PSALM 100 : 1

God is able to give you more than you need, so that you will always have all you need for yourselves and more than enough for every good cause. 2 Corinthians 9 : 8

Our Ministers
Lord God, thank You for the men and women whom You have called into full time ministry. Thank You for the many hours that they spend in preparing the message to bring to the people in this community, and the faithful service in running the Church. They are diligent, kind and caring in their watching over the members of the community, seeking to encourage others to grow in their relationship with You. Bless them Lord, in the long hours they spend in helping and counselling those in need. Be near Lord God, and guide them each day as they desire to live according to Your will and way for their own lives and for the people they care for!

Thank You Lord, for the people of this community and for their faithfulness and diligence in attendance and support in running this place that You have established as a place of worship. Thank You for all who come week by week, to join in worshipping You and honoring You through word and song. May we always be faithful in spreading the Word to others, and encouraging people to join in the ministries and meetings that take place. You have called Your house a House of Prayer and we thank You for faithful pray-ers amongst us to support Your work in every way!

Church Leaders
Bless each man or woman who has stepped forward to serve You in a leadership position, Lord. Thank You for Your call upon their lives, and for the faithful way they carry out the duties You have given them to do. May they always be encouraged in the work they do for You, and know Your loving touch upon their lives. Bless those who lead, doing all they can to promote Your work, O Lord!

South Africa
We bring our land, South Africa, and all her people to You Lord God. We pray for Your blessing upon all areas of our land, and that rain may fall where it is so desperately needed! We pray too for protection for the people in the areas where fire has ravaged homes and vegetation. May Your hand of protection and provision be upon those folk who have been badly affected in those areas. Lord, we pray too for those in leadership positions in our land that they may work diligently and selflessly for the betterment of conditions for all South Africans. May people of our land turn back to You, Lord God, and worship and honour You through their lives and their activities. God, bless South Africa, we pray!

The Needy
There are many in need this day, Lord, and we name them before You now, pleading for improvement in health and relief from the illness that attacks them. Your touch of love and healing brings comfort, Lord, and we pray for Your loving touch upon all Your children. Thank You Lord!

Monday 17 th July Ephesians 6 : 14 - 18
Be ready! Be ready at all times, for we do not know when God will call upon us to speak His Word to others. Be ready and eager to hear from the Lord; words of wisdom, knowledge and love. Read God's Word and grow in understanding of the message that He lays on your heart and wants you to bring to others. Be ready to speak whenever the occasion arises that you can share the love of the Lord with someone else. God makes opportunities happen, so be prepared to speak words of love. Spend time with God and learn what He requires of you. He will send you out! He will place people across your path who need to hear about Jesus. Be prepared and knowledgeable so that you can answer any questions that are asked about God and His Son. Be ready at all times to talk with loving care and encourage others to meet our Lord!

Tuesday 18 th July Hebrews 7: 20 - 25
Perfect Promise! God made a vow over Jesus, His Son. His vow was that Jesus would become a priest forever. This vow would never be changed and would ensure the guarantee of a better covenant. Jesus, perfect in very way, shows us the way back to God. He is our intercessor, coming before God Almighty on our behalf. His purity enables God's blessings to be poured out upon us through the promise of life without end. Jesus, perfect in every way, enables us to approach our Maker through His purity and loving kindness. Jesus is the blood offering that satisfies the sacrificial requirements before God Almighty. Through His death He took upon His shoulders the sins of mankind, so that all who believe He is the Son of God are accepted, cleansed and purified before our God. Jesus is the Perfect Promise of Life Eternal for all who truly believe in Him as the Perfector of our faith!

