. It will give you satisfaction to know you have been called by God for this specific purpose. Rejoice when you find out what God wants of you. Give Him thanks that He has chosen this specific work for your hands. Serve with joy!

Thursday 14th February             Psalm 119 : 49 - 56

God gives us hope!    Even in the midst of trials and trauma we have hope in a new tomorrow. God created the heaven and the earth, and the cycles of day and night. We work in the daytime and rest at night, only to rise to a new day. God has put it all in a pattern for our living. We find happiness in the constancy of His Creation. Day follows night, follows day. The sun comes up in the morning heralding a new day when we rise to serve the Lord through our appointed work. At night we rest while God watches over us and takes care of us. We do His will to the best of our ability and His loving kindness surrounds and guides us. How wonderful to be in the Lord’s care, to know His comfort and His leading. All that He does is in perfect order. Praise God, our Lord and Creator of all things and for the world we live in. We give thanks!

Friday 15th February             Psalm 150 : 1 - 8

Praise the Lord!   So many times we come to the Lord, asking for His help in difficult circumstances, or for His blessing for some event, or healing for a loved one facing ill-health. We seem to ask all the time, and the amount of thanks and praise is minimal when compared to our asking. Let us decide to come before the Lord with prayer and thanksgiving for our God is worthy of all the love we can give Him. Praise Him, from the depths of your heart. Sing joyful songs to Him. Give thanks for all that He does in your life – for His blessings every day and for His Holiness and loving kindness. Praise Him for His Son, Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. Give thanks for life this day and the opportunity to come into His presence and give Him thanks and praise. Lift up your hearts, people of God, and give praise and thanksgiving for His loving care and constant help and guidance. Truly God is a great God! Selah!

Saturday 16th February              John 14 : 3 - 4

Follow Jesus!   When we begin to follow Jesus it is as though we are stepping into an unknown way. We don’t know what lies ahead only that our Lord is before us beckoning us to follow His way. We don’t need to know the way, only to follow our leader, our Lord. He will guide us day by day, moment by moment, along the path that leads to Eternal Life with Him. We have to put our trust in Him that He will not lead us astray, but will keep us on a secure path that leads to the Holy Place, which is Eternity with God Almighty and His Son, Jesus. We don’t need to know how far we have to go! We don’t need to know the direction or the hardships ahead of time. All we need is trust, unfailing trust in Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. He knows the way to Eternal Life and leads us day by day to our meeting place, Follow Jesus on His path to Eternity!

Sunday 17th February                 

Praise the Lord, O my soul! Let all that is within me praise His Holy Name. We come Lord, to worship at Your feet. To spend time in Your presence, and to listen for the word that You would bring to us. Lord, we yearn for Your presence. Touch us with Your Spirit, we pray, and may we worship before You with love and longing in our hearts. You are our Lord, and we desire no other god before You. You are High and Holy, Ruler of all that is, or was, or will be. We cannot live without Your loving care watching over us and protecting us from all the evil that abounds in the world. We are Your own, and join together to sing with hymns of praise and adoration. You are our Lord and Saviour and we desire no other god but You. Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits. You watch over us with loving care, O Lord, and we rejoice that it is so. Blessed is the Lord Almighty. Praise to the Lord my Redeemer and Saviour. Praise the Lord! Hallelieuia!


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