PSALM 147 : 1 & 3

Finally, build up your strength in union with the Lord and by means of His mighty power.
Ephesians 6 : 10


Our Ministers
We bring our leaders to You Lord, for Your hand of blessing to rest upon them. You have chosen them to serve You in this place and community, and we thank You for their diligence and faithfulness each day. They have sought Your will, Lord, and desire to work fully within the limits that You have set. We pray for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit as they work day by day in Your service. May they hear Your voice Lord God, and the whispered message that they should bring to these people. Endow them with the gifts that are needed Lord, as they serve You each day. Guard them from too much busyness Lord so that they may be able to cope with all the responsibilities that come their way. May Your blessing rest upon them and their families, we pray!

Thank You for all the people that gather together in this community, to worship and praise You in the Sunday Services, and meeting in the other gatherings during the week. Bless each one Lord, who gets involved in the activities and desires to serve You loyally in this way. You have established Your church in this place, and we pray for ongoing blessings as we rejoice to be Your own
Church Leaders
There are many, Lord, whom You have chosen to be leaders amongst us. Bless each one, dear Lord, as they seek to fulfil the work that You have given to them to do. As they lead in the various ministries, we pray that those they lead may grow in wisdom and knowledge of Your Word. May they seek Your will and way for their own lives and for those they lead. Thank You for those who serve so willingly in Administration and Office work. Bless each one who uses the gifts You have given in ways that assist the church and community.

South Africa
God bless South Africa and all her people. You have given us so much Lord, and we thank and praise You for Your provision. We pray for the farmers amongst us, Lord, who work so hard to provide crops for the people of our land. Bless and protect them Lord, and send rain at the right time that the crops may flourish and do well. Watch over those who govern our land, Lord, and prompt them to do their very best for our people. May those who lead, both National and Local, be honest, diligent and trustworthy in the carrying out of their duties. We pray against the crime, violence and corruption in South Africa. God bless our land and people!

The Needy
Lord, day by day we hear of loved ones who are experiencing ill health, and face difficulties. We pray for Your blessing upon each one we name, that they may know Your loving presence and be comforted. Help and heal those we bring before you, Lord, we pray!

Monday  3    July                  Nehemiah 4 : 10 - 16
Work for the Lord!   The re-building of the wall round Jerusalem took place in difficult circumstances. There was great opposition and Nehemiah and his fellow workers were attacked time and again. Nehemiah devised a way of working, so that the wall could be completed. Half the number of men built and the other half stood guard to protect the workers. We can take note of this way of working today. The work for the Lord is always ongoing, but there is much opposition and efforts to prevent the work being done. We need people to spend time in prayer, protecting the workers and enabling God’s work to go forward. God will provide for the work to continue. Let us all be faithful in praying and helping the work for the Lord to continue and be fulfilled. Thank God for the plan to enable His work to succeed through faithful support of His workers!

Tuesday 4 th July                  Revelation 4 : 1 - 11
Worship the Lord!   The Lord our God is worshipped day and night in heaven. The angels and heavenly beings stand before our God bringing praises to Him – praise without end. Songs of praise and adoration are sung continually and the crowns of the elders are thrown before our Lord and our God. What as awesome time awaits us when our time on earth is ended. We will gather with the faithful in the Throne Room of God Almighty and bring our songs of praise and adoration before Him. We will join with the elders in bringing God the honour He deserves. We will rejoice to worship the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, singing ‘Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God Almighty, and worthy is the Lamb of God, our blessed Jesus Christ, Son of God Almighty’. Praise and honour, worship and glory be unto our God, who was, who is and who is to come. Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits. He is Worthy, indeed!

Wednesday 5 th July             Galatians 1 : 11 - 16
The Lord is our Teacher!  When we meet the Lord He sets us aside from others so that He can teach us of His love, kindness, generosity and loyalty to God Almighty. We do not need human teachers, for God Himself wants to teach us His truth. As we read the Holy Book, the Bible, God guides us to different passages that He wants us to read, mark, learn and take into our hearts. He Himself instructs us. We may have messages from preachers and pastors, or learn in a Bible Study group, but it is the Lord Himself that instructs us in the Truth of God. God is the One who has our lives planned out and His purpose is to ensure that we walk on the path of righteousness. There is no one like our Lord, who partners with us in every part of our lives. God gives us the ability to tell others about Jesus. He imparts knowledge to us!

