In the beginning the Word already existed; the Word was with go, and the Word was God.     John 1:2



Our Ministers

We celebrate the coming of our Lord. At this time of the year we give You thanks and praise, O Lord, for the people You have called to work full time in ministry. You have called them to be Your own, and have blessed them with Your Word and Your Spirit, to be Your spokes-person. Guide and help them Lord, to fulfill Your call to be preachers of the Word, and to help and counsel all who come to them in need. Bless all who minister to us in this community, Lord. Thank You!


We give this church and people into Your care Lord. You have called us together to be a community who follows You and obeys Your will. Teach us Lord, day by day, to be faithful and true to the calling You have placed upon our lives and this church. May we all be faithful in thought, word and deed to our Lord, Jesus Christ. May we serve Him with joy, seeking to bring His message of love to many others. Thank You for this church and community Lord!

Church Leaders

Bless each one You have chosen to be a leader in Your church, Lord. You have called men and women to take charge of some area of mission, and we thank You for their abilities, and willingness to bring Your loving kindness to as many people as possible. Thank You for those who teach, either in Bible Study or Sunday School, or women’s organisations, or men’s meetings. There are many areas of mission, Lord, and we thank You for each person who has answered Your call to serve. Bless and guide them Lord!

South Africa

Bless South Africa, Lord, we pray. Watch over her and protect her people from the forces that seek to disrupt and destroy. We seek You Lord, desiring that this country remains faithful to You in every way. We pray for our leaders, those in National and Local government, that they may serve with honour, doing their best for the people of our land. We pray for those who travel on the roads at this busy time of the year that they may be kept safe. As we celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ, may we gather in peace and harmony, desiring that this may be a time of reconciliation amongst all people? Bless our land and people, Lord, we pray!

The Needy

Bless the needy Lord. There are those who are facing illness, or other difficulties. We pray for their well-being, that they may be restored to full health once more. Bless each one we name before You now. Thank You for Your loving care!

Monday 17th December              Hebrews 12 : 1 - 11

Keep your eyes on Jesus!Life is not easy for there are many trials and troubles to be faced. Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and what He had to endure throughout His life. He did not falter in His faith and trust in God, our Father, but endured much for our sake. He faced ridicule and hatred. He was betrayed by a close friend. He was taken prisoner and was whipped, beaten and then crucified. He endured it all on our behalf. If Jesus had refused to go to the Cross for us then our lives would be worthless, for we would live, die and then – nothing! But because Jesus died for our sin and was raised from death we are assured of Life Eternal. We who love and follow Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, are assured that we will be with Him in heaven for all Eternity. O Happy Day! We will be with God and His Son forever. We will see them face to face and worship them in Glory! Praise God!

Tuesday 18th December               Psalm 71 : 18

Old Age!We cannot stay young and strong for ever. Age creeps up on us and we find we cannot do as much as previously. But one thing is sure – God is still with us. No matter our age God is by our side taking care of us. From our youth He has been guiding us and blessing us and showing us the path He wants us to follow. Now that we are older He has not abandoned us. He is still our God and will be till our life’s end and then into eternity. In our passing years we may have lost strength and mobility but we have gained time that we can spend in God’s presence. We don’t have to rush, but can spend time reading God’s Word and praying to Him. Our latter years are a time when we can draw closer to our Lord and prepare ourselves for the day when we will meet Him face to face. God is good that He has allowed us these latter years to grow in faith and trust in Him.

Wednesday 19th December          Revelation 2 : 17

Listen!So often we hear the message that is spoken but do not absorb the truth that is being told. We hear the words but they have no meaning to us. We have to learn to listen properly and let God impart knowledge to our seeking hearts. Often we listen to the Word of God but do not absorb the truth of it and soon forget the message. We need to listen attentively and ask God to write His message on our hearts. Then we will remember what has been taught and begin to apply that truth to our own lives. The Holy Spirit brings truth to us. Listen well and let the truth reside in your heart and become part of your being. Be true to the teaching of the Lord. Heed His call for faithfulness and serve Him with your whole heart. God gives honour to the faithful ones. Give Him thanks and praise for His love and mercy!

Thursday 20th December             Philippians 4 :13

Christ’s gift of power!We all need power, not necessarily the power to lift heavy weights, but the power of a strong mind and the ability to face whatever comes our way. Life is not always easy and we need the power to carry on through these difficulties. We also need power to make the right decisions regarding the way to live as Christ’s own. Satan would seek to rob us of our relationship with our Lord through tempting us to turn from the right way of living. Often we are tempted in little ways, but we still need the Lord’s help and power to resist falling away from His side. Each day we face choices! Let us make sure that we make the right decisions through the power that Christ gives us. Give thanks that the Lord our God did not give in to any of the temptations in His life and so won Eternal Life for us. We give thanks and praise to Jesus for His power to overcome temptations!

Friday 21st December             Revelation 14 : 12 - 13

Endurance!We are called to obey God’s commandments and to be faithful to Jesus, our Lord. God wrote the commandments and expects us to obey them all. Jesus added the commandment of “Love God and love one another.” He expects us to be kind, caring and loving to all people. This cannot be a sometimes event, but we are expected to endure every day. We are servants of our Lord and must faithfully follow His instructions and His will. We must do as our Lord instructs us and He receives His instructions from God Almighty. Not all of life is pleasant but God calls us to endure through the hardships and remain faithful to Him in thought, word and deed. We are blessed if we remain faithful the whole of our lives. Honour God and His Son, Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. Heed God’s instructions and keep on faithfully serving Him throughout life. Give thanks to God for His Grace and Favour!

Saturday 22nd December              John 1 : 1 - 18

The Word!Jesus is the Word and through Him we are shown our Father. Jesus came to bring light to the world and to spread the message of God’s love to us. He came as light, to open our eyes to see Him in all His Glory and to reveal the goodness of God, our Father. Through Jesus we become God’s children, sons and daughters of our Almighty God. Through the Son of God we grow in knowledge of God in His greatness and of His grace, mercy and love for all of His Creation. Through the Word we learn about God and of His love for all mankind. Jesus is the same as His Father and showed us how to live in peace and harmony with all men. As we meet with God and Jesus we grow in knowledge imparted to our hearts by the Holy Spirit. The Word of God rests in our hearts and changes us. Through the Word we have life abundant in the Presence of God Almighty!

Sunday 23rd December                

Thank You Lord, that as we approach Christmas Day we remember the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Your Son, O Lord God, is such a wonderful gift to the world. We give You thanks and praise that we can celebrate His birth, and the true blessing that He is to all people. We gather together in places all over the world, to acknowledge Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. Your plan for our Salvation came to be through His birth, O Lord. We give You thanks, and we praise You for Your graciousness and love. May we remember with joy the birth of Your Son, and determine to live in peace with all mankind. His birth touches the lives of us all, Lord, and we thank You that as we gather together in families and churches all over the world, that we can praise Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. He came to save our souls. His birth is the most precious gift that You could give mankind. Thank You God for the blessing of Your Son, Jesus, to the world. Long may He reign in the hearts of mankind. Praise Your Name, O Lord most high. Hallelujah to our Lord and Saviour God!


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