We have courage in God’s presence, because we are sure that He hears us if we ask Him for anything that is according to His will. 1 John 5 : 14


Our Ministers

Lord God, You guide and help those You have appointed to minister to Your people. Be near them as they seek Your will and way for their lives, and also for the church they lead and the people they care for. Bless them in all the activities that take place, and guide and guard them from excessive work that causes burn out. May they know Your leading Lord, and Your closeness when they come seeking a message from You to bring to these people. You bless each one You have called Lord, and we pray for their well-being and thank You for their faithfulness and devotion to their calling.


You gather Your people together Lord, in places all across the earth. We thank You for this church that we attend, and the people that belong to this community. You have established this place where we can meet, in Jesus’ Name, to worship, praise and serve You. Thank You for the buildings and the people who gather to worship and to receive the message that is prepared week by week. God, bless our church, her people and all who serve You in this place.

Church Leaders

There are men and women who desire to serve You, Lord. You call them to lead in areas where their skills will be of benefit to Your church and the spreading of the Word of God. Thank You for each one who has offered their services in honour of Your Name. Bless the task they do, and enable them to be effective in the place You have given them, where their talents and leadership qualities will be of most benefit. Bless all who lead in any capacity in Your service, Lord! We thank You for those who teach the youth, teenagers, young adults and family members. Bless all who serve so faithfully!

South Africa

Lord, bless our land and people, we pray. All across South Africa we find churches built where people can gather together in Your Name. We thank You for all who belong to a local church and who are serving You to the best of their ability. May they add to the stability of our land. May those who seek to gain their own agenda through violence and hatred be stopped, Lord, and that we can have peace all across our land. Bless those who work in Government, both National and Local, that they may serve with honesty – seeking to bring the very best for the people of our land. God, bless South Africa, and maintain peace across our land! Thank You for Your loving care for all mankind!

The Needy

The needy are always with us Lord, and we bring many to You today, pleading for Your Grace and help to touch them where they need it most. Take care of those who are facing serious illness, or hardship, Lord, and restore their health once more. God, bless all who are suffering this day, we pray!


Monday 3rd December               Amos 4 : 4 - 13

Learn what is right!There are some lessons we find hard to learn. The Israelites heard the Lord speaking to them, but they did not heed what He was saying. God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and nothing can be hid from His sight. Come to the Lord and find out for yourselves what He requires from you. Do what God wants. There is a saying, “It is terrible to be delivered into the hands of a jealous God!” God wants our undivided attention, our faithful obedience, and our loyalty to Him alone. Learn what is right in God’s eyes, and obey His instructions. He is our Creator, our Father, and He loves us totally and utterly, wanting the best for us. We don’t want to face punishment, but rather encounter the love of God Almighty. Look to the Lord for guidance and help, and obey Him in all things. Blessed is the Lord God Almighty and His Son, Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. Give thanks to the Lord for showing us the right way to live as His own!

Tuesday 4th December               John 17 : 19

Dedicated!We, as followers of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour must dedicate ourselves to Him, in the same way He dedicates Himself to our Father, God Almighty! Our dedication to Jesus must be full and complete. As we see His dedication and faithfulness to God, our Father, so we too must emulate Him and dedicate all that we are to Him. What does this mean? We need to give ourselves whole-heartedly to Jesus. As we see Him going off in the early morning hours to spend time with His Father, so we too must set time aside to study, pray and contemplate Jesus and His life of faithfulness. He is faithful and we too must be faithful. He is our Lord and we need to turn from worldly ways and take on the mantle of service that He gives to us. Praise God for His Son, Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. We have the perfect example of faithful stewardship in Jesus. Let us bededicated, heart, soul and mind to Jesus, our Lord, our Saviour and our God!

Wednesday 5th December          Hebrews 13 : 5 - 6

Be satisfied!Our relationship with our Lord brings a satisfaction like none other. He provides us all that we need in the emotional relationship we have with Him. He enables us to be satisfied with our station in life and not hanker after great riches or possessions. Just being in His presence brings a deep joy that carries on day by day despite the lack of luxuries. God has given us everything we need for a contented life and if we rely on Him instead of our own fallible judgement we will be safe and secure. The Lord requires that we live upright, honest, obedient lives and as we follow His instructions we find a richness in our relationship with God that satisfies all the longings of our soul. There is no fear in God’s presence. His loving Fatherly care and wise counsel guides us day by day and we are content. Blessed is the Lord. Praise God, now and always!

Thursday 6th December             Genesis 15 : 1 - 20

God’s Promise!God made a promise to Abram that he would have as many descendants as stars in the sky. Thousands of years later we know that His promise came true. God is to be trusted. What He says He will do – He does. He takes good care of His creation, pouring out loving kindness and many blessings on us all. What a pity that so many do not acknowledge His hand of blessing upon their lives. We, who believe in Jesus as God’s beloved Son, give thanks and praise for God’s provision each day. We come to thank Him and worship and honour Him, for His generosity, His loving care and His guidance for our lives. Just as Abram worshipped the Lord for what He did, so we too give thanks and praise for His guiding hand upon our lives. He always fulfils His promises. Praise and thanks to God Almighty!

Friday 7th December             John : 17 - 18

Right Reasons!When we want to do something we need to make sure we are doing it for the right reasons. If we want to write a book, what do we want from the end result? Is it fame and fortune and a desire to be recognised by the world as a good writer? Or is it a desire to recognize the gift that God has given and use it to His Glory. This is what Jesus is saying in this verse, that He speaks of bringing glory to God, our Father, not glory for Himself. This is a true and honest saying from Jesus. Can we apply it to what we hope to achieve? Can we truly say, “This is for the Glory of God” for what we are doing? Let us follow Jesus’ teaching and do whatever God has planned for us – to His Glory. Be obedient to the Lord and give thanks and praise to the One who guides and gifts you and enables you to do that task – to His Glory!

Saturday 8th December              Revelation 3 : 14 - 22

Win the Victory!Life is not easy! We have been set a high standard by Jesus and each day we need to advance towards the goal He has set. Day by day we must live according to His requirements. We must be faithful in thought, word and deed, and work consistently at the task He has entrusted to our care. We need to turn our back on the world’s attractions and be faithful to our Lord in every way. Jesus is always watching us and how we live. If we do as He requires, being faithful in every way as we live as His own, Jesus rejoices, He tells us that if we win the victory and be faithful to Him in all our living we will sit beside Him when we get to heaven one day. Such a prize is well worth striving for. It is a blessing to be called a faithful servant of our Lord. Praise Him now and always, give thanks for the abundant blessing He pours out on His faithful followers!

Sunday 9th December                

All glory, praise and honour to Thee, our Lord and King. We praise and worship You, our Lord and Saviour, and thank Almighty God, our Father, for the blessings that He continually pours out upon us, His children. We thank You Lord, and desire to know Your will and way for our lives each day. We live to serve You, to love others as You have commanded us, and rejoice in the life You have given us. You are our God and we desire no other. Blessed is Your Name, O Lord. May You be honoured above all. We worship, praise, honour and adore You, and join with the angels in heaven to glorify Your Holy Name. Your touch of love upon our lives has changed us eternally, and we give You thanks and praise for the glorious life You have given us as Your own. Blessed is the Lord – to be praise and worshipped for ever more. Holy is our Lord, we love You blessed God – Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Hallelieuia!

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