PSALM 51 : 10 - 11

But when you pray, go to your room, close the door, and pray to your Father, who is unseen. And your Father, who sees what you do in private, will reward you.
Matthew 6 : 6


Our Ministers
Lord, You have called many men and women to be preachers of Your Word. We thank You for them all especially for the ones You have sent to minister to us here in this community. The Word that they bring to us week by week stirs in our hearts, and makes us long to draw close to You. Thank You for the hours of preparation that they take before Your presence, so as to speak the words that You desire us to hear. Bless those who minister amongst us, and serve You so faithfully and diligently in this place. Guide and help them in all the duties they have to ensure that Your people are served in the best possible way. Thank You for Your servants, Lord!

You have bonded us together Lord, as one people under Your leadership. You have established Your church in this place, and have encouraged people in their walk of faith. Bless all who enter these doors, Lord, and may they know Your loving presence and be encouraged in their daily lives through Your faithful servants leading and teaching. As the Body of Christ here, Lord, may we welcome all people to share in the services and ministries that have been established here. Bless us, Lord, as Your servants, as we gather together to worship and praise Your Holy Name.

Church Leaders
Thank You for each one who has stepped forward in answer to the call to serve as a leader in ministry. There are many areas where they can help others to grow in their knowledge of the Bible and how to live as Christ's own. Thank You for the responsibility that these leaders have accepted in answer to Your call to serve in this place. Bless each leader, Lord!

South Africa
God, bless our land South Africa, and all her people. We are aware that there are many who are facing difficulty and even poverty in their daily lives. May there be the means to help the poor and suffering and provide housing and means of employment for those who are able to work. We pray too for the areas of our land where there has been no rain – for the farms where land lies idle for there can be no planting – for the towns where dams lie dry and there is no water for people or animals. We pray for Your grace and favour for our people and our country Lord. May Your hand of blessing be upon us in these difficult days. God, bless us, we pray!

The Needy
We bring our loved ones to You Lord, pleading for their healing and well-being. Many are facing difficult situations, and we pray for Your presence and the touch of Your loving care be upon those we name before You now. Hear us as we come to You Lord God, on behalf of all those in need this day!

Monday 4 th September John 17 : 9
Pray for others! In Jesus' prayer He tells God, our Father that He is praying for those God has given to Him. He prays especially for His disciples, you and I that we might be kept safe by the Power of God's name. As we pray, in Jesus' Name, we are praying in His Power for all who love Him and live as His own. We also pray for those who are in need. The prayers of the faithful are powerful and God hears them and help and heals those who are not well. Pray with a child-like faith! Believe that our good God desires the well-being of His own. He knows what you are facing today and comes alongside to help and heal. Have faith and trust in the Lord our God, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, the Comforter. Pray for those in need – in Jesus' Name. Thanks be to the Lord God Almighty!

Tuesday 5 th September Galatians 2 : 20
Not me, but Christ in me! On our own we cannot stay the course, but, with Christ in our hearts we are able to do infinitely more than before. By ourselves we strive to be perfect, but are unable to achieve even the smallest part of what we desire. Our human fallibility comes into play more frequently than we think. Only by staying close to Jesus can we achieve even a small portion of what God requires. We need to cling to Jesus – holding fast to our faith and trust in His help and guidance. Jesus knows what God wants for our lives and comes alongside us to help and guide us through the difficulties that come against us. Keep time with the Lord daily. In this way we will be strengthened to do what God requires. Christ in us shows us the way to live – to do what God has planned for our lives. Hold fast to the Hand of the Lord. He will help and guide us throughout life!

Wednesday 6 th September Jeremiah 15 : 19
Do as God requires! It is so easy to digress from our appointed task. At first we are full of enthusiasm and fire, eager to do what God has asked us to do. But as time goes on we flag a little and the fire does not burn so brightly. We don't give much attention to the task God has given us as we did before. This is not acceptable to God! He tells us to return to Him and He will enable us to proclaim a worthwhile message again. God is calling! Hear from heaven and begin again with a new found enthusiasm for God's work. He will guide your footsteps. He will give you a worth-while message to bring. Once more you will walk closely with the Lord, hear His Word, and fulfil the task He has given. There is joy in serving our Lord. Do as He requires and step out boldly to complete the task. Praise God for His patience with us!

