PSALM 77 : 13 - 14

The Word was the source of life, and this life brought light to humanity. The light shines in darkness, and the darkness has never put it out.     John 1 : 4 - 5


Our Ministers
Thank You, Lord, for each person You have called into fulltime ministry, and have appointed them here.  They have obeyed Your call, Lord, and spend many hours before You seeking Your will and way for their own lives as well as for the church they lead. May Your instructions be clearly understood, and conveyed to Your people in this place. Thank You for the loving kindness and tender care that is shown to all people in this flock and community. Strengthen them Lord, as they seek to do the best they can, day by day. Thank You for the message they bring Lord, which You have imprinted on their hearts. Bless our minister and his family too, Lord, we pray!

We give You thanks O Lord, for the church You have established here, and for each person who attends the services. There are many ministries, and meetings for the members of the community, and we give You thanks for the faithfulness of the men and women who take part in bringing Your Word to others. We gather together Lord, to learn more about Your will and way for us, and for each person who seeks to grow in knowledge of Your love and care. Thank You for Your constant help and guidance and showing us the way forward as Your own. Bless Your church and community, Lord, we pray!

Church Leaders
Thank You Lord for all the men and women who have stepped forward to take a leadership role when it is needed. Thank You for the enthusiasm they show, and their willingness to help others grow to know You, and Your Word. There are many areas of service, Lord, and You supply the ability to work in various different ways. Strengthen the men and women who have stepped forward, willing to serve You where You have placed them. Bless and guide them in their leadership role, Lord, we pray!

South Africa
God, bless South Africa, especially in the areas of Political Parties and Management. May the leaders be upright and trustworthy in the positions of authority that they hold. May they govern with sensibility and honesty, doing their best for the people of our land. We pray too Lord, for the men and women who serve in Local authority that services promised will be provided for the people of our cities & towns. Bless and help us all to live in harmony with one another!

The Needy
Lord, we pray for Your loving touch and healing power to rest upon our loved ones who we name before You now. May they be restored to full health and rejoice over Your loving kindness and touch of grace and mercy upon them in their time of need.

Monday  10 th  July                  Matthew 5 : 4
The Comforter!   Matthew 5:4 states, “Blessed are those who mourn; God will comfort them.” There are many issues in life that cause us sadness and distress. We mourn when loved ones die; we mourn when relationships fall apart; we mourn when ill-heath takes over our bodies or when distress affects our ability to think clearly. Life is not easy and ill health affects our ability to cope with all the issues that cross our path. But, praise God, we have One who comes alongside us; to guide us; help us, and comfort us. God sends His Holy Spirit to still our anxious soul, and to calm our troubled spirit. As we allow the Holy Spirit to surround us with His presence He brings a full measure of calmness and peace into our hearts. The comfort that He brings enables us to think clearly and allow His love to flood through our whole body. Thank You, Lord, for the comfort of Your loving Spirit.

Tuesday 11 th July                  John 20 : 24 - 29
Stop doubting and believe!   When we go through times of difficulty we find it hard to trust, believe and move forward. Thomas was like that. He could not believe that Jesus had risen from death and appeared to the disciples. He wanted physical proof, not just the word of his fellow disciples. Jesus always knows what we are going through and wants us to believe in Him regardless of our situation. We need to trust our Lord and place all our troubles and anxieties into His hands. He will take care of them and restore us once more. Sometimes it is hard to hold on to faith in our Lord, but belief brings its own reward. Jesu said, ”How happy are those who believe without seeing Me.” Doubt is a destructive emotion. Faith and trust build us up. Trust in the Lord in all circumstances. He wants only the best for His followers. Give thanks to the Lord for His grace and favour to us all!!

Wednesday 12 th July             Psalm 23 : 1 - 6
God gives us strength!  We sometimes have days when we don’t feel able to cope with life and feel like shutting the door and wallowing in self-pity. In times like these let us remember to look to the Lord. Verses 3-4 quotes. “He gives me new strength! Even though I go through the deepest darkness I will not be afraid, Lord, for You are with me.” God is always by our side, protecting us, comforting us and helping us. Give thanks to the Lord, O my soul! Rest in His loving arms and let His strength restore you once more. God is able! He knows all things, especially what is required at this particular moment. We are not alone. We have the constant companionship of the Lord with us. Give thanks for His loving care; for the peace He pours into our hearts; for the ability to rise up and get on with the things of life once more. He cares for us. He watches over us and restores us.

