My sheep listen to My voice; I know them and they follow Me.      I give them eternal life, and they shall never die. No one can snatch them away from Me.

John 10 : 27 - 28


Our Ministers

Lord, there is much work and preparation done by the minister week by week. He has the concern of his congregation at heart, and prays and brings them before You for Your blessing and loving care. We thank You for the one You have placed as leader of this church, and for his conscientiousness and loving kindness to all people. Watch over him and keep him and his family safe. Lord, we ask for Your blessing and Your guiding hand upon all that he wishes to do for the people You have put in his charge. Take care of him and his family, and thank You for his loving care!


Bless us all Lord, as we gather together week by week, to worship and honour You in this place. You have called us together Lord, as Your people, to praise You and to listen to the message prepared. You have established this church and we pray for Your blessing for all the activities that take place. Strengthen the faith and trust of Your people, Lord, that they may witness to Your great love through the spoken word and the loving care that they show to one another.

Church Leaders

There are so many Lord, who step forward to serve You willingly whenever there is a call for some task. Bless those who teach the young people, as well as those who lead the Bible Study or home groups. We thank You for the leaders in this church and the hard work and many hours they put in to ensure that the services run smoothly, and the needs of the people are met. Bless those who lead in any way, Lord, and guide and help them as they seek to serve where You have called. Thank You for all who lead, Lord.

South Africa

Bless our land and people Lord. There are many issues that trouble us, but we bring them to You, Lord God, asking that You will enable Your will to be fulfilled in people’s hearts all across our land. We pray for peace and harmony amongst people of different tribes and cultures, and that we can all live in harmony together. Protect us Lord, from those who would harm, or steal, rob or destroy. We look to You for leadership Lord, that You may instil in our leaders a desire for honest living, and the best answer to South Africa’s problems. We look to You, O Lord, to guide and help us all throughout our lives. God, bless and help us in South Africa, we pray!

The Needy

We bring those in need to You this day, O Lord. May Your helping, healing hand rest upon each one, restoring them to full health once more. You are the great physician, Lord, and we look to You to care for our loved ones in every way. Thank You Lord, for caring for us day by day!


Monday 29th October               1 Peter 2 : 11 - 17

Control your emotions!Our human nature is always at war with the passions that run in our lives. We find that we don’t do what we ought to, but rather do what we ought not to do. Anger often arises up in us at the injustices of the world, but we do not harness our anger well and end up doing more harm than good. God wants us to control the emotions that rise up in us. Our impatience with the drivers on the road; the anger that flares up over some injustice against friends; the betrayal of a confidence by someone we trusted – are all emotions that we respond negatively to. Yet Jesus came to show us another way to live – one of loving, caring, forgiving, helping others always. He was truthful, honest and measured in His response to situation. He wants us to behave in the same way. Ask our Lord to help us in our thinking and our doing and that we may bring Him honour in all our living. Praise Jesus for the example He has shown us!

Tuesday 30th October               Isaiah 43 : 8 - 13

We are God’s witnesses!God called us to be His witnesses. He has watched over us and guided us day by day. He does not leave us alone to stumble in the darkness, but shines His light before us so that we can step out boldly for Him. We have seen the wonders and miracles of God’s care for His people and as we tell others of His grace, mercy and power we spread the word of His great love for us, His Creation, His chosen ones. We are never alone for God is always near. He knows our going out and our coming in. He knows all that we do to honour Him. He is God Almighty, High and Holy, Ruler of all, and we worship and praise Him, for He is always watching over us. God is always near, caring for us in every way. He comes to our aid. He answers our prayers. He guides us day by day. We witness to His greatness and His loving care. Blessed is the Lord God Almighty!

Wednesday 31st October          Revelation 4 : 1 - 11

Worship the Lord Almighty!We come before our Lord to worship and honour Him. He resides in heaven and is served by the angels and other heavenly beings. We cannot see the Lord, but all our senses are tuned in to Him. We desire to worship Him, to raise Him high, so that the world can join in our adoration and praise of the Lord of all. Our hearts stir as we lift our hands and hearts to adore Him and to praise Him, joining with the angels of heaven to bring Him honour and love. There is none other like our Lord and our God. He is everything to us, life, death and eternity. To be in the presence of God Almighty is pleasure indeed. We cry holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty. Worship Him ye heavenly host. Praise Him, ye minion of angels. Honour Him, you children of the Living God. Offer your love, now andalways. Blessed is the Lord God Almighty, now and forever!

Thursday 1st November             James 1 : 19 - 27

Listen to the Lord!Do you heed what God is saying, or do you hear and then forget? God wants to teach us the way to live and gives us many instructions. Accept the Word that He plants in your heart, for it will save you. Put into practise what He requires of you. If He plants love in your heart it is important that your focus should be passing on love to others. Love one another as God loves you. If He fills your heart with love it will be easy to love others, for God’s love in us multiplies and grows. God’s Word to us is a gift from His heart to ours. Heed the Word of our God and His instructions to us are of utmost importance. Let your life give honour to God through your following His instructions to share love with all people. As you live in obedience to God you will be abundantly blessed. Give thanks to our Lord and our God for His word brings life to our seeking hearts.

Friday 2nd November             Matthew 17 : 24 - 27

Rules of the world!Jesus was very aware of the laws and rules of the land and when He was asked about paying taxes He gave an immediate reply, “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.” As we look at this issue today it is still true. We give to God our tithes and to the tax-man whatever is calculated to be our portion. We cannotget away from our responsibilities. We obey the laws of our land, those that govern our behaviour on the roads as well as our responsibility to the governors of our land. We also obey God’s law, by honouring Him in our lives and obeying His instructions. As we live a life full of integrity we will please God. This behaviour gives honour to Him. So let us do what is right in obedience to the laws of our land and to our Lord and our God. Be righteous and honest in whatever we do and so please our God! Praise His Holy Name

Saturday 3rd November              Luke 14 : 25 - 33

Cost of discipleship!It is not easy to be a Christ follower, a disciple of Jesus. To do so costs us in many ways. To be totally dedicated to our Lord and Saviour takes a lot from us. We have to be prepared to do whatever He asks of us. First of all we have to turn our back on worldly living and from doing just what we like. We follow an honest, just and loving person and we should desire to be like Him in every way. The attraction of worldly pursuits have to be put away and not hankered after. We now have to live to a high moral code, living as God, our Father requires. We cannot go off and do just what we like, for God requires a higher standard of behaviour from us. Let go of the past and move into the future with Jesus as your guard and guide. Be determined to be faithful in every way, giving up your past way of living to follow Jesus with faithful intention. Jesus is Lord! Take up your cross and follow Him faithfully!

Sunday 4th November                

Praise the Lord, o my soul! Let all that is within me praise His Holy Name. We come, blessed Lord, to sit in Your presence, to worship You in our hearts, and to listen to Your words of wisdom and direction for our lives. We know there is much that You want us to do, and we pray for the revealing of that task into our hearts. May we serve You with honour Lord, desiring to bring pleasure to Your heart through our faithfulness. We look to You, blessed Lord, for direction for our lives, for assurance of Your constant care, and for leading into the task You have prepared for us to do. We desire to serve You blessed Saviour, and to tell others of Your great love and sacrifice for us all. How can we ever thank You enough for enabling us to come into the Father’s presence through Your love showered upon us. You are to be honoured blessed Saviour. We worship and praise Your holy Name. You, O Lord, are enough for our seeking hearts. You, O Lord, are blessed beyond measure. We worship, praise, honour and adore You, now and always. We raise You up, so that all can see Your Glory. Lord, we exalt You. Hallelieuia!

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