PSALM 135 : 1 - 2

He is God’s “Yes”; for it is He who is the “Yes” to all God’s promises. This is why through Jesus Christ our “Amen” is said to the glory of God.
2 Corinthians 1 : 20


Our Ministers
Thank You, O Lord, for every person who has answered Your call to serve You in a full time position. You instruct them in Your will and way for their lives, and for the way they must serve. Many are sent to be missionaries, others pastors or leaders in the local church. We thank You for their diligence and hard work to teach and instruct people about You, Lord God, and Your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Help each one Lord, in doing Your will to the betterment of the people he teaches. Thank You for Your leading and instruction as the message is prepared with enthusiasm and love. Bless and help them and their families, Lord, we pray!
You have gathered this community together, Lord, as one people who love You and desire to follow You. As we praise and worship You, Lord, may our hearts be opened to hear Your Word to us. May we encourage one another to be faithful and dedicated in following Jesus as Lord, and grow in knowledge of the Word of God. Bless us Lord, as we gather each week to give You praise and honour, and to join in worship and song in honour of Your name. Bless Your people, Lord, as we gather together in this place!
Church Leaders
Thank You Lord, for the men and women who have stepped forward to serve where You require. As they grow in their faith and knowledge of You and Your Word may those they teach grow too. Thank You for their willingness to study and to bring what they have learnt to newcomers and other believers. Bless those who stand in leadership Lord, desiring to help the one who pastors/ministers the church. Thank You for each one who desires to serve You in this way.
South Africa
We stand together as Your people Lord, in this country, praying that You will guide and help the leaders to live honourable lives, and to do their best in running South Africa. There are many who are poor and in need, Lord, and we pray for them in their time of need. Be with those who have suffered greatly over the last few weeks due to disaster. May Your love surround them and Your peace be with them as they seek to put their lives back to a semblance of normality. God, bless our leaders too, that they may honour the oath of office that they have taken. God, bless us here in South Africa, we pray. May we always seek Your will & way!The Needy
Many are in need this day, dear Lord, as we remember them we come before You asking for Your touch of love and blessing to be upon those we name now. May Your presence bring comfort and assurance in their time of need. Bless and heal our loved ones, we pray!!

Monday  26 th June                  John 3 : 16
God loves us so much!   If we are totally honesty with ourselves we find it difficult to comprehend a love so great that He, the Creator of all, would plan to send His only Son to save the wilful, reckless, sinful and disobedient people from the death they deserve. God’s love is awesome and it covers all of His Creation. The worst liar, thief or murderer is forgiven by God if he comes to repentance. That attitude of repentance cannot be forced upon anyone. It has to come from the heart of one who has met love in its purest form. In the light of such love, as used and shown by Jesus, God’s beloved Son, we have no defence. Only love can change the wicked heart. Only love can gather up the hurting child and restore them. Only a loving God can forgive sin and restore the relationship between us and a holy God. Thank You Father God and Jesus for loving, caring and forgiving us.

Tuesday 27 th June                  John 17 : 12
Protection!   When Jesus was with His disciples He always cared for them and protected them. He kept them safe by the power of His Name, given to Him by God Almighty. None were lost although they faced many problems and persecution while they spread word of Jesus and of the love of God for all mankind. This safety is assured for all who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Jesus keeps us safe and protected by the Power of His Name. Though we face trials and troubles our souls are safe for all eternity. We may face problems that test us to the limit, but we are assured of Jesus’ protection of those who have given their hearts to Him. We trust in the unfailing love of Jesus and His constant care and protection. Praise God for His loving kindness and the assurance of our safety for all eternity. We pray this in and through the Name of Jesus!

