PSALM 146 : 1 – 2

It is better to be satisfied with what you have than to be always wanting something else.
Ecclesiastes 6 : 9


Our Ministers
Pray always for those who are leaders and pastors in the church. They are appointed by God, and given charge over you. They are accountable to God for the care of the members of this community and are working hard to fulfil the challenge that God has placed on their lives. Thank God for their diligence and faithfulness, and ask Him to bless them and show them His will and way for each day. By your support they will be encouraged to work all the harder to fulfil God’s commission to serve Him in this place. Pray for God’s blessings and guidance for each day, and for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit as they seek the message to bring to the congregation. Pray for the family as well, for God’s blessings upon them each day.

Thank You Lord, for this church and the people. You have established this place where we can gather to join in worship and fellowship, and we rejoice to share before Your Throne of Grace. May we be faithful in attendance and service Lord, doing what You have called us to, and to assist wherever we can. Here we learn of You from Your Word and the message that is brought. Thank You for the sharing and caring that takes place in this community. Bless Your people, Lord, as they gather together in Your Name, desiring to learn and work according to Your will.

Church Leaders
Bless the men and women who have stepped forward to help others grow in wisdom and knowledge of the Word of God. May they also grow in their relationship with God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit, as they help and instruct others in faith and worship. Bless all who lead in any way in the church, Lord, and offer themselves to be used by You each day.

South Africa
We bring South Africa to You Lord, praying for a return to You. Many have fallen by the wayside, and involved in things which are displeasing to You. May they see the error of their ways and turn and be restored to be Your own. May they live honest, truthful and upright lives, working to better things in our land, instead of seeking them for their own benefit. We pray for those in position of leadership in our land to be honest, righteous and helpful in the positions they hold. God, bless us, we pray, and turn our lives back to You. May Your Name be praised all across our land by our people, Lord!

The Needy
There are many in need this day, dear Lord, and we name our loved ones before You now, seeking Your will, way and blessing for them. May Your healing touch be upon each one, and restore them to full health. We pray this, in Jesus’ Name!

Monday  5 th June                  Psalm 95 : 1 - 7
Praise & Worship!   As we come into the presence of Almighty God, let us bring praise in honour of Who He is. He is our God, the One we look up to; the One we trust with everything in our lives. We bring Him honour, for He is worthy! He is faithful and true and we can put our trust in Him and He will never fail us. We can come with songs of praise, with adoration and love, for He alone is worthy of all we would bring. He rules over all the earth He created. The animals and birds, and every sea creature were all in His mind before even one was created. He is the Father of all mankind, for He created man and woman in His own image. We look to Him for loving care and He does not withhold it. He cherishes and cares for us every moment of our lives. Truly He is worthy of all our worship. Kneel before our God and give Him honour! Blessed is the Lord of all the earth and His creation. Praise and worship, honour and glory belongs to our God Almighty!

Tuesday 6 th June                  Lamentations 3 : 21 - 33
Remember!   Though we pass through hard times we need to remember that God is with us throughout all that we have to face. His love and mercy is forever sure and He is good to everyone who trusts in Him. He is merciful and will not reject us. Look to the Lord, remember His everlasting love and rely on his care and leading. He watches over us. He knows what we face and how long we have to endure. He gives us hope for tomorrow, for He is constant and true – the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. If we have the Lord we have enough! He is all we need for He is with us through thick and thin, sorrow and joy, and He leads us unwaveringly on the road that leads to our meeting place. Put your trust in the love of the Lord, He will never fail you. He will not let you down. Praise and thanks to our constant, loving God!

Wednesday 7 th June             Ezekiel 33 : 10 - 20
Be responsible!   God has great expectations for our lives, and gives us guidance of how to live. He wants us to live up to the responsibility He has given to each one. We need to live a good, honest and righteous life, honouring God by obeying His will and His commands. We need to be loyal to Him and honour all people, not behaving in a reprehensible way. God does not want to see sin in our lives and He will turn way if we continually live in that state. As we turn towards Him He will accept us back and forgive the sins that we have committed. God is not a vengeful God. He wants us to live holy and responsible lives. As we strive to do so God will help us achieve what He has set before us. Give God your life! Turn your back on sin and evil and live a wholly loving, caring and faithful life. Be responsible!