Thursday 7 th September 1 John 2 : 7 - 17
The will of God! If we contemplate the happenings in the world today we realize that many people live far from God. They love the world and all its trappings – wealth, power and possessions. People see other people and mistreat them. Wars are happening everywhere because countries and people want to rule. This is not only now but has been happening for as long as people existed. Yet God does not want us to live this way. He sent His Son, Jesus, to show us a new way of living – of caring for one another, of honouring God and obeying His will for our lives. If we live as God desires we will live in harmony with one another – all people groups. We may feel that this is an impossibility, but it begins with you. One person is enough to change a nation. Look what Christ did! Do the same! Love one another and live in peace and harmony. Do the will of God!

Friday 8 th September John 17 : 14 - 16
Jesus, our Healer! Jesus was extra-ordinary in His dealings with people. The man with the skin disease approached Jesus and said, "Sir, if You want to You can make me clean." Jesus answered, "I do want to" and healed him. We are like the leper in our approach to Jesus. It is almost as though we can't believe that Jesus, Son of God, would want to help and heal us. But Jesus' action shows that it is true. Jesus wants to heal all who come seeking His healing. We need to believe this. We call upon Jesus to heal our loved one, yet cannot really believe that He will do so. We have little faith. We need more faith and trust in our Lord and claim things (healing) as though they are! Jesus says, many times, "Ask and it shall be given to you!" Ask for increased faith and trust and go out and about believing in Jesus, our Healer. Thanks be to our Lord and our God – our Healer!

Saturday 9 th September John 14 : 1 - 14
Come to the Father! No one has seen the Father, but through Jesus Christ we can enter into a loving relationship with Him. We can know what He is like, for Jesus tells us, "If you have seen Me then you know the Father – for the Father is in Me and I am in the Father." Jesus further tells us that only though Him can we come into our Father's presence. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life – all that God, our Father, is. We worship Jesus and through Him we worship God, our Father, bringing Him all the love that is in us, in thankfulness for His Glory, Mercy and Grace. Oh! What a glorious time waits for us. We, who believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour, will one day be with Him in heaven and will meet and worship God Almighty in all His Glory and Power. Praise God in Highest Heaven, Jesus and Holy Spirit!

Sunday 10 th September
Praise the Lord, O my soul. Bring praise to His Holy Name. Lord God, we come to praise and worship before Your Throne of Grace. You are worthy of all the praise we can bring. We raise our hearts before You now, seeking to lift You high so that the world can see and wonder at Your Majesty and Glory. Blessed is the Name of our God. Holy is He and worthy of all our praise. Blessed Jesus, Son of God Almighty, we love You, we worship and praise You now and always. Holy Spirit, thank You that you stir in our heart to sing praise before the One God of all Creation. Our hearts are full of thankfulness and praise, Lord, and we come with humble hearts to thank You for Your loving care of us all, and Your guidance day by day. We worship and honour You, Lord God, and thank You for Your watchful care and protection each day. We lift our hands in honour of You, Lord God, and praise flows from our lips. Blessed is the Lord our God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Hallelieuia! Amen!


Let me ask you a question. What if the Lord called upon you to spend your whole lifetime waiting for His return to you? How would you conduct yourself if this were the lot the Lord would mete out to you for all the rest of your life? What would you do?
Do this.
Wait upon Him in a spirit of humility, in a spirit of abandonment, with contentment and resignation. Spend your time in that wonderful kind of prayer – in waiting. Come before Him quietly and peacefully, recalling your mind to His presence even though His presence may evade you.
As you do these things, accompany them all with pleas of sorrowful, plaintive love and expression of yearnings for your lover's return. I wish to assure you that if you will conduct yourself this way, it will please the heart of God greatly. Such an attitude will compel Him to return to you much more quickly than any other.

Experiencing the depths of Jesus Christ
Jeanne Guyon

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