Much is required from the person to whom much is given; much more is required from the person to whom much more is given. Luke 12: 48b


Our Ministers

Lord, we thank You for those You have chosen and equipped to lead the church in this place. You have given them the ability to plan and go forth with what You require. You have blessed them with a loving heart for people, and given them the ability to study, learn, and teach Your Word to many. We thank You for the Word that You lay on their hearts and for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit as they bring that message to the people of this community. Bless all they undertake Lord, as they seek to build Your church and encourage folk to grow in their relationship with You. Bless those who minister, Lord, we pray, and their families as well!


You have given us this place, O Lord, where we gather together to join in worship and praise, and to hear Your message preached. We thank You, for all who come here, and for the love and kindness that is shown to everyone. Truly, Lord, You have blessed us in this community, and enable us to share Your love with many others. You have sent many here, to join in worship and praise of Your majesty in this place. May it always stand here to honour You, O Lord God.

Church Leaders

There are many who have stepped forward to take on a leadership role, O Lord. We thank You that You have equipped them with the ability to lead in some area, and that they serve You with faithfulness and joy. May they encourage others to grow in their relationship with You through Bible Study, Home Fellowship Groups, Sunday School and Worship. You have given us many ways to serve You and many people to lead. Thank You for each one who serves You to the best of their ability.

South Africa

We bring our land and people before You now, O Lord our God. We pray on behalf of them all for them to know You as our Lord and our God, and to follow Your way of loving all people. We pray against the power of darkness that leads men and women to perform evil deeds. May their deeds fail Lord, and those they would harm be protected at all times. Bless those in leadership roles, Lord, and enable them to serve with honour and justice. Lord, bless all families, we pray, that they may be safe wherever they may be. We ask for Your help and guidance for all our people. God, bless South Africa, in Jesus’ Name, we pray!

The Needy

Many people are facing difficulty at this time, O Lord, and we pray for Your help and guidance where it is needed. We also pray for those who are ill and need Your loving care to surround them and help them in their time of distress. God, bless all those who face difficulty and need Your loving, healing presence - even now O Lord, we pray!

Monday 1st October               Ephesians 5 : 15 - 17

Be careful!Paul warns us all to be careful how we live, and to be wise in what we do. Seek the Lord and ask Him what He wants us to do. God knows all and how we can get confused through all the choices there are. We need to live a simple life, honouring God in every way, and being in good standing with people. We need to trust our Lord, as He leads us on the path He wants us to take. With His help and guidance we will avoid those area and peoples that would harm us. God givesus friends to support and help us and we must help and be supportive in return. Meet with the Lord each day, placing yourself in His care and asking Him to lead you in all your thinking and doing. God is pleased when we consult Him before making major decisions. Be careful in all your living. Ask for God’s help and guidance in all things. Give thanks to our Loving Lord who cares for us in every way!

Tuesday 2nd October               Romans 5 : 1 - 11

Right with God!   We all desire to be in a right relationship with God, our Father, and also with Jesus Christ, His Son, and with the Holy Spirit. How do we do this? There are ways that enhance our relationship with God and we would do well to include them in our way of living. We need to seek God to know Him. We need to spend time in His presence, in prayer, reading and studying His Word, the Bible. We need to ask the Holy Spirit to teach us the will and way of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. As we grow closer to God we will change in our attitude to Him and to one another. By the Blood of Jesus, shed for us, we are put right with God. He gave His life so that we can be in right standing with God through our fellowship and following of His Son, Jesus. Rejoice in our relationship with God. It sustains us day by day as we faithfully love and serve Him!

Wednesday 3rd October          John 17 : 23

Jesus in me!There is a natural progression in receiving Jesus. He tells us that God, our Father, is in Him, and that He is in us! This is so that we all are one in love, thought and deed, totally aligned with God Almighty and doing what He instructs us to do. Then we can go into the world to let people know that God loves them just as He loves His Son, Jesus. We all are joined together with God, our Father, and Jesus, His Son, our Lord and Saviour, so that we are perfectly in tune with what God, our Father, wants. The love that God has for His Son, Jesus, is the same love that He has for us all. His perfect love surrounds us and sustains us every day. God in Jesus, Jesus in me and you and us all doing as God requires. Praise God and His beloved Son, Jesus, our Lord and Saviour!

Thursday 4th October             Philippians 4 : 19

God’s supply!God has a storehouse in heaven from which He supplies the needs of everyone in the world. As you come before Him with an earnest prayer for some need, God already has the provision prepared to give to you. He does not withhold anything. Through Jesus Christ God will supply all our needs. “All” - not just once, or twice, but every time we come to Him with earnest pleading. He will give us what we need. We don’t want for anything at all. God knows our needs before we express them, for He knows us intimately. But note that it is said that God supplies our ‘needs’, not our ‘wants’. Rely on God in your circumstances. Bring your needs before Him, asking with a faithful heart. You can be sure that God hears your prayers and will answer them. Give thanks to our generous God – He gives many blessings from His supply in heaven!

Friday 5th October            John 4 : 1 - 4

Faithful to the Lord!Our Lord knows all things and knows the faithfulness of those who love Him and follow His instructions. This pleases Him and He guides and helps each one in the way they live and what they achieve under His help and guidance. As we follow His teaching He tells us that He is pleased with us and that He has made a way for us for our future that no one can take away from us. As we are faithful to our Lord in thought, word and deed, following His will and way for our lives we will grow in our relationship with Him and will bring Him pleasure through our faithfulness. We honour our Lord, Jesus Christ, throughout obedience to His guiding hand. Praise the Name of the Lord most high. He is God of all. Father, Saviour and Great high Priest. We are His eternally. Give thanks to the Son of Heaven, our Saviour.

Saturday 6th October                   Philippians 1 : 9 - 10

Choose what is best!We are told to choose what is best. But what is best? We need to ask God what it is that He wants for us that is the best choice. We don’t have the insight or wisdom that God has! We have to trust that His guidance is the best for our lives. Do we choose to obey His commands? Do we choose to let love be our guiding light? Do we choose to be a disciple of God’s Son, Jesus? There are many choices to be made throughout our lives, but as long as we seek God’s will and wisdom first and wait on His leading we will be sure to make the right decision. Our lives and behaviour are a matter of choice. We need to make the right choice, for our lives depend on it. Choose Christ! Choose His way of living! Choose to follow Him and obey His will and way. Then we will surely live safely in the presence of the Lord. Let God guide you in the choices you need to make!!

Sunday 7th October                

Praise the name of our Lord and our God. Blessed is He and worthy of all our praise. We come, Lord, with thankful hearts, for you have brought us through yet another week, and have shown us blessings in so many ways. We thank You Lord for Your protection and guidance each day – taking us safely on the road, and bringing us back home again. Your watchful care is such a blessing Lord God, and we thank You for watching out for us in so many different ways. Help us Lord to draw near to You through study of Your Word and time spent in prayer and meditation. Reveal Yourself to our seeking hearts, O God, and teach us Your will and way for our lives. We seek Your help Lord, so as to walk the path You have set out before us with diligence and purpose. We desire to serve You with loyalty and love. We bless You, praise You and worship You, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Praise the Name of the Most High God, and His Son, Jesus Christ, our Saviour. Bless the Spirit of God who rests in our hearts and guides our footsteps. Praise God from whom all blessings flow – Hallelieuia!

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