Wednesday 19 th July Psalm 91 : 1 - 16
God, our Protector! In all circumstances of our lives God is always near. He watches over us and takes care of us. He goes before us, so that whatever we have to face, He understands. He encircles us with His loving care and gives us the strength we need to face tomorrow. He defends us and protects us and His love surrounds us in the midst of life. If we put our trust in God we need not fear, for He has us safe in His loving care. He brings comfort in time of sorrow; peace when we face trials and tribulation or when danger lurks ahead. Give your pain and hurt into His loving hands. He will give you the strength needed to see you through the difficult times. God's love surrounds us at all times. Give thanks to our Lord for His abiding love and care in life. He is ever faithful and true. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. He is our righteous Lord!

Thursday 20 th July 1 John 4 : 16 - 17
Love made perfect! God's goal in our lives is to make love perfect in us, just as it is perfect in Him. He wants us to be able to come before Him on Judgement Day with courage, because our lives as the same as Christ's. Our Lord lived a life of love, reaching out to all manner of people to tell them that they are important to Him. He has given us the greatest example of loving kindness that there is. Once we encounter Jesus we experience His amazing love. It flows over and in us like a stream of pure love. We cannot help but respond to Jesus' loving kindness which is offered to all people. Jesus looks into our hearts and touches the deepest pain that rests there, and makes us whole once more. We do not fear the Lord, for in love there is no fear. Live close to the Lord and you will live a life of loving kindness to all manner of men. Give thanks to God for His amazing love!

Friday 21 st July Psalm 29 : 1 - 11
Hard times! We go through hard times and sometimes wonder where God is, for we cannot feel His presence. Yet God is never absent. He may hide for a while, but He is involved in everything that is happening in our lives and throughout the world. We cry out in our misery, "Where are You, Lord?" and His voice replies, "I am here, beloved. I have not left you alone. I am here to guide you and help you though these troubled times! Am I not God of all? God of the storm as well as God of the stillness? Am I not your Father, who loves you and takes care of you? Trust in My abiding love! Call to Me! I will hear from heaven and answer you. Put your trust in Me for I will never let you down. This time of trial and trouble will pass and you will walk in My presence once more!" God is always near even in those times when we cannot feel His presence. Praise our ever loving Lord!

Saturday 22 nd July Jeremiah 15 : 19
A worthwhile message! So often we speak without thinking deeply about what we want to say. This is OK for casual conversation, but if we want to bring a worthwhile message we have to do some preparation. As we sit before our Lord, waiting for a word from Him we realize that He places thoughts in our minds and helps us formulate the message to bring to others. Everything we desire to bring about the Lord and His message is worthy of time, effort and preparation. Think on these things. Be faithful to our Lord and our God and prepare well. We honour the Lord if we spend time putting the message together and practising presentation. God will use us if we honour Him by doing proper preparation of His worthwhile message. Praise and thanks to the Lord for His help!

Sunday 23 rd July
Thank You Lord for the blessing of Your presence and the comfort of Your loving touch. You are holy, indeed, and we come to worship and honour You now. You call us to come into Your presence and lift our hearts to You in thanksgiving and praise. We rejoice that we can do so Lord, for You are worthy of the highest honour we can bring. Our souls sing out, Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty. Blessed is He and His Holy Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Thank You for the movement of the Holy Spirit within our hearts, who stirs us to raise our voices with increasing praise. We worship and love You, Lord, and honour You with our hearts and our lips. We sing songs of adoration in praise of Your Name, blessed Jesus, our Lord. Thank You that we can come into Your presence and raise our hands in loving praise. Blessed is the Name of our God. Hallelieuia!


What is the point? The point is this: There is a fire within you and it ebbs and flows. That fire, when it ebbs, must be gently fanned, but only gently. Just as soon as that fire begins to burn, again cease all your efforts. Otherwise, you might put out the flame.
This, then, is the second level of prayer—a second level of experiencing Jesus Christ.
When you have come to the end of this time, always remain there before the Lord, quietly, for a little while. Also, it is very important that all of your prayer be done with a believing heart. Praying with a believing heart is more important than anything else that has to do with prayer!

Experiencing the depths of Jesus Christ
Jeanne Guyon

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