Jesus answered him, “Whoever loves Me will obey My teaching. My Father will love him, and My Father and I will come to Him and live with Him.

John 14 : 23


Our Ministers

We praise and bless You, Lord, and thank You for the men   and women You have chosen to be leaders in the church. You have taught them and equipped them with the talents required to effectively run the church and care for the people here. We ask for Your blessing on our minister and his wife, that they may be faithful in all that they do in Your Name. They help and care for us, and teach Your Word, Lord, encouraging them to grow in their relationship with You, and to be effective in the ministry You have given into their charge. God, bless those who minister in this community!


This place, Lord, is not just a building where we gather to worship You. It has been consecrated to be where Your people gather to meet with You; to pray to You; to read Your Word; to hear Your message preached; to share Your love with one another. You have given us a place where it is joy to come to and to meet with You through interaction with others who love and follow You. Thank You for our church Lord, and may it stand for all time in honour of Your Name!

Church Leaders

Bless each man and women who has stepped forward to serve You in many different ways and missions. You have called them and encouraged them in tasks for You. You have trained them and encouraged them to work in some specific field, and they do so with joy. Thank You for those who teach the young people of our community, helping them to grow in knowledge of Your Word through Bible Study, Sunday School and Youth Groups. Bless too the various groups of men and women who serve where You have called. The church thrives because of their faithfulness, Lord, and we praise and thank You for calling them to serve in this place.

South Africa

God, bless our land and people of South Africa. We know of the difficulties that many face, due to overcrowding and lack of services. We pray that those who run the municipalities ensure sufficient housing, water & electricity for all people in their areas. We pray for Health Services too, that hospitals and clinics will perform well and enable those in need to receive the help that they need. Watch over Police services too Lord, that they may ensure a safe environment for people to live in and be a deterrent to those who would rob, steal, destroy and kill. Keep us safe each day, Lord, we pray!

The Needy

We thank You Lord, for the loving care given by members of Health Services to those who come in need. There are many facing severe illness, or operations, or lengthy treatments, and we pray for Your help and loving care to be with each one. Thank You for watching over those who are in need!


Monday 8 th October               James 4 : 4 - 10

Come near to God!Don’t seek the world and all its attractions, but rather seek the Lord. Come near to God. Submit to Him. Let Him clear you of the strong worldly yearning. We do not grow in faith and trust in God if we pay more attention to the world than to Him. His Grace is sufficient for us. Be humble and approach the Lord with longing. He will fulfil your desires and you will know His will for your life. Meet Him regularly, seeking His Word for the day and determine to live as He requires. God know the needs of your heart. He sees your faithfulness and also your battle with worldly desires. Begin the day in His presence, asking for His help and guidance for you. God is willing to help in any way. Let His Word rest in your heart and you will be guided by His will. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. He is our loving Father and Lord!

Tuesday 9 th October               James 5 : 14 - 16

Prayers for Healing!We ought to pray for one another, for we are all in need of God’s loving care and His Grace in our time of need. Ask of God, for He will surely hear our prayers on behalf of our brothers and sisters, and bring healing into their situations. Never give up on praying for those in need. Many come and ask for prayers. It is a privilege to pray for others, to bring them before the God of all Power and Might, asking for His touch of love to restore them to full health. There are many who are not well, some with serious illness, others with less, but God knows all that people are going through. He has called you to pray for others. Be faithful in this calling and do as He has asked you to. Pray for one another. Pray fervently. Pray regularly. Pray with deep love in your heart for the one who is in need. Bring these needy souls before the Lord, asking for His healing touch upon their lives!

Wednesday 10 th October          Jeremiah 44 : 1 - 30

Listen to the Lord!God has always been concerned over His people, and at a time when many Jews were living in Egypt He expressed His concern. His people were turning away from Him and worshipping and serving other gods. They were influenced by the customs and practices of the people in the land. This is still a concern for God today. People take on the customs and habits of the land they live in and do not keep faithful to God Almighty. We see this especially regarding attending Church meetings on a Sunday. Many are involved in sport and the activities and matches take place on Sundays. Thus they don’t attend Church services. We have to decide whether we are going to serve God faithfully or not. Let us pray that God does not find us neglecting Him, but being faithful in every way. Let us serve Him in love.

Thursday 11 th October             James 2 : 1 - 13

Do not judge!It is said, “You can never know what another is going through until you have walked a mile in his shoes!” We are so quick to pass judgement on others, but we really have no idea at all what they are going through. Don’t judge others. Judge your own behaviour against the standard God has set. Can you reach that high standard? Only one person has ever done so – Jesus Christ, God’s beloved Son. He lived a pure and holy life, one that we can aspire to, but one we sadly fall short of. We can only do the best we can, following our Lord and Saviour in as much as we can. If we can’t achieve the purity of Christ we can have no part of judging another who has fallen, for we ourselves are not pure. Praise God that Jesus is the standard to look up to. He who has every right to judge does not do so – instead He guides us all though loving kindness!

Friday 12 th October             Hebrews 12 : 12 - 13

Don’t give up!At times we may get weary and want to give up for nothing seems to be going the way we planned. But God is always near and tells us to keep on keeping on. Do not give up doing what God has instructed you to do. Keep on faithfully at that task He has entrusted into your keeping. Though at times the road seems crooked and you wonder if you will ever achieve what God has planned, we have to keep going. It is all worth it. Work for the Lord, not for your own pleasure. Do as He has instructed and carry on. He will tell you when the task is finished. Work hard for the Glory of the Lord. You are doing it for His pleasure. Don’t turn away from this task. You have been chosen by God, so work at it with a willing heart. Heaven rejoices over the faithful service of one of God’s children!

Saturday 13 th October              2 Timothy 1 : 6 - 7

Cherish the gift!Paul tells Timothy to keep alive the gift that God gave to him. The gift of the Spirit fills us with power, love and self-control. God will give the gift of the Spirit to everyone who seeks it. This gift strengthens us in our faith walk and helps us in our communication with God Almighty. As we pray the Spirit prays for us with languages that we do not know, and uses them to glorify our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit in us stirs us to action, to bring the Word of God to others who do not yet know Him. The Spirit gives us the Word to speak that will convict men’s hearts and cause them to seek God. Truly the Spirit of God is life to us, for He speaks of the things of God to build up our faith. Give thanks to God Almighty for the blessings he bestows through the giving of His Spirit into our souls. Praise God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Glory to His Holy Name!

Sunday14 th October                

Bless the Lord, O my soul. Let all that is within me worship His Holy Name. We come, Lord, because we love You and long to worship and praise Your Holy Name. We are so aware of Your loving kindness that surrounds us and helps us every minute of the day. You go before us too Lord, to ensure that all will go well with us in our daily experiences. We give You thanks and praise for Your loving kindness and watchful care of all of Your own. We are aware that You know us all by name, and are always looking out for our welfare. There are still so many who do not know Your Son, Jesus, and we pray for the Word to go out yet further, and by it being preached to draw others into a place of meeting. Bless all who love You, Lord God, and follow Your will and way for their own lives, helping others to grow to know Your loving kindness. We praise You! We worship You! We raise Your Name High! Blessed God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we love You and desire to be Your own forever more. Praise God, from whom all blessing flow! Hallelieuia!

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