PSALM 37 : 23 - 24

We know that in all things God works for good with those who love Him, those whom He has called according to His purpose. Romans 8 : 28


Our Ministers
Lord, You have appointed men and women to the task of leading in the local church. Thank You for each one who has responded to Your call, and willingly serves You in this community. Thank You for the help and guidance You give, and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit as the message is prepared week by week. Your work is always a priority in Your servants, and we thank You for the loving kindness that is shown by those You have called. Bless those who minister in this church and community, Lord, and bless them also in their daily lives, as they go out and about to help those in need. Bless their work, themselves and their families too, Lord, we pray

Lord, we bring our local church to You, asking for Your hand of blessing to rest upon each member and help and guide them in their daily lives. Bless us too Lord, as we seek to serve You as You have called us – to love all people and to encourage them in their faith walk. May we serve You well, Lord, in the Body of Christ in this place. Bless us Lord, as we gather to worship and praise Your Holy Name, and to serve where You have placed us.

Church Leaders
Lord, we bring all those who have taken on a leadership role in the church. There are those who teach in Bible Study groups, and others who lead in Women's ministry. There are Home Group leaders, Lay Leaders, and both men and women's groups. May all who lead be helped and guided by You to encourage others in their faith walk to grow in wisdom and knowledge of Your Will and Word. Thank You for all leaders Lord, and bless the work that they do, with willing hearts.

South Africa
Lord, we pray for our land and people. There are areas where drought has gripped the land, and we pray for rain Lord, that will soak those areas and enable the farmers to plant crops once more. We pray too for the poor and needy across our land, where no work is available and people lack the necessities for living. We pray for Your help and guidance for those in Government and leadership positions, praying that honesty and justice may be found in the people in top positions. Lord, bless our land and people, and we pray that all may honour Your Name, and desire to live upright and honest lives. Bless us, Lord, we pray!

The Needy
There are many who are facing serious illness Lord, and are in need of Your helping hand in their situation. Touch them Lord, and heal them, we pray. Your loving presence supports all who are in need this day, and we thank You for Your loving care. God, bless and heal these needy people, we pray

Monday 11 th September Romans 8 : 31 - 39
God is for us! Our God is so loving, kind and caring that He wants the best for us. If God is for us, watching out for our well-being very moment of the day, we have nothing to fear. No matter what we have to face, whether hardship, or joy, God is on our side. He held nothing back to gain our Salvation. He planned that His Son would be our Saviour. He prepared Jesus for all that He would have to face and Jesus accepted the work He had to do. Amazing Grace, that the Lord of all being should care so much for His creation that He wanted our souls to be safe forever. What can we offer God in thanksgiving for such a gift? All we can do is offer ourselves in faithful obedience to God's will and way for our lives. We serve Him with love and joy for He is worthy of such worship. Praise God—Father Jesus and Holy Spirt, our loving Triune God. God is for us! Praise His Holy name!

Tuesday 12 th September John 19 : 17 - 30
Jesus' blood – shed for us! In the years before Jesus there were certain rituals that had to take place. Every animal that was killed as a sacrifice had to have their blood poured out at the altar. This was in order to comply with God's instructions. The blood was the symbol of sacrifice to God Almighty, and in return He washed their sins away. Jesus came to be the blood sacrifice for all who believed that He was sent by God Almighty for the Salvation of mankind. Jesus, a man without sin or blemish, went willingly to His death on the Cross. His blood was shed through the whippings and the nails through His hands and feet. His blood was shed for us! He suffered and died at the hands of others, so that He could open the gates of heaven for us. As believers, we have been saved by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on our behalf! What a gift! Are we grateful for His blood, shed for us??