Thursday 13 th July             Ezra 7 : 10
A devoted leader!  When God calls He gives the gifts and skills that are needed to fulfil the task He has appointed to be done. Ezra was called by God to study the Word, to practise and teach it to the people of Israel. He was faithful to God in every way and was used to help the people of Israel return to the ways of the Lord. We too have been chosen by God for a specific purpose that will bring honour to Him. No matter what the task you have been called to do, work at it with all the strength you can. God will guide what you do and your faithfulness will bring honour to His Name. All of Christ’s followers are called to do their best to build up the House of God, the Church, where we gather to worship our loving Lord. Study God’s Word and take His truths into your heart and live them out in what you do. We are called to be faithful to our Lord with heart, soul, mind and strength!

Friday 14 th July                  Psalm 63 : 1 - 8
Longing for God!  There are times in our lives when we feel a deep longing for God. We come before Him in praise and adoration, but that is not enough. We long for His touch; His word to us and His leading into a closer relationship. A minute here, a quick prayer there are not enough. We crave God’s loving touch and to be enclosed in His arms and to hear His words of encouragement to us. We need His direction and clarity of what He requires of us day by day. As we come to Him, seeking Him and worshipping Him, we find that our deep longing changes and we acknowledge that God is already near. Our praise and worship changes to adoration and a deep acknowledgement of His Majesty. Our Lord is near and we hear His words of comfort, “Come to Me, all you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” Thank You for Your glorious Presence, Lord!

Saturday 15 th July              Psalm 139 : 1 - 18
God know us!  God knows us so well. Before a single moment of life God planned our beginning and our end. He has planned our life, what we will be; what we will do, and what we will become. God is all-knowing, far more understanding of our emotions and actions than we ourselves are. He goes before us, planning our days in the finest detail. He blesses us abundantly yet allows trials and troubles to come before us to test our faith and trust in Him. God planned our lives with intimate detail. He knows the joy and sorrows that we will face and how we will cope with fortune or misery. He has made us what we are. Give thanks to our Father Almighty for the life we live; the joys we know; and the privilege of being called sons and daughters of the Creator of the Universe! Praise God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit, now and always. He is all in all to us. He is Lord of all!

Sunday 16 th July
You are our Lord and our God and we want no other than You. Blessed Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit, stir in our hearts this day that we might worship You in spirit and in truth. We raise Your Name high, O Lord, and honour and praise You. You are Almighty Lord, King of Kings and Lord of All, and we worship and bow down before You. We bring our love offerings Lord, our very lives are in Your hands and we desire to do what You require, and to please You in our living. Teach us what You desire Lord, and stir our hearts into obedience to Your call. Our lives belong to You, blessed God, and we need Your guidance day by day. Keep us on Your narrow path Lord, and show us Your will, so that we can obey You in all things and bring You pleasure through our faithfulness. Praise and Honour, Blessing’s and Power be unto our God. Hallelieuia!


Come into the Lord’s presence by faith. As you are there before Him, keep turning inward to your spirit until your mind is collected and you are perfectly still before Him. Now, when all your attention is finally turned within and your mind is set on the Lord, simply remain quiet before Him for a little while.
Perhaps you will begin to enjoy a sense of the Lord’s presence. If that is the case, do not try to think of anything. Do not try to say anything. Do not try to do anything. As long as the sense of the Lord’s presence continues, just remain there remain before Him exactly as you are.
The awareness of His presence will eventually begin to decrease. When this happens, utter some words of love to the Lord or simply call on His name. Do this quietly and gently with a believing heart. In doing so you will once again be brought back to the sweetness of His presence. You will discover that you once more return to the place of utter enjoyment that you have just experienced. Again, be still before Him.
You should not seek to move as long as He is near!

Experiencing the depths of Jesus Christ
Jeanne Guyon

e-mail – anngood@iafrica.com   

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