PSALM 9 : 1 - 2

God created the heavens and stretched them out; He fashioned the earth and all that lives there; He gave life and breath to all its people. Isaiah 42 : 5

Our Ministers
Thank You, Lord, for those who lead in this church and community. They are so faithful and diligent in study of Your Word, seeking Your face as they prepare the message to bring to Your people. Inspire them by Your Holy Spirit, Lord, and fill their hearts and minds with wisdom and knowledge of Your Word. May Your will be revealed to them as they seek the way forward in Your loving care. Thank You for the time they spend in prayer before You, desiring to be the best they can be in Your service. Thank You also for the study they do to ensure that they are bringing the true Word to Your people. Bless our minister and his family, we pray!

Thank You Lord for the loving sense of Your presence amongst us as we gather to worship and honour Your Name. You have established our church to be a place where Your Word is preached and where we can learn and grow in wisdom and knowledge. Thank You for the many prayers that are raised in honour of Your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord. We grow in our Christian life Lord, as we share our experiences and our prayers with others of this congregation. Bless all the gatherings and activities that take place in Your church, we pray.

Church Leaders
Lord, You appoint leaders in the church to assist Your appointed servant who ministers amongst us. These leaders are willing to take on different responsibilities, and have offered their services as You have called them. Bless each one who desires to spread the Word of Jesus Christ through the different activities that take place. May they be folk who live righteously and honour Your call to prayer and service in Jesus Name. Thank You that the Word is spread through their faithfulness

South Africa
We bring our land and people to You Lord, asking for Your blessing to rest upon us. Guide us by Your will and way, that we might be faithful to You in thought, word and deed. We pray for the leaders in our land, that they may be righteous and honest in all that they do. Remove the evil, corruption, and crime that is so prevalent today, and establish Your rule over us all. God, bless us, we pray and help us all to live according to Your will and way. Send down Your rain, Lord, and bless our land that it may be fruitful once more.

The Needy
There are many who are facing serious illness and difficulty. Lord, we pray for each one we know, Lord, and desire that Your presence be with them, bringing comfort and healing into the situation. Bless and heal Your loved ones, Lord, we pray!

Monday 28 th August 2 Peter 2 : 17 - 21
Don't turn away from Jesus! There are many in the world who accept Jesus as Lord, yet do not get firmly rooted in faith and trust. Many are influenced by the wiles of the world and begin to forget their allegiance to our Lord. When this happens the world tighten its grip and the one who has turned their back on Jesus ends up in a worse state than before. We must be wary of the traps that satan sets. Our eyes, ears and behaviour are very important. If we continually watch unsavoury films or read licentious books our hearts will be set on that sort of behaviour. If we listen to the nonsense that is spoken on the radio or TV and spend time with it we will be influenced by what we hear. Keep yourself pure and true and following Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, and you will be kept safe from evil practises. Your soul is important to the Lord. Keep your life focused on Him!

Tuesday 29 th August Philippians 2 : 19 - 24
Work together! Paul tells us how closely Timothy and he worked together for the sake of the gospel. Paul was extremely proud of Timothy and considered him a son. He was assured of Timothy's love, care and focus on the cause of Jesus Christ. It was a relationship that caused much joy to Paul. If we, as Christians, work together to promote the Gospel of Jesus, we will bring pride and pleasure to the Lord. Two people, working together, can achieve much more than one working alone. Seek the will of the Lord and work with all your heart to promote His cause. Work with others in the local church, taking part in the various ministries there are. We are all encouraged by the enthusiasm of one who loves the Lord and who is willing to work in harmony to bring the Lord's message to others. Thank the Lord for loving companions!

Wednesday 30 th August Galatians 3 : 15 - 20
God's Promise! God made a promise to Abraham which stood for hundreds of years, till Jesus came. The Law, given to the Jewish people was in place until Jesus came to fulfil the promise. Now we can be put right with God through faith and the law no longer is in charge of us. Jesus came and gave us a command that superseded all the old laws. This command was "Thou shalt love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and your neighbour as yourself." Thus Jesus shows us that love takes precedence over the law. Jesus lived a life of love for all people and did not break any of the ancient laws. God's Promise is fulfilled in His Son, Jesus Christ. Obedience to the law is no linger in charge of us, but living a life of love and faith in our God is! The blessing of God and Jesus rests upon all of mankind!

Thursday 31 st August Romans 8 : 28
God is good! In all things God is good. This verse is an encouragement to us when we go through times of trouble or difficulty. Knowing that God has all things in His control and that He ultimate goal is for good in our lives gives us contentment. We might be stressed about our situation, but God isn't, for He knows the outcome is good. Why do we fret and worry when God has told us that He will take care of us; that He prays continually for us and that He loves us fully and completely? We need to grow in our faith and trust in our Lord and our God! He called us, we responded and He is in control of our lives according to His purpose. Give thanks and praise to our good, good God, even in the midst of troubling times, God will and does take care of us, through His abiding love and goodness. Praise and thanks to God for His many blessings!

Friday 1 st September John 17 : 14 - 16
Jesus prays for us! Jesus went before our Father and prayed that we, His disciples, be kept safe from the wolves of the world. Just because we are different from those who love the world we are subject to forms of ridicule, scorn and hatred. These are what Jesus faced and, as His followers, we can be expected to be persecuted as well. Jesus says, "they do not belong to the world, just as I do not belong to the world". He prayed to God, our Father, "Keep them safe from the evil one." Jesus is praying constantly for us, His disciples; praying for our safety, our loyalty, our faithfulness and our ability to witness for Him. We count it an honour to be called Christian. May we do as our Lord requires and be encouragers of others, sharing love with all people and witnessing to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, God's Son, our Saviour. He is praying for us each day!

Saturday 2 nd September Matthew 5 : 6
Do you desire to please God? This particular 'Be-attitude' tells us that if we desire to do what God requires, He will satisfy us fully! Is it your desire to know what God requires of you? Do you come before Him with great longing in your heart, desiring to meet with Him and learn what He requires of you? If that is so then your seeking will be fulfilled. Only God can truly satisfy the longings of our hearts. Only God can give us that task that He requires to be done and we can know the wonderful blessing of being used by God, for His Glory! The task may be mighty or may be minimal, but if you work at that task with all enthusiasm and obedience you will bring joy to the heart of God. You will be satisfied with what you have done and draw close to God's loving heart. Give thanks to the Lord our God for choosing the task that will fulfil His requirements. God will bless you as you obey Him!

Sunday 3 rd September
We worship You, Almighty God, for You are worthy of praise. We adore You, we lift You high, so that the world may know the wonder of Your glory and majesty. You are Lord of all, reigning in highest heaven, ruler of all of Your creation. Blessed Father God, we, Your children, come to seek Your face. You are all in all to us and we desire none other. Blessed God—Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit, fill us with Your presence, that we might come and worship You in spirit and in truth. You call us out of our busyness to sit a while in Your presence and seek Your face. Come Lord Jesus, touch us with Your presence and may we know Your will and way for our lives. We praise and honour You! We worship and love You! We sing Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty. Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness. Bow down before Him, the Lord is His Name. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. We love You Lord! Hallelieuia!


There is a quotation from the Apocrypha that speaks of such seasons:
"Do not be impatient in times of dryness and darkness; allow the removals and delays of the consolations of God; draw near to Him and wait upon Him patiently that your life may be increased and renewed."
So, dear children of the Lord, be patient in your prayer during those seasons of dryness

Experiencing the depths of Jesus Christ
Jeanne Guyon

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