Imitate me, then, just as I imitate Christ.

1 Corinthians 11 : 1


Our Ministers

Thank You, Lord, for Your constant loving care of the one You have appointed as leader of this church. Thank You for the faithfulness and diligence that is displayed all the time. Thank You for his faithfulness and hard work in preparing the Word to bring to the members of this church and congregation. You have called him and his family to be Your spokesman and to bring the message of Christ to as many as possible. Thank You for establishing this church and giving us such a faithful person as Your ambassador and spokesman. God, bless our leader and his family, we pray!


We gather together week by week Lord, to share our Christian walk and to hear the message that has been prepared for us. We give You thanks for this place where we gather, and for those who make up the Body of Christ here. You have stirred in the hearts of the people who worship here, and they gather to pass the message on and to encourage one another in their faith walk. Bless all who join together week by week, to worship You, praise You and serve one another in Your Name. Bless the gatherings Lord God, where we pray and worship You in the Name of Jesus!

Church Leaders

You stir in the hearts of men and women, Lord, and they step forward to serve where You have called. They stand as leaders in various areas within the church, faithfully following Your leadership and desiring to bring others into a closer relationship with You. There are many areas where we can serve, Lord, and we thank You for each leader in any particular field of service, who is willing to do what they can to promote Jesus as Lord of All. Bless each one who has stepped forward and offered their services in His Name!

South Africa

Lord, we give You thanks and praise for Your faithful servant, who called people together to stand and pray for our land, South Africa. You laid a burden on Angus Buchan, and he stepped forward in Your Name and called the people of South Africa to come and gather together to pray for our land and people. Thank You for each one who gathered to pray for many different issues that face us, trusting in Your power and love and grace, and intervention in our people. Thank you Lord, for all who prayed. Thank You for Your loving touch upon those proceedings. Thank You Lord, for watching over our land and people. We worship You, O Lord!

The Needy

There are many who face illness or other difficulty, Lord. We name them before You now, O Lord, praying that You will hear our prayers on their behalf and help and heal them in their hour of need. Bless and help those we bring to You now. Thank You Lord, for hearing our cries unto You. Amen.

Monday 5th November               Matthew 24 : 13 - 14

All over the world!We face many hardships in our lifetime, but Jesus foretold this. There is a spread of evil all across the world – but there is also a spread of the Good News of Jesus Christ. We read of the rise of Christian faith in countries we could not believe would embrace Jesus. Yet there are other lands where Christians are persecuted. We need to hold fast to our faith and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ and encourage people to stay true. Don’t fall away! Don’t allow the temptations of the world to sway your belief in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour. Pray that many more lands and people will accept Him as their loving Lord and eagerly spread the Word of God. We need to ensure that the Word of God and His Son Jesus is preached all over the world. Hold fast to your faith. Let your light shine and encourage others to follow our Lord. Blessed is our Lord God Almighty and His Son, Jesus Christ. Praise God always!

Tuesday 6th November               Psalm 91 : 1 - 16

God takes care of us!When we are feeling down and despondent and not very well, we read this Psalm and place ourselves in the hands of God. We trust that He will care for us and restore us to full health once more. We can go confidently into the day, trusting in His watchful care and assured that no harm will come to us. We give thanks to Almighty God for His protection, His healing power and His loving care. In His presence we know the assurance of His love and His gentle reminder that we need not fear for nothing can harm us. He goes before us into the day and is in charge of all that we have to do. He strengthens ourresolve and helps us face and overcome hardships. There is no one like our God, who is so loving and caring. He is totally in control and protects us on all sides. Blessed is the Lord God Almighty. Holy is He and worthy of our prayers of praise and thanksgiving. Praise God!

Wednesday 7th November          Jeremiah 15 : 15 - 16

God speaks!How blessed we are to hear God speak to us. It may be through a Bible verse, prayer, or from a sermon we have heard. Whatever we hear is a blessing from God. His love is everlasting and He want us to know it. The message we hear might be a command, an assurance of His love, or a word to bring to someone else. We cannot say we don’t hear from Him, for He uses many means to get our attention and speaks to our hearts. When we pray we must allow time to listen to God’s response. We bring many issues before Him, chattering incessantly, telling Him what we want to happen. But this is not true prayer, for when we pray we should be acknowledging His greatness and offering ourselves for His will to be revealed. God’s words to us give us reason to rejoice. He is faithful and loving and tells us that we are important to Him. Give thanks for His Word to us today!

Thursday 8th November            1 Corinthians 15 : 1 - 4

Gospel Message!Hold on to the message of the Gospel and the hope that comes from hearing. The core of the Gospel is the birth, life, death and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. As we read in the Bible of His life and dedication to God Almighty we are awed by His loving kindness and His powers of help and healing. But more than this, meeting Jesus changes us. We draw closer to God and see the changes that obedience to His will brings. Jesus came to show us how to get back into a good relationship with God, our Father. To achieve this He sent the Holy Spirit into the heart of believers to encourage them and teach them how to do what God required. Jesus, by His life and love, has brought us to the promise of Eternal Life. Believe!! The Bible points us to Eternity with God, our Father, Jesus, our Lord and Saviour and the Holy Spirit. Praise God!

Friday 9th November            1 Timothy 6 : 11 - 21

Faithfulness!The lessons that Paul teaches Timothy are lessons that we should take heed of. We have to strive for righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness. This will please the Lord. Also we have to obey the will of God who has instructed us in the work that is our responsibility. We are also commanded to our hope in the Lord and not in worldly possessions and riches. We must honour God by living an honest, faithful life, not turning away to worldly pleasures. By our faithfulness we bring honour to our Lord and as we follow His instructions to serve others with loving kindness we will please Him. Follow the Lord. Do this in faithful service and you will gain eternal life – to be with the Lord forever. You will gain blessing and honour fromour Lord. Praise His Name! We honour God, and Jesus, our Lord, through our faithfulness!

Saturday 10th November              1 John 4 : 7 - 18

Love one another!All of God’s interaction with us as about love, loving kindness, respect and care. God is love, wholly and completely, and He pours out His love upon all of mankind. Have you found out for yourself how loving and kind God is? Everything God does is to teach us about love! Love should be our highest aim. With love in our hearts for God, Jesus and Holy Spirit we cannot but help the overflow of love towards others. This is the gift that God wants to give to all mankind. Accept love! God is reaching out to bless all who come to Him, desiring a loving relationship with Him. He will never turn us away. In our lives we can come before God at any time, without fear of being rejected. His love fills our lives and encourages us in our day to day living. Relationships with others grow and flourish through the love that God has placed in our hearts. Praise our loving Lord. Rejoice in His care, help and guidance in our lives!

Sunday 11th November                

We come, Lord, rejoicing over Your loving kindness and steadfast love for all of Your children. We come to praise You, to worship You, and to offer ourselves as Your servants. Use us Lord, to bring You glory. Use us Lord, to spread Your Word far and wide, so that others may learn to know You and love You too. You call us Lord, to share love with others, so that they may grow to know You, follow You and sow Your Name far and wide. You are our Lord and our God, and we rejoice that You called us out of darkness into the glorious light of Your presence. You shine in and through us Lord, and encourage us in our relationship with others, so that we can pass Your message on and encourage them to do the same. We are blessed Lord, to know You, love You and follow Your lifestyle and instructions. Praise the name of our Lord and our God. Blessed is He, now and forever. Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit, we love You, follow You, and worship You. Blessed is the Name of our God! Hallelieuia!


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