PSALM 3: 2

I am sure that God who began this good work in you, will carry it on until it is finished on the Day of Christ Jesus.
Philippians 1: 6


Our Ministers
Thank You, Lord, for each faithful man or woman who You have placed in charge of this church and community. Thank You for the many hours spent planning and executing the plans for the well-being of the people, as well as the preparation of the inspiring message that is brought to us week by week. Thank You for the long hours spent in visitation, counseling and attending meetings and gatherings. Bless the work that they do Lord, and help and inspire them in their daily toil. Bless each one Lord, as they spend time in prayer before You, seeking your will and way for their own lives and for the people You have placed in their care. Bless their families too, Lord, we pray!

Thank You, Lord God, for every member of this community and their faithfulness in attendance and worship. The men and women who make up the congregation of this church are a blessing, and willing to follow You in every aspect of their lives. Thank You for each one who supports this church and gives of themselves through time, effort and finances to support the ongoing work here. Bless each member, Lord, and help us to be able witnesses to Your great love for all people. Bless the gathering of people who love You, Lord God, we pray!

Church Leaders
There are many Lord, who give generously of time and effort to serve You in the church environment. They teach the young people and adults through Bible Study and Prayer. They support the minister/s through attendance in meetings and through service in various areas. Bless each one who volunteers their services, and are willing to take on whatever is required. Bless each one who leads in any aspect of the church, and gives generously of themselves in every way.

South Africa
We pray for our land and people, Lord. There has been so much tragedy over the past while and we pray that You will watch over and take care of those who have lost so much in the storms and fires that happened. We rely on You, Lord, and thank You for lives saved, and property protected. Watch over our people Lord, and may we work together for the betterment of conditions in our land, especially in those places where it is so badly required. God, bless our land and people, and may we serve You as You want us to. May Your will be done, Lord, in every part of our country!

The Needy
There are many in need Lord, and as we name those of our loved ones in need before You now, we pray for Your presence and Your love to surround them and comfort them. Bless and heal them Lord God, we pray!

Monday 19 th June 2 Timothy 3 : 1 - 16
Difficult Times! Paul spoke of the difficulties in the time he lived, but it is no different in this modern era. People are still selfish, greedy, boastful and disobedient. They are unkind, without mercy, violent, reckless and filled with pride. This is not the way our Lord wants us to be. As we live as Christ's own He changes us from disobedient people to be loving, kind and caring towards all others. Only by following Christ's example can we become pleasing to God Almighty. Read the Scriptures, for in them we will find all the rules and ways to live as God requires. Serve our Lord with a faithful, honest heart. Love Him and love others in the same way. Although at times it may be difficult to live as God requires, persevere and be a fine example to others. Live according to God's will and way. God will bless and help you each day.

Tuesday 20 th June 1 Timothy 2 : 1 - 7
Who do you pray for? We are urged to pray for those in authority and that they heed God and live according to His will and way. We may pray for our families and friends, but do we extend our prayers to include the police, the doctors and nurses, the paramedics and the local council and the government? Do we pray for the poor and needy, for those who are facing illness or other difficulties? Do we pray for the Church Universal as well as our local church and God's appointed ministers? If we begin our day by spending time before the Lord, seeking His guidance for our day, do we ask for His blessing for specific issues that face our country? There is so much that we can pray for and we are honoured that God hears every prayer offered. Give Him honour, worship and praise before asking Him to answer our requests. Finish your prayer with thanksgiving and praise for our loving Lord and God!

Wednesday 21 st June Hebrews 10 : 10 - 14
Once, for all time! "With one sacrifice, then, He has made perfect forever those who are purified from sin." Jesus did what God wanted Him to do and through His sacrifice of His life we are made pure and holy and acceptable before God. Once Christ had made this offering He sat down at the right hand side of God, where He rules forever. We, who trust in the offering of Jesus' life, are made acceptable to God Almighty. Jesus has purified us from sin and claimed us as His own for all eternity. He will not remember sin or evil deeds any longer. They are banished, forgiven and exist no more. Jesus did what God wanted Him to do and so we are all purified by His sacrifice. We praise God for His plan for salvation of mankind, and praise Jesus, our Lord, who gave His life on our behalf. We are safe forever through the sacrifice of the Lamb of God – Jesus, our Lord and Saviour.

Thursday 22 nd June Revelation 4 : 1 - 11
Worship! In Revelation we are shown how God is worshipped. All people, angels and creatures bow before God and praise Him with songs and words to bring Him glory, honour and praise. We are given an example to follow and as we join together to praise our God we honour Him with our words of prayers and songs of praise and adoration. Together we sing joyful songs to our Lord and our God, lifting our voices as one, filled with love for Him who reigns forever more. Our hearts are overflowing with songs that bring glory to Almighty God and His beloved Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. We lift our voices in songs; we speak words of praise and our whole being bows is adoration of our Majestic God. Holy, holy, holy is He – the Lord of all. Praise and blessings flow from His Throne on High. We worship and adore You, O God, now and forever more. Praise God - our loving, living, Lord of All!

Friday 23 rd June Ezekiel 22 : 30
Who will stand for God? God is looking for faithful people who He can trust to do His Holy Work. God is looking for someone who can stand against the injustice that is happening all across our land. God is looking for people who love Him, who will answer His call for faithful service, to bring the message of Good News to the world. God is looking for people who will stand firm in their faith even as adversity comes against them. He is looking for men and women who will worship Him and trust Him completely even as they face harm from others. God calls us to follow His will and way all our lives. He has sent Jesus to support and help us and the Holy Spirit to guide and teach us His ways. Look to the Lord at all times and in all circumstances. Be loyal and faithful to the God of all. Stand firm against all comers and be found still standing when God calls you home. Be faithful!

Saturday 24 th June John 15 : 26 - 27
Truth revealed! The Holy Spirit comes to us to reveal the truth about God. He comes to us from God, our Father, to tell us all about our Father's Son, Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. The Spirit comes to open our minds to receive all knowledge of Jesus, and to encourage us to speak about our Lord. We are equipped to tell others of the generosity of God, who sent His Son to the world, so that the world through Him can be changed. Once we have met Jesus we are changed forever and given ability to speak readily of the truth that comes from God. Jesus has come to open our hearts to receive the love of God Almighty; to respond to Jesus' call to "Follow Me" and to be inspired by the Holy Spirit to witness. Give thanks to God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit for Truth Revealed!

Sunday 25 th June
We worship and praise You, Lord of All. You are Mighty, honoured by mankind, and worshipped as God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth. You, Lord, know all things, and know just what it is that we need this day. We need Your touch of love! We need Your guiding hand! We need Your wisdom and knowledge to lead us on the path of righteousness. Lord God, You know the way forward and plan all things for our well-being. May we seek Your face, and the words of life that You bring to us. There is nothing better than Your help and guidance dear Lord. May our ears be open to hear Your whispered instructions, and be willing to obey what You require. We worship and honour You, Lord of All, and offer our prayers of adoration and love before You now. Holy is the Lord God Almighty. Blessed is Your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. May Your Holy Spirit help and guide us each day. We are Yours, Lord, and honour You in every way. Hallelieuia!

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