Thursday 6 th July             1 Peter 3 : 8 - 16
Do not fear!  There is no need to fear if you do something with a clear conscience. God watches over the righteous and listens to their prayers. If you want to do good, then men will not harm you, but even if you have to face harm do not be afraid. You have reverence for Christ in your hearts and honour Him through your living. God will hear your prayers and watch over you and protect you. Not everyone behaves righteously but that does not give you cause to act badly. Honour all people and bless them no matter the circumstances. God is love and He calls us to love as well. Go about cheerfully, being helpful at all times and blessing all who come across your path. As a child of God behave like Christ, loving all manner of people and living a holy life. Do not fear but honour God through your righteous behaviour!

Friday 7 th July                  Psalm 148 : 8
Trust!   As little children we learn to trust our parents, friends and family members. They take care of us and we instinctively turn to them when we face obstacles or troubles in life. They have loved us unconditionally and we turn to them in our time of need. We also have God as our Carer and Protector. He has never let us down but is constant and true, watching over us at all times. We know that we can call upon God in our time of need and He hears our cry for help. When we face sorrow through the loss of a loved one and cry out to God, He brings peace to encompass us. This peace stills our sorrowful soul and gives us the ability to carry on in life. God never lets us down. He is totally trustworthy, full of care and compassion for us, His children. Look to God at all times. He knows our needs and comes to strengthen us once more, so we can get on with life!

Saturday 8 th July              Romans 5 : 1 - 11
Right with God!  We have been put right with God through faith. Jesus bought us into the experience of God’s grace. Day by day we live and experience the Grace of God though often we are not aware of His touch upon our lives. We face problems but we endure through faith, and this brings God’s approval and we grow in hope. God’s love is poured into our hearts as His love gift to us, by means of the Holy Spirit. We are put right with God through the life and death of Jesus Christ. We become friends with God by Jesus dying on the Cross. What a mighty God we serve. In our sinful condition we were enemies of God, but through the death of Jesus, His Son, on our behalf, we can come, pure and holy, before our God. What Christ has done for us is incomparable. He has made us God’s friends through the willing sacrifice of His life. His blood shed for us made us acceptable to God Almighty. We are so grateful for Jesus, the Lamb of God!

Sunday 9 th July
We praise and honour You, dear Lord God. We worship You, praise You and lift Your Name high, for You are worthy of every praise and blessing that we can bring. Lord, Your love upholds us and stirs us on to service. Guide and help us to know Your true will and be ready to go out in Your Name, to serve where You desire us to be. Lord, we so long for Your touch upon our lives, guiding us and helping us to move in the direction that You need us to go. Speak to our hearts Lord, so that we do as You require, and bring pleasure to You in all our thoughts, words and deeds. You call us to be Your own, to witness to others of Your great love, and we can only do this if You are by our side at all times. We praise You, bless You and thank You for Your loving care and help in our lives. Blessed is the Name of our Lord! Holy is He, and Mighty to Save. Blessed God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we love You. Hallelieuia!


You may come to the Lord by looking to Him as your Physician. Bring to Him all your sicknesses so that He can heal them. But as you come to Him, do not come with anxiety or restlessness. And as you come, pause from time to time. This period of waiting silently before the Lord will gradually increase. Furthermore, your own efforts at praying will grow less and less. Eventually there will come for you that moment when He will gain complete control, when you will continually yield to God’s working within you.
As you see, what has begun as something very simple will grow! It will become a real and vital relationship between you and the living God.
When the presence of the Lord really becomes your experience, you will actually discover that you have gradually begun to love this silence and peaceful rest which come with His presence.
There is wonderful enjoyment of His presence!

Experiencing the depths of Jesus Christ
Jeanne Guyon

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