Thursday 8 th June             Hebrews 10 : 2 - 18
Safe for all time!  Before Jesus came to earth He was willing to be subject to whatever God required. He said to God, “Here I am, to do your will, O God!” Jesus was willing to do all that God required, offering Himself once and for all time. His offering means that it is effective for ever. Jesus took ALL the sin of the world on His own shoulders, an effective sacrifice that will last for Eternity. We have benefited from the sacrifice of Christ. Through Him we are purified from sin and acceptable to God Almighty. We come before our Saviour, accepting Him as Lord of our lives, the beloved Son of God. Through Him and His willingness to give His life for us we are purified and made acceptable to God Almighty. Praise the Lord, for through His loving deed we are purified, made acceptable and free from sin – for all Eternity. Blessed is the Name of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour!

Friday 9 th June                  Psalm 93 : 1 - 5
God is steadfast!  God is on His Throne and there is nothing that can move Him from His position as Lord of all. God was, is, and is to come! He is steadfast and true and watches over and cares for His Creation. He rules supreme in Heaven. Nothing can match His endless love, care and compassion for us. He is clothed in Majesty. He receives the adoration of His creation and blesses us in every way. No one can move Him from His Throne. His Authority is without question. He calls us to come before Him – to honour Him and to receive His blessing. He is in control of all things and cannot be swayed from His righteous path. Give honour to the God of all. His Throne is righteous and He deserves our love and praise. Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness! Bow down before Him – the Lord is His Name! He is our King, Majesty and God! He lives forever! Praise His Holy Name!

Saturday 10 th June              2 John 1 : 4 - 6
Live in Truth!   If we live in love we live in truth. God, the author and perfector of love, places it in our hearts so that we can live as He desires. His plan is for all the people of the world He created to know Jesus, His Son, as their Lord and Saviour. Jesus’ greatest command was about love. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and strength and your neighbour also!” The love of our Lord in our hearts enables us to love Him and to extend the same love to many. This love from God teaches us to be humble and caring, full of loving kindness, full of honesty, integrity and truth. As we grow daily closer to our Lord we take on His likeness and live our lives in full obedience to the will and way of God Almighty. How full of joy we become as we serve our God. We live in truth by the power of the God of love. Praise Him!

Sunday 11 th June
Blessed be the Name of the Lord. Holy is He and worthy of all our praise. We worship and honour You, dear God, and thank You for caring for us in every way. You go before us Lord, each day, and ensure our well-being. Thank You for Your loving care. You teach us Your will and way, Lord, as we come in prayer seeking what You require from our lives. As we follow Jesus, may we grow in His likeness, and behave as He did, loving all manner of people. May we be generous, Lord, in thought, word and deed, always ready to help others in whatever way required. We join together to worship and honour You Lord God, blessed Jesus and Holy Spirit. You enrich our lives, Lord, and teach us to live in righteousness. May we always seek to please You and do what You require. Grow us in our relationship with You dear God—Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit, that we might live each day fully in Your will. Bless us, Lord, we pray. Hallelieuia!


At some point in this encounter with your Lord, you will feel deep within your spirit that it is time to simply remain silent before Him. When you have such a sense, do not move on to the next word—not as long as this sense continues with you. You see, it is the Lord Himself who is holding you to silence. When that sense of waiting before Him has passed, go on again to the next words of the Lord’s Prayer.
“Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven,”
Praying these words, humble yourself before the Lord, earnestly asking Him to accomplish His whole will in you and through you. Surrender your heart into His hands. Surrender your freedom into His hands. Yield to your Lord His right to do with you as He pleases.

Experiencing the depths of Jesus Christ
Jeanne Guyon

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