I am sure that God, who began this good work in you, will carry it on until it is finished on the Day of Jesus Christ.

Philippians 1 : 6


Our Ministers

Thank You Lord for sending us one who loves You with an everlasting, constant love, and who serves You to the best of his ability. We pray for his well-being, Lord that he may be strong and capable to carry out all that You have given him to do. You teach him day by day to pray, to read, to study and to write encouraging words for the people of this community. We thank you for his faithfulness and diligence, always seeking Your will for his own life and for the church and community You have placed in his care. Bless him Lord, and his family too, as they serve You with loving kindness and joy. Guide, help and bless him day by day, we pray!


Thank You for this church and all the folk who gather here. As we come together to worship and praise Your Holy Name, we pray for the touch of Your Spirit upon each one, giving them enthusiasm for whatever task You have given them to do. We pray for the established church Lord that she may faithfully stand as a place where people can gather together in your Name, to learn, study and pray on a regular basis. Bless this place of worship Lord, we pray!

Church Leaders

Thank You for every man and woman who has stepped forward in answer to a call to serve You. There are many tasks Lord, where dedicated people are needed to help others grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Gospel, and of the instructions that You have set out. Bless each one who desires to be a leader in Your church, Lord. You have called them and will appoint them to the task where their gifts lie. Thank You for each leader, Lord!

South Africa

God, bless South Africa, we pray. There are many faithful Christians all across our land, and we thank You for each one. May Your hand of blessing rest upon them as they go about doing good and blessing others who are in need. We pray for our Government, Lord, that the men and women who serve may do so with honour, desiring the very best for our people and our land. We pray for the school children who have come to the end of another school year that they may remain in good health. We pray too for the Healthcare folk who are in such demand over the holiday period. Take care of our people, Lord, and may they know the whole purpose of Christmas is for all men everywhere to know Your grace and mercy through Your Son, Jesus Christ!

The Needy

There are many who are in need Lord. We pray for each one we know, that they may know the healing power of Your Grace and give thanks for Your loving, caring concern for all of Your Creation. Bless all those who face such difficult times right now. Thank You Lord!


Monday 10th December                James 4 : 17

Do what you should!Throughout the bible we are taught of the things that God requires us to do. He gave us the 10 Commandments as the basis for our life lived as His own. They all speak of the good we should be doing and if we follow them we will please our God. But in today’s age the 10 commandments are considered by many to be old-fashioned and a spoiler of the things that men want to do. But God wrote them for a reason. We have a standard that God has set for all mankind that will enable us to live in peace and harmony with God and one another. There is a warning in this verse from James, “Those who do not do the good they know they should are guilty of sin.” If we go against God’s laws we are sinning, and the wages of sin are death. Be obedient in doing what you should, and avoid being a sinner. God is always watching over us and urging us to live faithful, honest, upright lives. Do what you should – avoid temptation - shun it!

Tuesday 11th December               Psalm 139 : 14

Praise the Lord!I praise You, my Lord and my God! There is none like You – so kind and caring – so honest and trustworthy! You call to me to come close – to worship You – not bowed at Your feet, but drawn up into the crook of Your arm – to be by Your side forever! There I find love! There I find protection! There I find comfort. My heart is tuned in to hear Your voice and what You want me to know. You call my name “Beloved daughter.” I know the deep love You have for Me. I hear You call me to Your side to hear Your instructions and I rejoice that You trust me to do this task. You have enabled me, O Lord my God, to complete the task You have set before me. I rejoice that Your love shows me that You trust that I will be able to do as You require. I worship You, Almighty God. I praise and love You and live to do what You require. Praise Your Holy Name!

Wednesday 12th December          Luke 15 : 11 - 20

Come home!The story of the Prodigal Son stirs our hearts. To us it is not just a story of a wayward boy, wanting his own way. It is a story of our own lives. We have ventured far from our Father, desiring to experience life as an adventure. We have tasted the world’s riches; the pleasures of the playing fields and have strayed far from our Father’s side. He, God, is waiting patiently for us to return safely to Him. What will it take to turn us from worldly pleasures back to God’s side? It may be that our hearts are stirred and we suddenly long for a closer walk with God. It may be a friend that invited us back into the fold of the local church. Whatever reason, we are stirred by God to come home. He is waiting with Jesus at His side, looking longingly for us to turn towards Him once more. Come home to the Lord. He is waiting for you. You will be welcomed with joy!

Thursday 13th December             Hosea 10 : 12

Devotion!Devotion to the Lord brings blessings. Are we faithful to our Lord in thought, word and deed? Do we desire to serve God faithfully with everything we have? God requires nothing less than total devotion to Him. We have to live our lives to God’s high standards. We need to be thoughtful and considerate before we rush out to do some good deed. Is it from God, or from our own thought process? Do we come to God and ask for His directions or do we barge ahead and come later to God when things don’t work out as we expected. God has many blessings in store for us. Wait upon the Lord. In His own time He will reveal what is required. Meantime be faithful in following God’s instructions and let God pour out blessings upon you in return for the devotion you have for Him. Bless the Lord, O my Soul!

Friday 14th December             1 Timothy 4 : 4 - 5

Give thanks!God is generous in His giving. He gives in abundance, yet so often we take it all for granted. We need to look around at all that we have in our homes and give thanks to God for His provision. Besides the material gifts He has also given us an abundance of food to sustain life. Our pantries are full and we certainly have enough to share with others. God is generous in giving us life, health and sufficient to maintain the standard that He has given. How often do we give thanks to God for everything He has given us? I dare say we don’t do it often enough. Thank You Lord for all that You have given, to maintain life, to bless abundantly and to show Your great love for us. We come with grateful hearts, O Lord. Blessed is the Lord God Almighty and His Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. We praise, thank and adore our God. Praise Him forever!

Saturday 15th December              John 12 : 44 - 50

God and His Son!We believe in God! Do we also believe in His Son, Jesus? God sent His Son into the world to be Saviour to all people. He came to proclaim the truth, that God, our Father, is loving and kind, and desires a good relationship with all of His Creation. Jesus came to show us the way back to God, to give up the temptations of the world and to live as God desires. God created us to be His for all time. He showed us His nature by sending us His Son, who is the exact likeness of the Father! Jesus’ life is the example we must follow. He was loving, kind and caring to all people, even to those who tried to bring Him into disrepute. He reached out to the poor and needy and helped and healed many. We need to follow His way of living by serving God faithfully each day. Be honest, loyal and faithful to God Almighty and His Son, Jesus Christ, our Saviour! Give thanks to God for showing us the way to new life!

Sunday 16th December                

We thank You Lord, for Your loving care and Your blessing and watchfulness over every aspect of our lives. We come to the end of this year, giving thanks and praise for Your caring for us each day and guiding us on the path of righteousness. Your loving care knows no end and we worship, praise and thank You for taking such good care of us. You are blessed indeed and Your Son, our Lord and Saviour, is lifted high. Jesus is the reason for the celebrations at this time of the year, and we thank You for every person who celebrates Christmas through exalting Your Name, and praising and worshipping God Almighty – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Christmas is a blessing Lord, where families can get together to spend time in acknowledging You as Lord of our lives. Praise to our Lord and our God, blessed is He and worthy of all our praise and thanksgiving. We worship You, O Lord! We sing praises to You! We gather in Your name, and desire to tell others about Your loving kindness to all mankind. Praise the Lord, O my soul! Hallelieuia!

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