Wednesday 13 th September Galatians 3 : 1 - 29
God's Promise! How wonderful it is to realize that the promise God made to Abraham encompasses us all. It was given thousands of years ago and has never been rescinded. It will never be rescinded! When Christ came He emphasised the promise that God would always be our God and we would always belong to Him. We are put right with God through faith. God puts great store on our faith, for it is through faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour that we are brought into a living relationship with God our Father, Jesus, our Lord, and Holy Spirit as our Teacher and Comforter. We are now in union with Christ and He with us, as sons and daughters of God Almighty. Through faith, we are one with Jesus, living a loving life in a right relationship with God Almighty. Praise God for keeping His promise!

Thursday 14 th September Galatians 4 : 12 - 15
How would you receive Jesus? Paul has great concern for the people of Galatia. He pleads with them. He challenges them. He begs them not to pay attention to those who were trying to sway them from the way of Christ. It seems as though their attitude to Paul had changed. Paul seems aware that they were not following the true way of the Gospel and wanted to get to them to bring them back to the way of Jesus. It is very easy to be drawn away from following the teachings of Jesus. Someone may have a different view and preaches it so well that people begin to believe it is truth. No! There is only One Lord, and He came to do away with the Law. Worship Jesus! Have allegiance to Him alone! He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and no one comes to the Father except through Him. Jesus is Lord1 Follow Him!

Friday 15 th September Habakkuk 3 : 19
The Lord gives strength! When I am weak and weary, with far too much to do and my strength is failing, God reminds me that He gives me strength, He makes me sure-footed. When I look at the mountain of things to be done, He gives me the ability to work steadily to achieve what is required. My Lord knows my weakness. He knows how I push myself too hard, yet He is always near to tell me, "Be still, come, sit at My feet for a while and regain your strength." Jesus has loving care for all His children and tells us not to push beyond our limits. Yet we must not give up. With His help we are able to finish what is required. Give thanks to the Lord for His wisdom and strength to us in times of stress and need. He is our loving Lord, who guides and helps us every day. Thank You Lord, for help and strength!

Saturday 16 th September Ephesians 3 : 14 - 22
Repentance and Forgiveness! As we come seeking the Lord we become aware of our great sinfulness before the purity of God Almighty. There is no one who can stand before God and say, "I am innocent", bar Jesus Christ, His Son! If this is so all we can do is to bow in repentance and seek God's forgiveness. We become aware of our filthiness before His purity, and bow low in repentance. "Forgive us, O Lord! Show us Your loving kindness" we pray. "Give us the strength to turn from our wicked ways and come back into Your loving presence to worship You and receive Your forgiveness. Then we will be whole once more! Then we will be able to go forth as Your own, pronouncing Your greatness and the wonder of Your loving kindness. Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits." God is to be praised forever and ever – Amen!

Sunday 17 th September
Thank You Lord, for Your grace and favour towards us. We look to You to lead us day by day, and guard us from all harm. We worship You, Almighty God, and Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. We praise Your Holy Name, and come before You with humble hearts, loving You and offering ourselves in Your service. You called us Lord, to be Your own, and we responded. Teach us Your loving ways, blessed Jesus, and show us how to love others as You do. We honour You, Lord God, and praise You with hearts that yearn for Your touch and presence. Bless us Lord, and guide us on paths of holiness. Teach us Your ways – ways of loving kindness, and honest behaviour. You are our Lord and our God, and we want no other. Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord. Holy is He and worthy of all praise and worship. Blessed God—Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit, we adore You and praise Your Holy name. Hallelieuia!


The preparation of your own little sanctuary can draw the heart into worship. I have a friend who lights a candle in her small study whenever she goes to prayer. Fresh flowers can delight both sight and smell. I like to have a cup of coffee in hand whenever I pray in the morning.
I know you have preparations of your own. The idea is to use all the means at our disposal to urge all that is within us into doxology; "Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless His Holy Name." (Psalm 103:1)
The rewards are well worth the effort: "there is none on earth that live such a life of joy and blessedness as those that are acquainted with this heavenly conversation."

Prayer – Finding the heart's true home
Richard Foster


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