Wednesday 28 th June             James 5 : 13 - 16
Pray for one another!   God honours our prayers! As we come together to pray for the needs of others, God hears from heaven and will honour our prayers. We anoint the sick with oil and pray for them in the Name of the Lord. God hears these prayers given in faith and will heal the ones we bring before Him. There is such sickness all around and we should be ready to stand before our Lord in prayer and supplication for those in need. Prayers are a means of support for the sick and the needy. God knows all things and we can bring problems and troubles before Him for His healing touch to restore the person we are praying for. Make prayer a priority in your life, bringing to God your loved ones, your friends and your work situation; your church and the ministers there. God knows all our needs before we come before Him but delights in our bringing them!

Thursday 29 th June             1 Corinthians 4 : 14 - 21
Mentor!  Paul was an excellent mentor to the people of the churches he established. He set out the principles he followed in his life in union with Christ, and urged people to learn them well. He set high standards that he wanted the people to follow and taught them the Good News. Paul was not afraid to tell them what was wrong with their behaviour and spelt out how they should live – as pure and holy people dedicated to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. By faithfulness to Christ in all their living they follow the example that Paul is showing them, and turn away from their previous standard of living. Paul was not afraid to say what was wrong and urged them to seek the power of Christ that would keep them on the path of righteousness. Give thanks for the excellent teaching of Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ!

Friday 30 th June                  Psalm 142 : 1 - 7
Help!   There are times in our lives when we are in desperate need. Who do we turn to for help? Do we look to God? Do we call out His Name, pleading for His help and guidance? God is the constant in all our lives. We can call upon for help in any situation, and know that He understands our great need. Like the Psalmist we cry out to our God, telling Him of our troubles and pleading with Him for His help and guidance. When we are ready to give up He knows what is needed and comes alongside us to guide and help us. God knows all things and understands our desperation in the situation that we find ourselves. He comes alongside us to encourage us and comfort us and acts on our behalf. God is to be trusted in all things. Rely on Him. Trust Him in His loving care for us. He is reliable and will never leave us alone in our trials and time of need. God will always help us when we call out to Him!

Saturday 1 st July              Psalm 149 : 1 - 5
Praise the Lord!  How often do we spend time in praising the Lord our God? Is it just a short prayer of praise, or do we honour Him with songs of praise, worshipping Him with love and adoration, giving thanks for His grace, mercy , love and help that He gives constantly? Can we spend time this day praising God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit, thanking Him for our lives and all the blessings that He pours out so generously? Can we honour Him, offering ourselves fully to Him, seeking His direction and instructions for our lives? As we offer ourselves in His service, willing to do what He desires for our lives, we honour Him through our willing hearts and faithful actions. Praise the Lord, O my soul and forget not all His benefits. Give praise to our Lord and our God. He is Holy, above all else, worthy of our offering of praise and adoration. We offer loving hearts to Him.

Sunday 2 nd July
We come seeking You, dear Lord, to worship You through praise, thanksgiving and blessing. You have called us to come with joyful hearts before You, to offer ourselves as Your people, and we rejoice in Your loving touch upon our lives. Blessed God—Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit, we cannot go even one day without thinking of You and giving You thanks for calling us to be Your own. Keep us close to Your side, dear Lord, totally reliant on Your will and way for our lives, for You have plans that are for our well-being. Don’t let us stray from Your side, Lord, lest we fall into danger and temptation. We desire to belong wholly to You, and seek Your guidance for every aspect of our living. Teach us Lord, each and every day, how to hear Your voice, and follow what You desire for us. May Your will be honoured Lord, in every way. Blessed is the Name of our Lord and our God. Holy is He and worthy of all praise and thanksgiving. Hallelieuia!ReflectionI realize that you might be one of those who has a set pattern, or ritual, to your prayers. You should not burden yourself with the rituals you have learned. There is no need for using repetition or memorized prayers. Instead, simply repeat the Lord’s Prayer. It will produce abundant fruit in your life.
Dear child of God, all your concepts of what God is life really amount to nothing. Do not try to imagine what God is like. Instead, simply believe in His presence. Never try to imagine what God will do. There is no way God will ever fit into your concepts. What than shall you do? Seek to behold Jesus Christ by looking to Him in your inmost being, in your spirit.Experiencing the depths of Jesus Christ

Jeanne Guyon
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