God keeps His promise, and He will not allow you to be tested beyond your power to remain firm;

1 Corinthians 10 : 13


Our Ministers

Thank You Lord, for the person You have put in charge of our church. You have called him, trained and equipped him to know Your will and to bring Your message to the people of this community. We thank You for his diligence and devotion in all that he does in Your Name. He brings Your message to us week by week, and encourages all members of our community to grow in the time they spend before You. Lord, bless our minister, his wife, and family too. May they be encouraged by Your constant loving care, and guidance. Thank You for Your blessings, Lord!


Thank You Lord, for every person who attends here and spends time, seeking to learn more about You. This place is where they can share in worship and study, and grow in their faith and trust, in You. There are many times of gatherings where we can come together to learn through Bible Study, or other meetings. You have established Your church here, and we rejoice in all who attend regularly, seeking to learn through the many teachings that are offered. God, bless this, Your church, and all who come and worship with us!

Church Leaders

Lord, there are many who have stepped forward with a desire to serve You. We give You thanks for Your call upon their lives, and their faithfulness in the task they have taken on. Bless all who lead in any way in our church and community, and grant them the eagerness and desire to serve You where they are needed. We need men and women to take charge of the various ministries and missions, and we give You thanks for their willingness to spend time and effort to help others grow in knowledge of Your Word. Bless each leader, we pray!

South Africa

Lord God, we pray for our land, South Africa, and ask for Your protection for the innocent men and women on farms, who are under attack. Lord, may Your hand of love surround them as they face difficulties through the evil intent of others. We pray for the leaders of our land, that they may be honest and true in the decisions that must be made, and that they will send out a message of no tolerance for the acts of criminality that take place. Lord, may we live together in peace and harmony, relying on Your Grace for all our needs. We look to You, O Lord, for peace and harmony all across our land. God, bless South Africa and all our citizens!

The Needy

Lord, we pray for Your helping, healing touch upon those who are in need this day. Many are facing serious illness, or time in hospital, or the effects of cancer. We pray for each one, Lord, asking for Your grace, mercy and love to surround those we name, and bring healing into their bodies. God, bless all those in need this day, we pray!


Monday 15th October               Philippians 4 : 13

God is my strength!Some days are good, others not so, but through all of life God is by our side, to guide, help and strengthen us. Some situations are devastating and sap our energy. Then we need to turn to our Lord and claim His promise to strengthen us in all conditions. As we dwell on the strength of Christ and what He had to face, and the courage He showed, we realize that His promise to be with us always includes the difficult days as well as the easy ones. He gives us inner strength to face what has come against us, and we trust that He will help us get through this difficult time. As we turn to God and surrender all our feelings of helplessness and pain He will fill us with His peace, and enable us to cope. The glorious presence of our Lord is our strength and His help and guidance will be with us throughout our difficulties. Jesus is totally reliable! Praise and thanks for His Holy Presence!

Tuesday 16th October               Joel 2 : 12 - 14

Come back to the Lord!In times of trauma and distress we need to turn to the Lord. We may have become luke-warm in our love for the Lord, for we have been absorbed by the things of the world. We may have fallen on hard times, perhaps lost our work, or suffered illness, or been traumatised by happenings in our family. No matter what the reason for the slide away from God, now is the time to change and come back to Him with a faithful seeking heart. God is not unkind, but becomes sorrowful when those He loves turn away from Him. Come back to the Lord. Seek His face and his presence once more. Pray to the Lord of all and wait to hear His answer to you. God wants your faithful heart! Make a vow before God to seek Him regularly and obey Him in all things. Our relationship with God is of great importance. Come, let us praise our God and serve Him.

Wednesday 17th October          Matthew 14 : 13 - 21

Give thanks to God!Before the miracle of feeding the 5000 took place Jesus took the food; 5 small loaves and 2 fish; gave thanks to God for His provision and then broke the bread and gave it to the disciples to give to the people. God miraculously multiplied the amount of food! All the people were fed and there was plenty left over. This was Jesus’ way! He always spoke to God Almighty before doing any amazing work. God honoured what Jesus wanted to do in His Name, and enabled the task to be achieved. We, too, need to come before God and offer our task to Him. He will surely hear our prayers and enable the task to succeed – to His Glory! Give praise and thanks to God for His loving hand upon all we desire to do for Him. Truly He is an amazing God – blessed is His Name!

Thursday 18th October             Psalm 115 : 1 - 18

God Almighty! Many in the world worship ‘things’, not realizing that inanimate objects hold no worth. People worship money, power, position, beauty, or other things, but don’t acknowledge the God of all who created them. God is the One who guides our lives; who sets the values we should follow; who blesses us and calls us His children. We look to God Almighty and see One who is totally involved in the lives of His Creation. He calls us to acknowledge Him, for us to realize that without Him our lives would be superficial and not hold anything of real worth. To know God – His purity, truth and goodness, draws us close to seek His will for our lives. As we follow His instructions and turn from worldly worship, He blesses us and helps us in our living. Give thanks and praise to our God Almighty! Praise His Holy Name! He is the One true God!!

Friday 19th October             Psalm 95 : 1 - 7

Praise the Lord! Our highest offering that we can bring to God is a heart full of praise and adoration. As we allow the Spirit of God to fill our hearts we can begin to sing a new song of praise to our Father God, our Saviour Lord, and our blessed Holy Spirit. Our God, three in One, deserves to be praised all day long. Let our love rise up in words of praise and adoration of our Lord and our God. Blessed is the name of the Lord! He is Holy, indeed, worthy of our adoration and worship. We come into His presence with thanksgiving, for He is a loving God, who cares for us with infinite loving kindness. Truly, we rejoice to sing His praises. We bow low before Him, offering ourselves to Him in service. He welcomes us before His Throne, blessing us with abundant blessings and accepting our prayers and petitions with grace, mercy and love. Bless the Lord, God Almighty –my Lord, my God, my King. Praise His Holy Name!

Saturday 20th October             Revelation 2 : 17

Victory! Victory brings rewards! In God’s world the victors receive a new name from Him. Those who are faithful in every way, regardless of the hardships and battles of life, give pleasure to the Lord. God doesn’t just speak of the individual but of the churches – those people who profess to belong to Him. For the church to remain true to Christ in every way is what is required. Stay true to the Lord. Follow His teaching closely and don’t let worldly influences sway your devotion to Him. Do as God directs. Worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. Fight hard against the influences of the world – those who say we are not following the true way. Seek God’s favour and His desire for us to worship and honour Him in every way. Be faithful to our God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Blessed is our Lord and our God!

Sunday 21 st October                

Praise the Lord, O my soul! Bless His Holy Name. Lord God, blessed Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit, we come today to worship and honour You. You have blessed us so wonderfully, and continue to help and guide us in our daily living. How can we ever thank You enough for Your watchful care, and Your provision for our daily needs. We have no words Lord, to give full measure of our thankfulness. You are generous, loving and kind in every way, and watch over us in our daily lives. Thank You for all that You do, taking care of us and our every need. You have truly given us a great deal to be thankful for, and we raise our hearts before You in gratitude and adoration. You are our God, and we desire no other. You have called us to be Your own, to follow You all the days of our lives, and we thank You for Your constant, loving care. We praise Your Holy Name! We call ourselves blessed because of Your abiding love. We worship and honour You, Almighty God. All power and honour be unto You. Hallelieuia!

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